Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between July 6, and the morning of July 7:

Abandoning or endangering a child, 2025 International

Abandoning or endangering a child, 5700 Velma Jeter

Burglary, unlawful entry residence, 107 Amarylis

Class A, 5700 Velma Jeter

Class A, family violence, 2025 International

Damaged property, other, 1521 37th

Damaged property, private, 9 Sunset Cr.

Hit/Run with vehicle damage, 3709 16th

Interference with 911 call, 2025 International

Larceny, from building, 714 Morrell

Shoplifting, Walgreens

Traffic accident with vehicle damage, Green and 16th

Warrant, 200 block 8th

Warrant, The Oaks

Warrant service, Hwy. 1006 and Irving

Warrant service, Hwy. 87 and Dawnwood

Warrant service, 1st and Pine

Warrant service, 1600 16th