Thursday afternoon, Officer James Roy, with the Orange Police Dept., responded to a call regarding a stranded motorist on IH-10. When Officer Roy arrived on the scene, he met with two white males who both had the odor of alcohol on their persons. One man was standing outside the vehicle and one was sitting in the passenger seat of the car.

As police spoke with the men, they observed that both men had glassy, blood-shot eyes and slurred speech as they spoke. Both were unsteady on their feet and admitted they had been drinking alcohol.

The men, who were identified as 42 year old Richard Q. Roland, of St. Pete Beach, Fl., and 48 year old Robert Andrew Roland, of Las Vegas, Nv., were both taken into custody as police believed them to be in danger to themselves, and in danger of being struck by a passing vehicle.

Both men were transported to the Orange County Jail, where they were booked on public intoxication charges.