Tuesday evening, Orange police responded to a call in the 1700 block of 16th St. Officer Weldon Smith arrived at Spanky’s, and met with a witness who said he saw a black man in the parking lot, dressed all in black, holding a shotgun.

The suspect fled the area down the alley behind the donut shop. While police were searching the area of the alley behind Link St., they found a sawed off shotgun leaning against a portable building. The gun was not loaded.

Next to the shotgun was a black cap, black Dickie’s style pants, a black bandana and a small black NBA bag. Inside the bag was several clear plastic bags, and inside the pants pockets were a gray and a blue bandana.

A check with dispatch reported that the gun was not stolen, and all the evidence at the scene was collected as evidence.

A witness told police that as he walked to his vehicle, that was parked in the rear of the building, he observed a black man wearing all black and had a black bandana covering his face. The man was kneeling beside the truck belonging to the witness.

The witness asked the subject what he was doing and the man began to walk across the road and down the alley way behind the donut shop. The witness said as he stood watching the subject, the subject worked the slide of the gun, as if to load a shell into the chamber.

The suspect then fled west behind the residences in the 1700 block of Link.