Orange police were dispatched to a home in the 200 block of Main Wednesday, in reference to a burglary. When Officer Aaron Carter arrived on the scene, he met with the home owner who told police that he left his residence at about 6:45 am to take his mother to the hospital, and then he went to work.

The man told Officer Carter that when he returned home at about 5:00 pm, he discovered that a window of his residence had been broken. He also said he noticed blood on the edges of the window, and a trail of blood drops on the floor of the residence.

The blood trail led from the broken window, to a door leading to the victim’s bedroom, which he locked prior to leaving his home that morning.

The man said he couldn’t find anything missing, and that the subject was unable to get any further into his home due to the locked door.

He was also able to provide police with information on a suspect and said that he does wish to file charges.