Well, here I sit, ready to embark on another week of writing. I look at the blank sheet and have no idea what I will write. I will try not to be too hard on some of the natives but I really don’t know what will come out of this head. If I think it, I say it. That has often gotten me in trouble but I mean no harm, when I say it, I believe it is so. Nothing says we have to agree and maybe you will learn something you didn’t know. I have to remind myself that at least 45,000 folks will read this column and there’s probably that many opinions. I also try to have a little fun and not be too serious. The Cajun story is always popular but sometimes I forget and repeat one but not very often. Some weeks I don’t get around much to hear what the natives are up to. This is one of those weeks but I’ll take a stab at it. I hope you will come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


What happened? It’s been coming on for a longtime and shouldn’t have been unexpected. Raising the debt-ceiling debacle didn’t help confidence around the world. The Tea Party resistance, because of their pledge to Grover Norquest and their allegiance to his group, rather than to the well being of the country, hung the process up way too long. The speaker finally had to forge a deal with some Democratic votes to be able to raise the debt ceiling and avoid disaster. During the last election I said, in this column, whoever won the presidency would not be very popular in a couple of years. That was without even knowing about the Tea Party that would say “NO” to everything. I bet Hillary and McCain are thanking their lucky stars. The downgrading looks bad but we’ve been through a lot worse. In 2009 and 2010 the country was faced with a deep recession and looking at a dark depression that was avoided by saving the auto industry and seeing that the large banks didn’t collapse. We’re going to avoid a double dip recession but a silver lining is that oil prices may get down to $75 a barrel and that will free up gas at the pump more for ordinary citizens. A mistake President Obama made was that when he had the chance he should have let the Bush 2007 tax breaks to the super rich end. Instead he extended it, with all its loopholes. When the Bill was created it was sold that by giving this break to the super rich jobs would be created. It did just the opposite. We lost eight million jobs afterward. Breaks to people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Lebron James, A-Rod, entertainers, pro-athletes and Wall Street brokers doesn’t create jobs. We wouldn’t be where we are with the S&P AA rating if the debt ceiling would have included revenues, not just cuts to Medicare and other entitlements. What the “Super Committee” of Democrats and Republicans come up with in November will determine if the American dream is still possible. I warned about 401 K’s during the debt ceiling debates, just like I warned about the excessive spending in the Bush years. I quote, “Someday, we will have to pay the piper. It will be ugly. Brace for it. The next administration will take the heat.” Jan. 2008.”


We were sad to learn about the death of Mildred Hatton, 91, who passed away August. 5. Funeral services were held Monday at St. Paul United Methodist, the church she attended many years and served as church secretary for 24 years. We had known Ms. Mildred for many years and knew her to be a sweet, wonderful lady. We at the newspaper had kept up with her and never failed to mention her birthday each year on April 17. Over the years we had written several stories about her and her late husband, Melvin Hatton, who was a member of the Hatton pioneer family of Bridge City. He also was famous for his knife making. He and Ms. Mildred were true pillars of the community. They were parents and grandparents to a remarkable family. To her children Milla Don, Mike and Mark and their families, we are deeply saddened in the loss of your wonderful mother. The community has lost a great person, always a lady, always so kind. May she rest in peace. She will live in all of our memories. Please see obit.


