Texas Forest Service has released a public service announcement featuring Commissioner of Agriculture, Todd Staples urging citizens to “stand strong for Texas,” and keep our state safe from wildfires.

Approximately 90 percent of wildfires in Texas are caused by people. Seemingly-harmless things like outdoor grilling, dragging safety chains behind a trailer, welding and building campfires can accidentally start a dangerous wildfire.

“If people are causing them – they can be prevented,” said Tom Boggus, director of Texas Forest Service.

With persistent dangerous wildfire conditions predicted throughout the summer and 97 percent of the state experiencing unprecedented drought, Texas Forest Service urges Texans to continue to exercise caution when it comes to any outdoor activity that could cause a spark.

The new public service announcement can be viewed on YouTube, and on the agency’s website. It is also available to media for download at http://client.amspg.com/TFS/index.php.