With a final score of 9-0 the Bridge City Little League 13-14 year old Jr All-Star softball team won the State Championship Tuesday night. In the double elimination tournament, they had to play back to back games Tuesday against Bryan United, who beat them on Sunday 5-3.  Starting at 6 p.m., the two games concluded a little after 10 p.m. with Bridge City taking the trophy.

“I’m almost hoarse from screaming,” said Pastor Clay Faulk, father to teammate Hannah Faulk.

“We came out of the losers bracket and won the first game 5-4. The winning pitcher was Kellyn Cormier,” said Faulk.

Brooke Derouen pitched the Championship game. “She just came off knee surgery and this was her first week back,” said Faulk. “She pitched a fantastic seven innings for us and was just awesome. State Champions, it’s amazing!”

“We never thought we’d come back and win three games in a row like this, but we did.”

They will be headed to Regionals in Midland Aug. 5-10.

“It’s the last tournament before the world series,” said team manager Julie Kahla. “The girls played awesome. Our backs were against the wall. We got our first loss on Sunday and we had to come back through the losing bracket and we won three [games] total. I think it was a wake-up call when they had that loss because they came back and fought all the way down and we won it. These girls are incredible.”

Kahla continued, “This is very exciting because we’ll face teams like Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana–and this is just in Regionals. That’s not even the World Series yet.”

“We’re just real proud of them, they never quit,” said Faulk.

Regionals is also a double elimination tournament. It is the only thing standing between the girls and the World Series.

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