For the first time in 45 years Jerry Lewis will not the host Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. He was abruptly fired and will no longer serve as national chairman. In 50 years, Lewis has raised $2.5 billion. During the height of it’s popularity the Telethon featured stars like Sammy Davis Jr., Liberace, The Supremes, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra and a host of others. Interest has been falling in the 20-hour show, which will be shaved down to six hours. The Internet has emerged as a better generator of donations. Lewis and his followers are unhappy with the move. No more “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” That’s how it goes when the time comes to turn old folks to pasture. Not fair but a fact of life.*****Bob Dylan will release a batch of unfinished Hank Williams songs on Oct. 4 called “The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams.” Dylan, Merle Haggard, Jack White, Lucinda Williams, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow and other musicians have created the music for Hank’s unpublished lyrics. Hank’s granddaughter Holly, Vince Gill, Rodney Crowell, Alan Jackson and Patty Lovelace are helping to select the lyrics from the stockpile of notes left in a briefcase when Hank died in 1953.*****Rapper Lil Wayne is accused of stealing the song “Bedrock,” and is being sued for $15 million. The song peaked at No. 2 on Billboard. Now folks, stealing a rap song is a first for me, I thought they made that stuff up as they went along*****Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was bilked out of money made off his name. He has filed a lawsuit against his stepdaughter Lisa Cannon. What next?*****Eighty-two percent, in a Time/CBS poll, disapprove of Congress. Four out of five people said that the debt ceiling debate was more about gaining political advantage then doing what was best for the country. The polls showed Republicans in Congress shoulder more of the blame than President Obama.*****Forecasters predict 14 to 19 named storms. They upped their forecast because the Atlantic and Gulf waters remain extremely warm. Hurricane season ends Nov. 30. The bulk of activity usually comes between August and October. There’s a good chance a storm will hit Houston and the lower Gulf Coast.*****Coaches vote Oklahoma No. 1. For the first time in many years. Texas A&M is ranked higher than Texas. A&M is No. 9, U.T. is No. 24. Alabama, Oregon, LSU and Florida State round out the top five.

13 Years Ago, 1998

Four year old little Erica Edgerly wins the Miss South Texas America Petite Princess 1998 title. She also won Most Photogenic and the Spirit Trophy. She has a seven year old brother, Alex, and a 20 month old sister Macy. Their parents are John and Stephanie Edgerly. Grandparents Flo and Gene usually attend the pageants if it’s not during Judge Flo’s deer hunting season. (Editor’s note: The kids are grown now. Erica is 17, Alex, 20 and Macy is nearing 15.)*****Becky and Dr. Mark Messer have moved into their new home in Waterwood.*****Charlotte and Dow Gene Anderson went to a fishing lodge in Canada recently. No phones, no television, no honeymooning. The lodge rooms were divided only by hospital room curtains. They caught 962 fish and could bring only four back to the United States.*****This year marks 25 years Nancy Vincent has been with Orange Savings Bank. She received a Rolex watch. (Editor’s note: Thirteen years have gone by which would now make 38 years with the bank. She must have been a teenager when she started. What a gal.)*****Glenn Sterling returns to work this week after being hospitalized with a heart problem.)

33 Years Ago-1978

County Judge Pete Runnels declares Sunday, Aug. 20 as “LCM Country Music Day.” Singer Don Williams and the Oak Ridge Boys will appear for a big show at Bear Stadium. The money raised will fund the LCM’s band trip to the Fiesta Bowl. The trip will cost $40,000. Williams and the Oak Ridge Boys are new on the music scene but are getting very popular.*****A beautiful lady, Ann Guidry, wife of Andy Guidry, died Aug. 14. She left behind her beautiful children, Paula, Jennifer, Jeffrey, Paul, Richard and David.*****Pop Stewart, 75, owner of LouAnn’s dies.*****Major Inman elected mayor of Orange over Davis Cooper. He replaces Paul Hale.*****Howard Morse and Dr. J.E. Barnett are added to the Bridge City State Bank board of director’s as advisory members. (Editor’s note: Howard still serves on the board.*****Joe C. Majors III, “Chuck” to most, has been accepted to the University of Texas Dental School in Houston. (Editor’s note: Chuck went on to become a dentist. He is now in practice in Caldwell, Texas. He’s the son of Dr. Joe and Mary Majors of Bridge City.*****Roy and Phyl Dunn hosted the monthly “Gourmet Club” at their home then the group took in Sartin’s at Sabine Pass.


