Tuesday morning, just after midnight, Orange police were dispatched to the station to meet with a subject in regards to a robbery and a stolen vehicle. Capt. Charles Stephenson met with the victim upon arrival.

Captain Stephenson immediately noticed that the victim’s mouth and lips were swollen and had been bleeding. The man advised police that he had been in the area of 2 nd St. and S. Farragut about 10:30 pm, when he stopped at a stop sign. A subject the man knew began hitting on his trunk.

The subject asked the victim for money and a ride to The Oaks. The victim told the man he didn’t have any extra money, except for gas money. The subject then asked for a ride, and he and three other black males got into the victim’s car.

The victim drove the men to The Oaks, but they told him to keep going west on Pine St. One of the men in the back seat grabbed the victim by the neck and pulled him into the back seat. One of the other men then drove the victim’s vehicle from the area.

The victim was assaulted while the suspect drove him around, and they finally released him in the 3100 block of Hwy. 3247. The victim ran to a nearby residence and asked the resident to call for help.

After treatment by ambulance attendants, the victim went to the police station to report the incident.

He also stated he would like to file charges against the suspects who assaulted him and took his vehicle.