An annual event since 1998, the City of Pinehurst Labor Day Picnic has been enjoyed by hundreds of Orange County citizens. Hurricane Ike caused the cancelation of the picnic in 2008, but it picked right back up in 2009.

This Labor Day, Sept. 5, the picnic celebrants will gather at the Family Worship Center (old Bancroft Elementary School on 41st Street).

Donations are slightly down over this time last year. Pinehurst Mayor T.W. Permenter is seeking assistance from local businesses and residents.

“Every year we send out letters to the people in Pinehurst–the citizens, the commercial people and a few of the seniors that put out money to help us,” said Permenter. “We just do this every year to help the city not have to be out any extra money to [sponsor the picnic].

“We’re probably $500 short from where we were last year. We have money to cover it, we just want to keep that little surplus on hand. We have to pay for the band, pay for the drinks, those kind of things. It just costs a lot of money to rent the tables and chairs and all that kind of stuff,” said Permenter. “We’re doing well, but we can always do more. The more we have, the more we can do.

“Anybody that wants to donate, we’re more than glad to [accept it.] They can make either a monetary donation or a door prize. Their names will be put out into the public of those donations.”

Britt Godwin and his band will be back this year to entertain the crowd.

People start gathering around 9:30 a.m. according to Permenter. They start serving food at 10:30 a.m.

“As soon as all the food is served and everybody is finished eating, we will start drawing door prizes.” Only seniors, 60 years and older, are eligible for door prizes. Everyone is welcome to the picnic.

“Come on down and have a good time with us,” said Permenter.

For more information, or to make a financial or prize donation for this year’s event, call Pinehurst City Hall at 409-886-3873. It takes about $5,000 to host each event.

Pinehurst was incorporated as a city on Nov. 19, 1955, according to the city’s Web site. The name Pinehurst came from Pinehurst Ranch, owned by businessman Edgar Brown Jr. on the town’s west side; and because of the growing pine trees in the area.

At the time of incorporation, the city had about 600 residents and several small businesses. The current population is 2,199, according to the 2010 census; and businesses increased dramatically along the major thoroughfares of MacArthur and Strickland Drive.

Described as a mix of Southern charm, Cajun culture and the Old West, the city is represented by the Greater Orange Area Chamber and is a member of the Orange County Economic Development Corp.

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