Joe Allen, Leslie Smith, Max Powell, Timmy Bryd, Bill Loyd, Bill Smith, Bree Anne Collins, Louise Kent, Susan Eby, Olivia Satir, Morgan Taylor, Rene Danna, Deborah Bayliss, Jared Sleeman, Jennifer Babin, Chris Bailey, Hal Brown, Ricky Manuel, Melissa Cox, Ken Phelps, Lyn Goodwin, Monty Eshbach, Wade Estes, Terry Walles, Aaron MacCammond, Ada Bridges, Andrew Glover, Diane Justice, Jerry Windham, Kevin Berry, Lindsey Schaffer, Myrtle Singletary, Bill Triggs, Britanie Long, Charlotte Conn, Christina Myers, Tiffany Schlicher, Gavyn Fisher, Kristie Gunn, Valerie Richter, Brandi Arnold, Norma Smith, Beth Holm, Christine Johnson, Jorge Cortez, Rachel Daigle, Gwen Boehme, Joe Sanders and Martha Armstrong.


The Bridge City Jr. All-Star girls have made it to the Little League World Series. They were undefeated in Regional play and Tuesday earned a berth at the LLWS after a ten inning shut-out with a final score of 1-0. They will leave for Kirkland, Wash. Saturday and have their first game Sunday. Members of the team include: Kellyn Cormier, Katelyn Dickerson, Brooke Derouen, Bailee Bacon, Sabryn Crain, Faith Kaufman, Kaleigh Carter, Skylar Kahla, Haley Mills, Kasey Frederick, Katelyn Dickerson, Ashlyn Mitchell, Harleigh Myers and Hannah Faulk. The girls are coached by Hilton Bacon and Coach Justin Frederic. Julie Kahla is the team manager.*****Somewhere in this newspaper be sure to read “The Green Thing.” Thanks to my special friend Mary for this great piece.***** Jaden Dillon, former Bridge City star and McNeese pitching ace, has transferred to A&M Kingsville where he’s getting a full baseball ride. This summer he pitched in an East Texas League and constantly pitched 92-94 miles per. From start to finish, we wish this young man the best.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Robert’s Restaurant and Steak House last week. Always a great meal at Robert’s. The girls, Judge Janice, Brandy Slaughter, Donna Scales, Christy Kourey and Shirley Zimmerman added spark and beauty to the gathering. This week the Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s. Everyone is always welcome to attend.*****Miss Pearl Burgess, Orange County’s Poet Laureate, has written a great poem on the Depression Years. Good timing for the times we’re facing. At age 90, Ms. Pearl hasn’t lost her edge. I wish I was as sharp.*****I found out a very interesting fact about Judge David Peck which Nicole wrote about in this issue. I’m sure getting some good reports on the job Judge Peck is doing and that’s kind of scary. Maybe if I check with Judge Pat I can find a little dirt. By the way Judge Peck, Elvis died Aug. 16, 1977. That was 34 years ago and I know he was one of your heroes in your prime.*****The Salvation Army reached a $10,000 goal Tuesday thanks to some area merchants. See story.*****Over the past weekend, Gov. Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann tried to “Out God”each other. So much for separation of church and state. Personally, I believe all the Christian stuff is aimed at Romney, a Mormon. As soon as Perry announces, if he does, we’ll all find out if he walks on water. He always reminds me of the Sopranos, a series I enjoyed. *****District Clerk Vickie Edgerly just returned from a long weekend in Austin where she visited son Ryan and his wife Erica. The main purpose of the visit however was to spend time with two-year-old Hazen. Hazen is named after her father Hazen Kenney. Vickie says she sure misses little Hazen wrapping his arms around her legs and telling her “I love you MeMom.” *****A few folks celebrating their special day this week. Our friend William “Bill” Smith, the old train engineer, the boy from Arkansas, marks another birthday on Aug. 10. ***Monty Eshbach, a special youngun to Ms. Dot, will celebrate Aug. 13, also our great pal and Met Life Insurance guy Clint Landry. ***Bill Triggs and Charlotte Conn, both mark their birthdays on Aug. 14. ***Pretty Kristie Gunn celebrates on Aug. 15. Chris and Cindy’s little girl is a big girl now. I bet with the baby grown they feel older. Time doesn’t stand still. ***** FaceBook friends having birthdays are Jason Broussard, Jennifer Cohnour and Myra Sanders, Aug. 10***Marilyn Trevino, Lyndon Sharpton and Stephanie Latiolais, Aug. 11***Angel Birdwell, Darrell Quebodeaux, Kevin Philen and Pat Caillavet, Aug. 12. ***Wendl Adkins and Shawn Hanson, Aug. 13. ***Kent Hutchison celebrates Aug. 14. ***Kelley Peny, Cheryl Engle and Phyllis Hennigan, Aug. 15. ***Brandi Clark celebrates on Aug. 16. Happy birthday to all. *****Being pretty and sexy nowadays goes deep into the years. Example Halle Berry turns 45 on Aug. 14; Madonna reaches 53 on Aug. 16. *****Happy anniversary this week to James and Betty Nazat, who celebrate their 55th on Aug. 14. Father Fernandez, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, married them in Port Arthur in 1956. Best wishes for many more healthy, happy years. ***Also celebrating on Aug. 13th is our longtime friends Janet and James Fontenot. I’m not sure how many years but I’m going to guess 56, even though Janet doesn’t look a year older than that. Keep on keeping on.


