The story this past week for Sabine Lake fishermen was being in the right place at the right time. While that pretty well sums up fishing any time, there was no “so-so” bite. It was very much a case of feast or famine.

The better trout started showing up again immediately following the recent rains, and we spent more time chasing them than flounder for the first time in quite a while. The flounder bite hasn’t been as addicting lately and it had been a while since we had been able to catch trout on a consistent basis.

The only problem was that you had to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of that bite, and there were several different places that you wanted to be at the same time. There were trout eating Geaux Dogs and Super Spooks on the shallow flats bordering the ICW, trout eating Swim Baits and tails on the revetment walls, and trout chasing down Crazy Croakers and tails under the massive schools of bait in the open lake.

If you started in the wrong place, however, the best bite of the three may be over before you could check out another pattern. Add to that the fact that the redfish were also schooling in the same areas and you were reluctant to leave for fear that they would surface while you were running to another spot!

While it seems like there is no end to new baits, Crazy Croaker converts are going to be pleased with Tidal Surge’s new Maniac Mullet. The new lure looks like a Crazy Croaker might have slipped into the Split Tail mullet bin when no one was watching and the result is a hybrid of the two that fishes very much like the Corky Devil.

The trout and redfish either tore up or stole our four prototypes last week, but we had fun with them until we had no more. We were not fishing with the finished product, but the tweaks will be minor and the bait will be in full production very shortly.

I have received several emails in regards to gluing Swim Baits back together and we do that a lot depending on how badly they are torn up. I would, however, remind you to be careful when applying Super Glue to the torn up portion. I apply the glue with the bait held out over the side of the boat to avoid unseen drips, and aside from wasting a little glue, few mishaps are incurred.

I recently had a female lady type client defiantly assume the job of repairing her husband’s Swim Baits because her aim, according to her, was supposedly more accurate. It wasn’t until we decided to pick up and make another run that she discovered that she had glued her Costa sunglasses to the console. The glue doesn’t always go where you aim it!

Over the course of the next two weekends we have back to back charitable tournaments that benefit some very special folks in this area. The first is the second annual Jefferson County Sheriff’s Association “Cops Helping Kids” event and the second is the 24th annual O.C.A.R.C. tournament.

The first is a team event that will be hosted out of Dick Dowling Park this Saturday July 30th. Each team can consist of as many as three persons and the entry fee is $180 per team. Each team can weigh in a total of three fish in each category. The three categories are trout, redfish, and flounder and a single team can place in all three. First place pays $1000, second pays $750 and third pays $500.

The Captain’s Meeting will be held the night before at 7:00 p.m. at Munro’s Cleaners in Beaumont and at least one of the team members must be there. The meeting will include a steak dinner, auction and door prizes for the contestants. Food, raffles and door prizes will also be a part of the weigh-in Saturday afternoon.

For more information or an application call Daley’s Fish n Hunt at 409-736-3999 or Tony Viator at 409-284-7934.

The following weekend, August 5th and 6th, John Thomas and the folks at O.C.A.R.C will host their 24th Annual Fishing tournament. The weigh-in site will once again be at the Center at 8th street and Park in Orange.

When you have been doing it this long you are obviously doing it right, but for the first time in several years the categories will be tweaked both for conservation reasons as well as giving the kids an even better shot at winning. This year the gar and rough fish categories will be replaced with the black drum and sunfish (perch).

The prize money is still the same and there will still be 11 separate categories. Fishing time kicks off at 5:00 p.m. Friday evening and all contestants must be in the weigh-in line no later than 6:00 p.m. the following evening. For more information or an application call the Center at 409-886-1363.