I’m sure now that we are in the worse drought I’ve ever lived through. For most of my life I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast in an area known for it’s annual rainfall. My estimation, at my place, is that we are 25 inches below annual rainfall so far this year. Thirty-nine inches since last October. A large oak tree across from the Creaux’s Nest, in Bridge City has died. Cox says he’s been watching it die for a month. A tour of the county shows up many treetops that are dying. Neighbor Cox’s rain dance was nice but way too little to help trees and shrubs. A little shower here and there will do little to relieve the problem. It will take a tropical disturbance, with several inches of rain, to save some of the hardwood. The earth is scorched. The fire band and band on fireworks was an absolute necessity.  Any kind of spark right now could cause a tremendous loss. It was the quietest Fourth of July I’ve spent. I like fireworks but it wasn’t worth the gamble. In fact, everyone should be extra careful. If this heat and no moisture goes on for another month we’ll be in real trouble. Pray for rain. I would have never believed that in Orange County Texas I would be writing about desperately needing rain when I’ve lived in mud most of my life. *** I’m on a short leash this week so I may take a short cut. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


When the 82nd legislature came to an end last week a $27 billion budget shortfall was filled with smoke and mirrors, fuzzy math and a blow to education and health. The Texas House holds a 101-49 Republican majority. Gov. Perry, who was raising his national profile with his eyes toward a national office, had his way and in the end. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst wouldn’t cross Perry so he backed out of using the “Rainey Day Fund” to save education. He’s gutless. Texas Monthly magazine, in their Best and Worse, named him the Worse. The school fund took a $5 million hickey. A good selling point on the national scene for Perry, balance the budget and leave money in the bank. Regardless of what happens, Perry wins. He raises his brand. Like Sarah Palin, he’ll end up making plenty of money. I don’t believe he’s as sharp as Palin at making money but if he can land a V.P. spot, even if the team doesn’t win, he’ll do good in the aftermath. Perry and the 82nd Legislature have treated Texas education as an expense rather than an investment. Texas already ranked in the bottom half of rankings. High school graduation rate is 43rd. SAT scores, 45th, high school diploma, 25 or older, dead last at 50th. Before Perry cut $5 billion, Texas ranked 44th on local expenditures per pupil in public schools. Perry and company passed a bill that allows school districts to furlough teachers and cut their pay, a way to get around their union. School closings, teacher lay-offs and larger class sizes are in our future. Burdens have been shifted from the state to local school districts. Perry can brag that he didn’t raise taxes but public schools and colleges inherited Perry’s shortfall. He didn’t raise taxes and left money in the bank but that doesn’t tell the whole story, almost every fee in Texas was raised, some doubled, and other burdens were passed on to local entities. Cities and counties will have to pass the state’s shortfall on to local citizens. You see, Perry isn’t doing it to you, your county, city and school district is making your life harder. Gov. Perry is a hero. He balanced the shortfall and left the “Rainey Day” money in the bank. He has a good record to run on thanks to the expense of education, health care and infrastructure. He sold the people of Texas out for the national stage. The record speaks for itself; you will be amazed, two years from now, at what was passed on.


We were saddened to learn about the death of coach Jeff Peveto, 52, who died July 1 at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston. Services were held Tuesday, July 5, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Jeff was the son of coach Ed Peveto, who also died at a young age. His brother Garey recently passed away also. Jeff starred for his dad in several spots at Orangefield. He coached at numerous schools and was a history teacher. He coached at Bridge City with Les Johnson in the late 1990’s. To wife Zeida, brothers Greg, Bradley, sister Lisa and the entire family, we extend our deepest sympathies. He was and all right guy who fought the good fight against cancer. May he rest in peace.

