I’m sure you recall that I told you as soon as a few rain showers started the mosquitoes would come in clouds and boy have they. Eggs can lay dormant for years but once the rains come, in four to five days, the “Skeeters” will develop into adults. The majority of the pest will be near salt marsh areas, their breeding grounds, but they are not confined only to those areas. Right now almost anywhere you go in the county you will find them. It’s hard to stay ahead of the game with spraying. If a batch is killed off and another shower comes, more will hatch. The county plane has been spraying. I’m not sure what results we’re getting from the plane spraying. There are some marsh areas and places along Cow Bayou that can be reached by plane only. I haven’t noticed that trucks are spraying. Maybe they are and I’ve just missed them. Mosquitoes will travel 80 to 100 miles. This salt marsh mosquito is aggressive, with a bad sting. I’m told only the female bites. I’ve never checked their sex but like a snake, I kill them all. To enjoy the outdoors at your place the best option I know of is Pestco’s herb formula. They spray with ginger, rosemary, lemon oil etc and guarantee you will not have mosquitoes for six weeks. My experience is that it will last eight to ten weeks. Call Marty or Donna at 886-4248 and let them give you a price. I’m afraid that the bugs will be around for a couple of months. Buy a lot of Off and call the mosquito control if you feel you are being neglected. I have found the county is diligent in fighting the “Skeeters,” they’re just a real bad problem right now. *****Well, at least we will get to watch some football now that the NFL and players have settled their differences. One of our Orange County boys in the NFL, Earl Thomas, has signed a contract with the Seahawks. However, as of Tuesday morning, Atlanta hasn’t resigned Orange County’s Matt Bryant. Surely they won’t let one of the best kickers in the league get away. *****Believe it or not we’re still in a drought and need more heavy rainfall. Some people have received good amounts but other areas very little. All of Texas is burning up far worse than what we’re experiencing. *****I’ve got to get going. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Our country is based on compromise yet that’s the one thing that’s lacking in trying to put a debt ceiling deal together. It’s impossible to compromise if someone says no, our way or no way. The Tea Party congressmen signed a pledge with a non-government person that no taxes would be voted for and entitlements would be altered. These Tea Party congressmen are hell bent on changing Social Security and would like to do away with Medicare and Medicaid all together. If they ever get total power, that is, if they can defeat President Obama, the safety net for the elderly and needy will no longer exist as we know it. They believe entitlements should be handled through insurance companies. You can see why they are being difficult in trying to hammer out a debt ceiling deal. They would throw the country into default. They have lost sight of the big picture and are willing to take the country over the cliff. House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t have control of his caucus and he’s in a box. On Monday, he called Rush Limbaugh to tell him what he had on the table. No doubt he was looking for Limbaugh’s help with his Tea Party members who are loyal to Rush and listen to his lead. Right now Rush is the most influential voice in the Republican Party. These members are negative, often nasty, out of hand and don’t have the whole country’s best interest at heart. Meanwhile they want to kick the can down the road, keep the issue going year around. It’s time to quit the political game. There’s too much at stake. No one during this entire debacle is working on jobs and the economy. In fact, the Tea Party congress has not accomplished one thing that advances the country. All they’ve done is said NO to everything and that is not progress. They are more interested in making the President look bad than advancing the causes that matter and are important to the citizens. I said last year that they would be the Republican Party’s albatross. The Republicans got us in this mess. When President Clinton left office he left a $5 trillion surplus, the national debt was $5.6 trillion after 200 years. When Bush left office the $5 trillion surplus was gone and the national debt had doubled to $11 trillion and 22 million jobs were lost, eight million in the last six months of the Bush/Cheney administration. Obama didn’t inherit a bed of roses with that economy and two wars ongoing. For this country to turn around, regardless of who is president it will take compromise, working together. It ain’t happening. Speaker Boehner is in a box and the congress is holding him and the country hostage. If the debt ceiling talks fail and the country defaults it will affect every American and will wreck the country in many ways. Watch what will happen to 401 Ks, a small example. Someone must come to their senses and hopefully enough regular Republicans will see the light and say “enough already” to the radical extreme. I pray they don’t take the country down the drain. I know what their long term plans are but never before have we failed to raise the debt ceiling. President Obama has given way too much and still that is not enough. Now that’s radical.


We were sorry to hear about the death of “Tony” Cuccio, 86, who passed away Thursday, July 21. Services were held Monday, July 25. A World War II veteran, he was married 65 years to Ms. Gladys. Tony was a native of Crowley, La. and had been a resident of Orange County since 1946. He retired from the Orange Navy Base and was an electrician. For many years we have been friends of daughter Phyllis Green. We send our sincere condolences to Phyllis and the entire family. May he rest in peace.


