On Tuesday, the Orange County Car Crew presented Michael Cox, Captain of the Orange County Salvation Army, with a check in the amount of $8068. This group of automobile dealerships pledged to donate $25 per vehicle sold during the month of July to the Orange facility and challenged local businesses to donate as well.

The total amount given by the Car Crew was $4,400 and donations from Orange Savings Bank, Sabine Federal Credit Union, Dominion Forms, KOGT, DuGood Credit Union, Infocus, Gopher Industrial, Akrotex and J Scotts Aflorist made up the additional $3,688.

Cox was also given $1,000 from the Orange County Board of Realtors and $500 from Jerry Hughes Realty. This brought the total amount to $9568. Captain Cox told The Record Newspapers earlier last month that his goal was $10,000 and he just about made it.

“I want to thank [all of the business that got together to help us] because now we’ll have so many more people this month that we’ll be able to keep their electricity on and purchase more food for their household,” Captain Cox said. “Thank you for helping us better serve our community.”

Captain Cox and his wife, Laura, came to join the Orange County Salvation Army in June. The Orange facility has been in a financial crunch for sometime now and this donation will be able to help them in such a big way.

The Orange facility offers food, utility payments, rent assistance, etc. to those who so desperately need it. They help, on average, about ten families per day, but has seen as many as 25 families a day for food. Their pantry has been running partially stocked but they have helped who they with what they’ve had in their stores. Food and monetary donations are always welcomes and very much needed.

For more information on the Salvation Army and the assistance they provide, please call 409-883-4232.

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