Tuesday evening, officer J.D. Dempsey, with the Orange Police Dept., responded to an assault call on Dupont Dr. Upon arrival, Officer Dempsey met with Amberly Petisca.

Petisca told police that she had walked out of her bedroom to get a bottle of water from the kitchen. She said that at that time, her mother in law, Melinda Chappell, confronted her in the kitchen.

Petisca said that when Chappell confronted her, she told her boyfriend, Cody Chappell to call the police. She said she called the police due to a previous assault, that happened the night before.

Petisca also said that after Cody Chappell called 911, Melinda Chappell slapped her across the left side if her face. At this time, Petisca said she pushed Melinda Chappell to the side and walked outside to call police.

When officers examined Petisca, they could visually see a red hand print on her cheek. Petisca stated she felt pain and discomfort because of the contact.

As Officer Dempsey entered the house to speak with Melinda Chappell, who said she and Petisca were fighting, but that she (Chappell) had done nothing wrong.

Police could immediately smell alcohol on Melinda Chappell’s person and found it difficult to understand her because of her state of intoxication.

Melinda Chappell was taken into custody and charged with assault/family violence, and transported to the Orange County Jail, and booked.