Marriage licenses Issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk for the week June 20 through June 24.

Larry A. Denson and Kathryn M. Phillips
Floyd D. Fleeman and Evelyn S. Stephens
Ty Z. Mouton and Renee N. Hunter
Jeffery S. Ross and Amparo G. Fernandez
Jaime R. Capps and Allison R. Pike
Jerry Williams Sr. and Brigette L. Folks
Geoffery E. Simmons and Corry J. Raley
Ricky L. Woodard Jr. and Kristin R. Lewing
Aly A. Lauji and Laila Kara
Dondi L. Wright and Brandi R. Hoffpauir
Jarrod J. Jackson and Ashton N. Brown
Randall D. Kilmer and Naomi J. Keith
Travis T. Youngbloom and Betty A. Cope
Mark L. Phillips and Alishia L. Mickey
James R. Gilliam and Kelly N. Wood