On August 10, Antonio Banderas will be 51 and Justin Theroux, 40. ***Hulk Hogan will be 58 on Aug. 11; Will Friedle, 35 and Joe Rogan, 44. ***On Aug. 12, Bruce Greenwood will be 55, Pete Sampras, 40; Casey Affleck, 36 and Maggie Lawson, 31. *** On Aug. 13, Danny Bonaduce will be 52. ***Danielle Steel will be 64 on Aug. 14; Catherine Bell, 43 and Sarah Brightman, 51. ***Ben Affleck will be 39 on Aug. 15; Kerri Walsh, 33; Debra Messing, 43 and Joe Jonas, 22. ***On Aug. 16; Kathie Lee Gifford will be 58; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 64 and Steve Carell, 48.


Calvin Badeaux him, would take off some time and his wife Agnes wouldn’t hear from him for weeks. He wouldn’t keep a job or give her any money so Agnes her filed for a divorce charging non-support. Da case came up in Judge Oris Comeaux’s court. Da judge award Agnes da divorce and he said to Calvin, “Mr. Badeaux, I have decided to give Agnes $400 a moun’h for support.” Calvin say, “Well dats fine Judge, Tank you, tank you very much and once in a while I’ll try to chip in a few bucks myself.”


Dallas is just a couple of days away from reaching an all time record, 42 days with temps 100 degrees or better. Texas is really burning up but so are many other places in the country. It’s really affecting prices at the store, especially produce but also other items. *****The sky isn’t falling but I wonder where Sen. Cornyn and our Texas congressional delegation was when all this accumulation of present indebtedness was in progress. In looking up their record I can tell you that the senator and our area congressman voted 96 percent to 98 percent for the failed Bush policies. I’ve never heard one say they should share in the blame for where we find ourselves today. Given the hand Obama was dealt, plus the announcement, before he was even sworn in, that the GOP would not work with him under any scenario, hasn’t helped to advance jobs and the economy. A lot of people are doing quite well. It’s the poor and middle-class and the million people who will lose their homes this year that will suffer. The rich will get richer. No, the sky won’t fall; it will just feel like it.*****I believe the recall election in Wisconsin will be good for Democrats, replacing three Republicans with three Democrats and regaining control.*****Well, I thank you for tuning in, remember the views expressed in this column belong to The Creaux and I, no one else. Please read us cover to cover. If you know of a good story that should be published, let us know. Remember to check us out several times daily on our website, TheRecordLive.com. for updated news happenings. I’ve done all the damage I can do for another week. I’ve got to get out of here. Take care and God bless.