Tara Thompson recently attended the Rice University HOBY Site of the

Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar. Tara joined more than 150

other young leaders representing as many high schools from throughout

Texas Gulf Coast. Representing Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School,

Tara is the daughter of Tommy and Tana Thompson.

Hoby Leadership Seminars bring together a select group of high

school sophomores from public and private high schools to interact with

groups of distinguished leaders in business, government, education and

the professions to discuss present and future issues. The goal is to

provide the youths a stimulating forum for learning about critical

issues while broadening their understanding of their leadership

potential and quest for self-development. HOBY leaders are also

challenged to return to their communities to perform at least 100 hours

of community service within 12 months following the Seminar.

Since HOBY’s founding, the goal of each seminar is to provide a

catalyst to lifelong leadership development that empowers individuals to

achieve their highest potential. As the Ambassadors are exposed to new

ideas and engage in challenging topics, HOBY hopes to illustrate how to

constructively think and discuss complex issues with individuals from

various backgrounds and beliefs. The goal is to show the Ambassadors how

to think rather than what to think. Since 1958 HOBY has been a part of

more than 375,000 students’ lives, many of whom continue to volunteer on

HOBY seminar planning committee’s, in their local communities, and

schools to keep the HOBY spirit alive.

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership was established in 1958 by the popular

actor Hugh O’Brian following a visit to Africa where he was inspired by

a meeting with Dr. Albert Schweitzer.
“One of the things Schweitzer

said to me was that the most important thing in education was to teach

young people to think for themselves,” O’Brian said. “From that

inspiration, and with the support of others who believe in youth and the

American dream, I started HOBY to seek out, recognize, and develop

outstanding leadership potential among our nation’s youth.”

Further information about HOBY activities and sponsorship

opportunities is available by contacting Kim McInnis email at