12 Years Ago-1999

The “Miss Heather” pulled out of her homeport with Capt. J. Montagne at the wheel. She was hitting on just half her cylinders. At the Roundbunch crossing bridge, first mate D. Burgess called out to the bridge tender, “Open her up mate.” That’s when the “Miss Heather” went limp. Chief engineer, B. Cormier, had taken his boots off for smooth sailing but he had no answer for the ship getting crossways in the channel. A mile from port the long planned voyage came to an end. The “Miss Heather” had to be towed home. The seagoing crew on board, “The boss” Cormier, “Buckshot” and Barbara, David and Laurie Ess, Kenneth and Connie Smith, Bobbie Burgess, Devera Cormier and Darlene Montagne. It’s remarkable they didn’t even have time for the first can of soda pop with the foam on top before the long sea trip came to an end. (Editor’s note: I believe the “Miss Heather” has been idle in port ever since.)

32 Years Ago-1979

The Harmon family opens the doors on their new Chevrolet dealership building at 2611 MacArthur Dr. The 44,000 sq. ft. building was planned and engineered by Bill Hughes, of Norstock Steel. *****A brand new Cadillac Coupe DeVille at Smith-Lee Oldsmobile-Cadillac, will set you back $9,997. A new Olds Cutlass Supreme, loaded, cost $4,997. ****Dick Bevins’ Texas Ave. Grocery specials this week, lean ground beef, $1.25 lb., baby beef veal chops, $1.79 lb., Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, 6 pack, $2.99, Mrs. Tucker’s shortening, 42 oz., $1.19.

37 Years Ago-1974

Bridge City police agent David Hamlett is stabbed but was able to arrest the assailant after being wounded. Chief Wilson Roberts praised Hamlett, “This kind of crap has got to come to an end,” the Chief said. Officer Hamlett is in the hospital. *****On July 17, the Houston Texans will be playing the Chicago Fire, of the World Football League, in the Astrodome. Coach Jim Crossland, former head coach at Little Cypress-Mauriceville, is defensive coordinator for Chicago. The game will be televised. *****Jim Dunaway, a native of Cleburne, Texas, is a candidate for Orange City Council. He is in the law firm of Hustmyre, Harris, Dorman and Dunaway. (Editor’s note: Jim went on to become mayor of Orange. As far as I know, he is the only living member of that firm unless Murry Harris is still living.)

62 Years Ago-1949

Gov. Allen Shivers, of Port Arthur, takes the oath of office at the family home near Woodville. *****Barlow “Bones” Irvin is named athletic director at A&M. He has been track coach at San Antonio. *****Much of Texas copes with one of the worst outbreaks of polio in history. So far, Orange County remains free of the malady.


