A man was arrested Wednesday evening for shoplifting at Walgreens, in the 1400 block of 16th St. in Orange. Robert Earl Kelly, 53 of Orange, was taken into custody after store employees observed him placing items into a bag he was carrying.

The manager on duty told Officer James Gillen that an employee had seen Kelly place the items, which included several packages of locks and two hammers, into a black bag.

The manager and the employee, who saw Kelly take the items, followed Kelly to the exit where they stopped him and told him to wait on police. The manager told police that at that time, Kelly tried to remove the items from his bag. It was at this time that Officer Gillen arrived on the scene.

Police searched Kelly’s bag and found eight packs of Master Lock brand locks, and two Tuf brand hammers, which are specific to Walgreens.

The store manager provided police with a copy of a register receipt which showed the total of theft to be $65 before taxes were added. She also advised police that she wished to press charges against Kelly for theft, and to issue a criminal trespass warning.

The store manager also told police that a copy of the store’s surveillance video would be available for viewing the next day.

Kelly was taken into custody, and transported to the Orange County Jail, where he was booked on theft charges.