Jeff Kelley, director

of Emergency Management for Orange County, informed the Commissioners that, as

of Monday morning, 248 counties across the state of Texas have enabled at Burn

Ban. There are six counties left that have not implemented one and Orange

County is one of them.

“The only reason

why I’m not [asking] for [a burn ban] is the fire weather conditions haven’t

coincided with everything else,” Kelley said. “We’re getting pretty bad. At

this time, I would recommend no action, but be prepared to do so.”

On Wednesday,

Aug. 10, Jesse Charles “Chuck” McClain Jr., director of the Management

Information Systems department, unexpectedly passed away. The Commissioners and

all those in attendance to the Court Session took a moment of silence to honor


In order to

maintain stability in this difficult time, the Court approved appointing Lisa

Reeves as interim Director of Management Information Systems-MIS. 

“I spoke with all

of the employees, I spoke with [Lisa] and everyone is comfortable with this,”

County Judge Carl Thibodeaux said. “We need someone there if there’s

authoritative [business] that needs to be done until the Court moves forward to

appoint a new director.”

The Commissioners

approved the contract between Orange County and Lester A. Saucier Jr. P.E. for

Engineering Services on the Coastal Impact Assistance Program Grant project.

The motion authorized the County Judge to sign the same.

The Court approved

the revision of the On Site Sewer Facilities Program Guidelines to include

connection to public sewer system if available for low to moderate income

households approved by the Committee.

The Commissioners

approved the filing $31,792.78 in the minutes of the court revenue received

from the City of Pinehurst. These funds are reimbursement for road materials.

The total for bills paid this week is

$354,446.27 including $37,239.39 to Memorial Herman

Baptist for supplemental Medicaid wire transfer.

The Court approved

the transfer of $200 from Books and Publications to Extra Help Salaries for the

163rd District Court; $60 from Books and Publications to Printing and Binding

for the Precinct One Justice of the Peace; $553 from Books and Publications to

Equipment Non-Inventory ($141), Travel Education ($252) and

Registration/Seminars and Conferences ($160). These transfers are to

provide fund for the remainder of the fiscal year.