No one seems to have figured out the trout bite on Sabine for right now, but the sixty-four dollar question is still, “How much longer can the incredible flounder bite last?”

You can rest assured that once it trails off; local anglers will once again show more concern over the inconsistent trout action.

It really all depends on where you are catching your flounder. If you are finding them in deeper water there is a very good chance that it will not slow down at all. If, on the other hand, you have been taking advantage of the shallow bite, you had better start checking out a Plan B.

The ridiculously easy shallow bite has been taking place anywhere the juvenile shad are piled up and swimming down the shoreline on tide changes. It is a visual bite, but the problem is that as these shad mature they spend less time in this skinny water. The flounder are going to follow the easy meal and that means moving back to deeper water ambush spots.

We were still cashing in on that shallow water bite as late as last Thursday, but the schools of small shad were dwindling in size each day. As expected, the size of the individual shad in the massive schools littering the surface of the main lake has increased significantly. That fact has not gone unnoticed by the predator fish as we are once again finding a more consistent bite fishing under these traveling buffets.

For the first time this summer we are starting to run across schooling redfish all over the lake and that is due in part to the increased size of the shad. Trout, ladyfish, and gafftops are also riding herd on the free lunch so you basically just have to keep moving until you find the fish you are looking for.

I do not know why any fish would hit a topwater or plastic tail when surrounded by the real thing, but they do.What amazes me even more is that while I could buy into them hitting something that looks completely different, they will eat a little swim bait that mimics a live shad just as quickly as the real thing!

I have just about decided that the 3-inch Swim Bait is the saltwater equivalent of the Whacky worm when it comes to catching fish under even the toughest of conditions. Outside of drifting a four-inch plastic tail under a cork, there is no other lure that I feel better about putting in my client’s hands.

The Swim bait is actually more versatile as it can be fished at any depth. If you can cast a reasonable distance and reel it back in again, you are in the hunt with this lure. There are a bunch of really good ones on the market, but I have done really well of late with the River 2 Sea version. It is a little lighter than Crème’s Spoiler Shad which I also use a lot, but it comes in a broader variety of colors.

The fishing was anything but easy for the Hooter’s-Triangle Tail Chaser’s event hosted out of Ancelet’s Marina last weekend.The format was the same in that you could weigh in 2 reds, 2 flounder and 2 trout, but very few of the 50 teams entered were able to accomplish that feat.

Jake and Jeremiah Jordan did it better than anyone else and took home first place money with a 24-pound total. Eric Ronning somehow escaped the watchful of eye of Keith Daley over at Daley’s Fish n Hunt long enough to team up with James Starrow and win second place with a 22-pound catch.

I talked with Eric after the tournament and he was a little surprised that so many good fishermen struggled. Surprisingly enough, he said that he was most disappointed in their trout bite. It certainly wasn’t due to the numbers as they caught over 20 legal trout on topwaters, but they could not catch a single speck over three pounds. The fact that they spent most of their time fishing more protected water might have been the difference in catching and fishing.

They couldn’t have been too disappointed with their redfish bite. “I shut down the big engine at the first stop, lowered the troll motor and boated a 27-inch red on the first cast,” said Ronning.“We had two solid fish in almost as many casts and left to hunt flounder the rest of the day. ”They caught their two flounder as well, but lost one that easily cost them the win.

I’ve been telling folks that you can learn a lot just standing around Daley’s everyday and there is the proof. That tactic certainly helps, but both Ronning and Starrow are very good fishermen!

It was only a matter of time as Melvin Dunn and Mike Chargois teamed up to win the lion’s share of the money in last Tuesday’s Sabine River tournament. They won first place with a 4.64- pound stringer and big bass honors with a 2.38-pound fish. Steve Desormeaux and Terry Mullins finished second with 2.10 pounds and Robbie Trahan and Steven Strater finished third with 1.64-pounds.