We were saddened to learn about the death of Ray “PaPa” Donnaud, 86, who died July 22. Ray was an Orange native, a WWII vet, a great guy and one heck of a barbecue cook. I ate his vittles many times. “PaPa” was a fun guy who had a great family and was a Jack-of-all-trades. He was a giver who loved his family, friends and homeland. He and Sue were married 64 years. To Sue and the family we extend our condolences. Ray did to ride the range with. Please see obit.

12 Years Ago-1999

H.K. “Knox” Clark is recovering from prostrate surgery. He’s doing well and coming home over the weekend. *****Jenna Dunn arrives from Boston for her summer vacation. She was vacationing at Cape Cod when JFK Jr.’s plane went down. The 14-years-old is helping at the family newspaper. Her sister Amber works at the Louis Dugas law firm. (Editor’s note: Jenna and her two children just returned to Massachusetts after a two-week stay and reunion with all her Texas kinfolks. Sister Amber was in from Ohio. Law office work wasn’t her cup of tea. She went into medicine after leaving Dugas and is now an MD.)*****Doug Harrington and family return from their home in the Woodlands, Colo. Before they returned Dow Gene and Charlotte Anderson, great friends, had mowed and cleaned up the Harrington place, which had grown up while they were away. *****Jordan Lael Kobty, 10-month-old daughter of Tarig and Sheyna Thompson Kobty, takes first runner up in the Dallas Glamour Pageant. Jordan is the granddaughter of Glenda and Denzil Thompson of Bridge City. *****Orange County grants tax abatement for Firestone expansion project.

32 Years Ago-1979

Gary Worster, 21 years old son of R.B. and Louise, brother of Steve Worster and father of one son, Jacob, lost his life in a motorcycle/auto accident Thursday Aug. 3. Gary was a former Bridge City and Lamar football star. *****Fannie Beaty scoots around town on a yellow Moped. *****Joe Kazmar makes a 200 yard hole-in-one at the DERA par 3 17th hole, with a #5 wood. *****Vickie Drake is engaged to marry Frank Brown, son of Edgar and Betty Brown. Dr. Brown is teaching at U.T. The couple plans a December wedding. Vickie is the daughter of Betty and Earl Drake. *****Frank Manchac Jr. will wed Laura Ann Pachar on August 18. Her uncle, Neal Miller, will give the bride in marriage. *****Karen Leslie Smith becomes the bride of Mark Hryhorchuk. Both attended Texas A&M. *****Doug Ballard is home from the hospital after being treated for Spinal Meningitis. *****Lou and Arval Hebert are the proud parents of twins, Michael and Anna. Manson Hebert Sr. is the proud grandpaw.

37 Years Ago-1974

Suds Package Store, on Hwy. 87, is now owned by Ed Bacon who bought it from previous owner Roy Dunn. *****Clester Andrews is the Honda and UniRoyal tire dealer at 2900 MacArthur Dr.*****Rebecca Duhon is the bride-elect of Stephen Wolfe. *****Al Zeno had open-heart surgery in Houston.

62 Years Ago-1949

Tom Butts buys the Yellow Cab Company from the Bass Brothers. Butts will own 33 of the 37 cars that operate in Orange. (Editor’s note: Can you believe 37 cabs, now not a one. Times change.)*****J. B. Peddy names five lifeguards for Orange’s new swimming pool. They are T.J. Ryan, James Wilkinson, Don Leroy Young, Voughn McCollum and Charles H. Schnatter.

77 Years Ago-1934

Julius David, 15, makes hole-in-one using a 5-iron. *****A $5,000 reward is issued for the arrest of John Dillinger’s five mad dogs. They are John Hamilton, Charles Floyd, “Baby Face” Nelson, Homer VanMeter and Richard “Tall Man” Galatas. *****Funeral services were held for Arthur S. Bancroff, 82, Orange County pioneer.