Casey Anthony, a 22-year-old mother charged with killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee was facing the death penalty. The jury was facing seven charges. They found Casey not guilty on first-degree murder and all the charges, with the exception of lying to police. She was found guilty on those counts. She will probably serve less than a year if that much, maybe nothing. I wasn’t surprised she wasn’t convicted on the first-degree charge. Never bet on what a jury will do. *****From time to time I’ll let you in on a bargain somewhere. Right now if you’re in the market for a vehicle, car, truck or van, David Self has a large selection of low mileage, sharp, pre-owned autos. A deal with Ford Motor Company allows them to pass on some great savings with financing available. Tell them we sent you. Go look them over; you’re not obligated to buy. Nice cars are arriving daily. ***** You know you’re getting older if you recall the  “Beatles” (British invasion). Drummer Ringo Starr turns 71 on July 7. ***George W. Bush qualifies for Social Security. He turns 65 on July 6. Time waits for no one. *****People were on the move over the July Fourth holiday. The streets are deserted. Corky and Betty Harmon were to spend a few days in Denver visiting daughter Debbie through the July Fourth holiday. Arriving at the Houston airport they lost an hour trying to find parking. They were then delayed when Betty had to go through an extreme search because of a bandage from a recent leg surgery. They missed their flight and a six-hour standby didn’t produce another flight. They turned down a flight to Oklahoma City to get on a waiting list for Denver. They spent their vacation in Houston’s humidity rather than Denver’s mountain air. What a bummer, shopping in Houston. ***H.D. and Pat Pate motored to Florida. *****Jenna Dunn Ballou and youngsters, Nate and Delilah arrived from Boston Monday night and were picked up in Houston by dad Mark. They plan a two-week visit with Mark but all the Dunn’s are excited to see them. She’s Mark’s youngest daughter. Dr. Amber, Mark’s other daughter, is expected in a few days from Cleveland. She hasn’t been home in a long time and the sisters will finally be together if the schedule works out. *****I heard someone say that no doubt we have the prettiest district judge in Texas. No, it’s not Dennis. *****Pitcher Roger Clemens goes on trial Wednesday on charges he lied about using drugs. He is charged with perjury and obstruction of congress. A July will decide his fate. He faces six charges and could face 30 years and $1.5 million in fines. The trial will probably last over a month. The “Rocket” faces bases loaded and a full count. *****A year ago, on July 6, funeral services were held for Lester “Buckshot” Winfree, who passed away on July 2. A year has gone by quickly but to Barbara and the family, I’m sure time drags slowly without him. *****It’s also been a year since Joe Chenella retired from BCISD after 48 years. His stint in BC began in 1962. In his first year at Bridge City the graduating class was around 25 students. Since Joe retired, Supt. Jamey Harrison has also left the district. ***** The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Novrozsky’s last week. Park’s director Donna Scales always has a story to tell but last week’s story topped them all. Several from the Bunch, for various reasons, didn’t make it but a good group attended. The new 128th District Judge, Courtney Burch Arkeen, was right at home fellowshipping and shaking hands around the table. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and back at Uncle Jim’s next. *****Every one’s buddy, Thomas “Sleepy” Smith admitted himself into University medical Hospital in Houston after returning from a cruise. He felt ill and rather than come home, he went straight to the hospital when the ship docked. We spoke with him Friday and he was undergoing test. He came home Sunday, attended church at McDonald Baptist and Wednesday he will get a new pacemaker in Houston.*****There is no doubt in my mind that Chief Sam Kittrell would be a good choice for police chief of Beaumont. He’s one of the finalists. His long record as Orange chief speaks for itself. If they select on qualifications and proven record, Sam should have it, but as always other politics are involved. ***** Special people we know celebrating their special day. ***Judge David Peck marks another year on July 7. I’ll refrain from what I’d like to say because I know about pay back but I can truthfully say he’s not only a good guy but folks who know him tell me he’s a good judge. Happy birthday Judge.***My friend, the beautiful Donna Peterson, celebrates also on July 7. She’s aging well. ***Elizabeth Dupuis celebrates on July 8. She’s Kee-Kee and Nancy’s beautiful daughter. ***Cleon Hogan is not as well known as his famous brother Melvin, but he’s just as great a guy. He celebrates his birthday July 11. ***The medical lady, Lana Griffith, celebrates on July 11. ***Our longtime, good buddy, Dayle Gunn Weatherford, marks her special day on July 11. She’s been a fox for the nearly 50 years I’ve known her. ***Another very attractive lady, long ago water sports star, Joette Webb celebrates July 12. ***A special lady and good friend, Christy Khoury, marks her special day July 12 also. Best wishes to all. *****FaceBook friends have July birthdays. July 6, Lon LaRose; July 7, Alyson Nickum Smith and DeLisa Hallmark; July 8, Ronald VillaNoueva; July 9, Roxanne Alexander and Peggy McGuire; July 10, Billy Rowles, Sr. and July 11, Sandra Duvall.***Belated 98th birthday to Ollie Pitre, a wonderful lady, who celebrated July 2. *****Our friend Doug Harrington doesn’t say “Hanh” as much. He can hear better now that he’s had polyps removed from his throat which were blocking his hearing. He’s working at the pharmacy this week. I’ll have to check him out with a whisper.*****Bye, Bye Biden, Hello Cuamo. What a chess move by Obama if that comes about, however, I liked Biden.


