Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Aug. 5, 6, 7, and the morning of Aug. 8:

Assist other agency, 108 Lutcher/American Airboat

Assist public, 3709 16th/Market Basket

Assist public, 1105 Burton

Assist public, 4422 Hillbrook

Burglary, forced entry, non-residence, 111 Pine

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 1013 Ruby Ln.

Class A, 2610 IH-10

Class A, Allie Payne and Carrie

Criminal trespass, 1408 16th

Damaged property, business 7241 IH-10/What-A-Burger

Damaged property, private, 208 Decatur

Damaged property, private, 2216 Monterrey

Follow up investigation, local event, 608 Strickland

Follow up investigation, other, Burton at 5th

Juvenile runaway, 201 8th/Edgemont

Possession of marijuana, 2900 block 16th

Miscellaneous incidents, 2515 N. 3rd

Other controlled substances, 1540 Strickland Dr.

Other public service, 608 Strickland Dr.

Other public service, 1308 W. John

Public intoxication, ER Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital

Rape, strong-arm, Allie Payne and Carrie

Shoplifting, 3900 16th/Diamond Shamrock

Shoplifting, 1408 16th

Simple assault, 2216 Monterrey

Terroristic threat, 531 16th/OCCRD 3110 16th

Theft, other, 1810 Burton

Theft, other, 3645 Ridgemont

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 1708 IH-10 E./Texas Travel Center

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, Tulane and MLK

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 1106 W. Cherry

Unattended death, 16 Bruce Ln.

Unauthorized se, auto (joy riding) 1207 1st

Warrant service, 2600 block, Texas Ave.

Warrant service, 6th and Morrell

Warrant service, 400 Knox

Warrant service, 1015 2nd

Warrant service, 3100 block Edgar Brown Dr. (2)

Warrant service, 1207 Burton

Warrant service, 205 Border

Warrant service, 111 Pine

Warrant service, 2610 IH-10

Warrant service, 1106 W. Cherry

Warrant service, 1505 Park

Warrant service, 1500 Link

Warrant service, 1540 Strickland Dr.

Warrant service, 2900 block 16th

Warrant service, 4407 27th/Motel 6