Sunday morning, Orange police responded to a call in reference to a fire in the area of 6th and Park. Officer James Gillen overheard a call through the Orange Fire Dept. radio traffic regarding a structure fire. When he arrived in the area, he observed flames on the outer wall of the structure.

Officer Gillen circled the building, which belongs to attorney Marcia Delarue, and made an attempt at contacting any occupants of the business, but found the building to be unoccupied.

When Officer Gillen made his way back around to the front of the building, he observed that the Orange Fire Dept. had arrived on the scene and taken control of the fire and put it out.

There was residual external damage to the residence next door, but a homeowner could not be contacted at that time.

Police then made contact with Delarue, who advised she was in Vinton. She also told police that she had already been contacted by a neighbor and was en route to the office at that time.