Thursday afternoon, Orange police responded to a call in the 4000 block of Lutcher Dr., which is the old Texas Longhorn complex.

Officer Robert Campbell arrived on the scene after dispatch advised two white males wearing red shirts and carrying bold cutters had been seen entering the complex area.

Police had been advised the males were seen walking toward the pavilion from a maroon SUV that was parked near the gate, which was locked.

When the men saw Officer Campbell’s police car, they turned around and ran. Officer Campbell gave chase, but could not locate them after about 45 minutes of searching. Officer Campbell overheard Dep. Lampman say he had “checked out” with the two suspects in the 3400 block of Womack Rd. Upon arrival, Officer Campbell saw the same two subjects who had just ran from him.

The men were identified as 23 year old Mark Powell, and 18 year old Chris Lucas Pymm, both of Vidor. When asked if the men had permission to be on the property, Powell told police that they didn’t, and that they were trespassing. He also told officers that he ran because he didn’t want to talk to police, so he ran because the men were trespassing.

The owner of the property was contacted and he advised that he would prosecute for trespassing and any damages that the subjects may have caused.

Both men were transported to the Orange County Jail for trespassing and evading.