Orange police are investigating the burglary of a building on Pier Rd. Monday morning at approximately 7:50, Officer Joshua Dempsey responded to Palmer of Texas, and met with a man who told Dempsey that after locking the door to the warehouse and the outside gate, he left the construction site about midnight.

The man told police that when he returned to the work site at about 7:30 am, he observed employees to already be inside the work site, which was unusual because the gate should have been locked. He also stated that nobody but him has a key to get inside.

The man immediately noticed that the cable that locks the gate was cut. After discovering the cut cable, he checked the lock on the door of the warehouse and discovered that it too had been cut off.

The man told Officer Dempsey that there had been a recent break in, but the suspects were unsuccessful.

After checking the equipment inside the warehouse, it was observed that a lock had also been cut on a large cabinet that held 200 stainless nuts and 200 stainless bolts valued at $2838.00. Further inventory showed that 14 large stainless plates were missing. These plates were valued at $140.00.

It is suspected that it may have been an employee who took the items, due to the fact that the suspect knew exactly where to find the stainless steel items, and didn’t take any power tools or other equipment.

The items taken were very heavy and the suspect may have needed a fork lift to transport the items and load them into a vehicle. A forklift was available at the site.

The man told police that he wishes to press charges on behalf of Palmer of Texas if a suspect is found.

The value of the items taken totals $3638.00.