L.J. Braus, Lori Winstead, Makayla Peveto, Tom Arnold, Aaron Myers, Alyson Smith, David May, Denise Mumbach, Edith Peet, Gage Birmingham, Brantson Broussard, Jennifer Martinez, Jerry Wilson, Levy Hartman, James Swan, Devon Caldwell, James Arnett, David Peck, Jason Barclay, Margie Bean, Amber Seiler, Anita Hennigan, Elizabeth Dupuis, Eryn Lucas, Janice Gresham, Jesse B. Gunstream, Linda Dews, Liz Barclay, Maude Ball, Patrick Halliburton, Steve Stanley, Charles Vidrine, Clark Eastman, Emily Blanchard, Glenda Whitley, Henry Woodard, Kathy Fraccastoro, Paula Auffurth, Bertie Seitz, Corrine Welker, Dawnie Wilkinson, Donna Riley, Laura Childress,  Brennan Dale Magee, Michael Brinson, Miranda Welker, Peggy Hebert, Sarah Cornwell, Shelby Welker, Arta Miller, Charlotte Stout, Cleon Hogan, Lana Griffith, Larissa Barclay, Joette Webb, Wickie Carter, Nancy Byers, Terry Meyer, Craig Simmons, Danna Fournet, Dawanna Landry and Dera Breaux.


On July 6, Nancy Reagan will be 90; George W. Bush, 65; Gregory Smith, 28 and William Lee Scott, 38. ***Ringo Starr will be 71 on July 7. ***On July 8, Toby Keith will be 50; Kevin Bacon, 53 and Sophia Bush, 29. ***O.J. Simpson will be 64 on July 9; Jimmy Smits, 56; Tom Hanks, 55; Fred Savage, 35; Courtney Love, 47 and Kevin Nash, 52. ***Fiona Shaw will be 53 on July 10; Jessica Simpson, 31 and Quddus, 31. ***Georgio Armani will be 77 on July 11; Richie Sambora, 52; Lisa Rinna, 48; Lil Kim, 36 and Justin Chambers, 41***Richard Simmons will be 63 on July 12; Bill Cosby, 74; Kristi Yamaguchi, 40 and Michelle Rodriguez, 33.


Clotile and Clovis Begnaud drove in from dere home at Cow Island and went to Shucks Restaurant, in Abbeville. Dey planned to got demselves a good store-bought meal while dey in da city, dem.
Clovis him, ordered one of dem big seafood platters. Clotile her, didn’t order jus yet but while Clovis was eating him, she fanned him wit her church fan. Wen he finish eating, dey boat went outside and came back in. She ordered a seafood platter and Clovis fan her while she eat.
Da waitress, Lula Mae was observing dem her. Den she axe dem dere secret of being so loving in spite of dere age.
Clotile answer Lula Mae, “Well Sha, we got to eat one at a time us because we don’t got but one set of false teeths.”


A lot of good things are happening in Orange County. First are all the good things the Stark Foundation do on a daily basis; the City of Orange Downtown Riverfront Project; the Cow Bayou Park, for the City of Bridge City, a focal point for a proud and rebuilding community. For this, much praise should be given to the Historical Foundation and Giesla Houseman; the new CHAMPS building, a great asset for the citizens and county. The new city hall for Pinehurst, after so many years in a make shift city hall. Most importantly, the rebuilding of streets in West Orange and Bridge City, along with the county’s improvement of Roundbunch Road. Many other projects are ongoing, like the new Orange Central Fire Station, etc. As citizens we are truly blessed to live in this community. As a newspaper, we are proud to serve the citizens and business community with two well-accepted publications. Our Web site is enjoying great popularity and growing every day. We invite you to check it out at TheRecordLive.com. We certainly need more advertising. We have the best vehicle to deliver the advertisers message in our trade area. Not television, radio or any publication even comes close. We’re at every home, on every block, on every street, plus we distribute over 4,000 store copies. We need your support and guarantee you we will deliver results. Thanks to our loyal readers for your continued support. Over 45,000 of you read us regularly and for that we are grateful. We thank you for your time. Read us cover to cover and please patronize our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.