Marriage licenses issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk for the week of July 18 through July 22.

Chanden Warden and Latisha L. Junkersfeld
Gerald A. Kyler and Otharee Broussard
Bryce D. Conner and Donna R. Smith
Albert E. Carter and Rebecca B. Jones
James A. Bennett and Marilee L. McClaskey
Justin W. Galbreath and Kristin M. Fairley
Brandon L. Richard and Jennifer K. Ellis
Lucas A. Jones and Dianna M. Stark
Nathan E. Warnell Jr. and Ashley R. Calhoun
Michael C. Graves and Suzette Y. Abshire
Robert W. Lachance and Shirley D. Norwood
James L. Greene and Joanna D. Knickerbocker
Arlie T. Hooper and Kayla L. Powell
Jordan A. Guidry and Monika M. Solana
Jerod B. Fruge and Abby M. Landreneau
Andrew S. Haeggquist and Chelsea E. Beggs
Garret E. Woods and Laura K. Guillory
George W. Prejean and Mary T. Ellis
Corey W Bodiford and Haley E Tibbitts
Alfred Janice and Jacqueline L Gasaway