Congrats to Gene Smith, new Veteran’s Service Officer. We have known Gene a long time and think he is a good choice. He is married to the former Marilyn Vaughn who was legal secretary for Wayne Peveto. The couple cares for people and has always been ready to help. Gene is very knowledgeable and wants to do a good job. Knowing what I’ve learned about the VA over the years it won’t be a quick turnaround as much as I’m sure Gene would like it to be. Also satisfying everyone is impossible. Commissioners Court made a good choice. We wish Gene, the old sailor, happy sailing. *****On Aug. 1, Russell Dillow will mark his first year anniversary as owner of the Orange Sears store. The time has flown by. Russell is very pleased with the support the store is getting. In the past year the store has become a premier Sears store, not a catalog store. What a lot of people are not aware of is that at a locally owned, premier store you pay 10 percent less on items than at the large Sears stores. That’s a fact. Price it than call Russell, you’ll see. Congrats to the Dillows, longtime hometown folks. *****Special folks celebrating their special day this week. Our buddy Blaze Montagne turns 12 on July 28. Over the years Blaze has furnished us with deer meat, including the back strap, from deer he killed himself. Sometimes his grandfather Johnny’s deer meat gift is short the back strap. Last week he provided us with flounder that he personally caught. Blaze is an exceptional young man. His beautiful mother is Heather, the State Farm agent. Happy birthday Blaze. ***Also celebrating on the 28th is Amber Lingo, one of our advertising representatives. You can learn how to reach more customers for less money by giving her a call here at The Record at 735-7183. Best wishes on your birthday Ms. Amber. ***Rev. Leo Anderson is really a good, caring guy. He’s sincere with his compassion and is open to anyone who needs spiritual help. A native of the Cove, he has an interesting life story. Happy birthday Rev. Leo on July 29. ***A longtime friend, going back 50 years, is Dr. Joe Majors. He and wife Mary raised their tribe in Bridge City where he was a longtime dentist and community volunteer. He served on charter organizations including the formation of Little League in the early 1960s. We are proud to call him friend. Happy birthday Doc on July 29. ***Attorney Joy Dubose Simonton, daughter of Joyce and John Dubose, big sister to brother Johnny, mother to a couple of younguns and Robert’s bride, celebrates her special day Aug. 1. Say guys, that girl deserves a party. ***The “Lion” himself, Stump Weatherford, marks another birthday Aug. 2. Everyday that he’s married to Dayle is a special gift. He doesn’t need much more. ***FaceBook friends celebrating birthdays. On July 22, Ty Manuel will be a year older; July 28 Irma Dimas; July 30, Brandi Barlow; July 31, Colby Perrodin and Aug. 2, Jean Lapeyrolie. *****Dale Parish corrected me, it seems Ernest Hemingway used a shotgun to kill himself, not a pistol. Dale is correct. Thanks, also thanks for reading The Record. *****On July 23, Amy Winehouse, 27, joined other entertainers who met their death at a young age. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kirt Colbane were also all 27 years old when they died. Hank Williams was only 29, Elvis was 41 years old. Amy was born Sept. 14, 1983. In most cases, if not all, the above folks threw their lives away. *****Hundreds of “Same Sex” couples wed Sunday, the first legal day to do so in New York. Other states that legalized same sex marriages are Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. I just heard Grandpa shout from the grave, “Say What!?!”*****A report should come out this week that Big Oil profits are up 40 percent to 60 percent this past quarter. Makes you a little sick at the stomach when you fill up at the pump knowing your being squeezed. *****Congrats to the Bridge City girls Junior All Star softball team. Coached by Hilton Bacon and Justin Fredrick. The girls played in the state meet and beat Bryan United in the championship game 9-0 Tuesday night. They are headed to regionals in Midland, Aug. 5-10. If they win there, it’s on to the World Series.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s this week and back at Robert’s Restaurant next week. Everyone is welcome.


On July 27, Bill Engvall will be 54; Triple H, 42 and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 34. ***Sally Struthers will be 63 on July 28 and Elizabeth Berkley will be 39. ***Martina McBride will be 45 on July 29. ***Arnold Schwarzenegger will be 64 on July 30; Delta Burke, 55; Lisa Kudrow, 48; Hilary Swank, 37 and Jamie Pressley, 34. ***July 31, Wesley Snipes, 49 and J.K. Rowling, 46. ***July 31, Dean Cain will be 45 and Loren Dean, 42. ***On Aug. 1, Coolio will be 48 and John Carroll Lynch, 48. ***Mary-Louise Parker will be 47 on Aug. 2 and Peter O’Toole will be 79.


Sostan Comeaux and Elray Thibodeaux had jus left da hamburger place and was standing at da corner waiting for da red light to change when a big flatbed truck went by loaded with rolls of St. Augustine turf. Comeaux said, “Tib, I’m going to do dat me wen I win da lotary, be rich and become a Republican.”
Somewhat puzzled Thibodaux axe, “Sostan, wat you mean about dat hanh?”
Well Tib, look at dat truck, me too I’m gonna send my grass off to get cut.”


Things have been a little slow this week. Also a slow news week. The people I’m hearing from are concerned about what will happen with the debt ceiling. Several people are worried about their Social Security, others have asked what do I think is the best thing to do with their investments. I believe this is going to go right down to the wire. One thing the country can’t go through again in six months is another battle on the debt ceiling while the economy goes down the tank. I just hope default can be averted.*****Neighbor Cox is still suffering with his Shingles. That sickness is more common than you would believe. We ran into our longtime friend Melvin Scales who has Shingles on his face and has been fighting that battle for 14 months. He fears it might spread to his one good eye. We pray for everyone who is ill and hope better days are ahead. Check us out daily on our website . Shop the good folks in our advertising family who brought you this paper. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.