Orange native, Sylvia Dickey Smith, daughter of the late S.P. and Ruth Dickey, has been named the recipient of the Best Novel Award, 2010, by the National Federation of Press Women for her novel, A War Of Her Own, a historical novel set in Orange, Texas during the memorable era of World War II.

Most great works of literature are spawned from the author’s own extraordinary life experiences. Sylvia Dickey Smith’s case is no different. She drew inspiration for her novel, “A War Of Her Own, from both her childhood experiences and her in-depth research of the times and the locale. When asked what led her to write such a book, she said,

“I can’t explain this sense of sacred trust that I felt to do such. It was just there—this history, this accomplishment, and this time of coming-together to accomplish a cause greater than the sacrifice of each individual. To honor the contributions made by thousands, and to acknowledge the social revolution this effort made to change our world forever. I accepted this sacred trust to pay tribute to the people of this small town, replicated all across this country, by telling their story through the eyes of a young woman named Bea Meade.”

Smith will be autographing copies of the book at the Bridge City Heritage Festival, in Bridge City, Texas on Oct. 1, 2011, held at the Bridge City Community Center.

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