What that means is that it’s high school football time, the king of sports in Southeast Texas. Fall won’t mean football weather at game time this weekend; it will likely be near 90 degrees. Read about the teams in this issue. *****Some experts’ worry, some scientists have growing concerns that the Texas drought could go on through another dry winter and next summer will be some of the same. A deep problem for an already water stressed state. In the 1950’s, West Texas had a seven-year drought but I don’t recall it being this bad here. Bridge City is 43 inches below normal in rainfall. Most of the county is at least 40 inches below. The only good thing about the high pressure is it will keep hurricanes out of Texas. *****Congratulations to one of our “Sweethearts.” Annie Hargrave, a 38 year employee of Market Basket, who was chosen “Employee of the Month” by the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce I believe she’s the employee of the decade. Many youngsters in their mid-forties can’t recall when Annie didn’t greet them at the register. Every morning from 6 a.m. to noon, she brings her smile and good nature to work. Sometimes she’s full of it but always makes everybody welcome. She deserves a nice bonus.****I’ve got a long way to go so I’d best get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I don’t know any other Orange County sports team that has ever advanced to number three in the world. The Bridge City 14-year-old girls fell only one game short of playing for the World Softball Championship. We can’t say enough about the great job coach Julie Kahla did managing the young ladies through a Texas state championship and going on to capture third place in the world. The last big win came against East-Westpoint PA. in the Junior League Softball World Series. The girls locked down a third place spot with a  7-6 score. Sabryn Crain came through with a game winning single. Bridge City rallied from four runs down to capture third place. Pitcher Kellyn Cormier fell behind 4-0 when East West Point had all their players bat left-handed. Bridge City came back when Skylar Kahla, who hit .526 in the World Series, drove in Katelyn Dickerson to cut the lead to 4-2. Kasey Frederick, from the B.C. bullpen shut down East Westpoint. Bridge City went on to take the lead in the fifth with Kellyn’s hit. The girls returned to Bridge City Sunday in time to start school Monday. They have been on a journey they will recall for the rest of their lives. They made Orange County proud. Members of the World Class team are Hannah Faulk, Kellyn Cormier, Brooke Derouen, Bailee Bacon, Faith Kaufman, Sabryn Crain, Kaleigh Carter, Skylar Kahla, Katelyn Dickerson, Kasey Frederick, Haley Mills, Harleigh Myers and Ashlyn Mitchell. Coaches are Hilton Bacon and Justin Frederic. Manager is Julie Kahla. I predict these girls will be heard from many times before their B.C. High playing days are over. A great big thanks to all of you. You won’t soon be forgotten.


For the first time in 38 years, when school started Monday at Bridge City, Nancy Chenella wasn’t in attendance. A couple of weeks ago, despite loving her job, Nancy decided it was a good time to retire. Her husband Joe, after 45 years with BCISD retired last year. Joe had come up through the ranks, served as superintendent a couple of times and was a longtime assistant superintendent. Joe had supervised the building of three new schools and had watched thousands of students graduate. He was and is active in the Bridge City community and presently serves on the Historical Museum committee. Their only child, Meredith, lives in Florida and works for Disney World. While their daughter attended Texas A&M, they made many friends in the College Station area. Over the years, the Chenella’s had weathered many hurricanes in Bridge City, Ike of course, being the worst but many were bad. Joe said, “I just don’t want to go through any more storms. We’ve had a great life here but it’s a good time for us to move on and we like the College Station area.” In a couple of months Joe and Nancy will be moving to a nice subdivision east of College Station. Joe and Nancy have been good friends to the folks at The Record over the years. Joe was always available and it just won’t be the same without him around to call on or just visit. These outstanding educators have earned their retirement. We wish them the very best, good health and a long life. Both say the years spent in Bridge City will always be special and never forgotten. They did their jobs well. We won’t forget them. Happy trails.

12 Years Ago-1999

Police investigate a murder/suicide in West Orange. According to assistant police chief, Jason Miller killed his father, 43 years old Kenneth Ross Miller, then turned the gun on himself. Kenneth’s wife Edith Miller, 41, came home from work and found the bodies. The son had recently moved in with his father. There had been an ongoing conflict between the two. Kenneth was employed by TDI-Halter, Inc.*****The Bridge City “Globetrotting Grandmas, Dot Eshbach, 77, and Margaret Saint, 78, have just returned from a month long cruise and tour of Europe and Asia. (Editor’s note: Margaret has since passed away but 89-year-old Dot is still very much with us. For several years those two ladies toured the U.S. and Canada driving their large bus and maneuvering through heavily populated cities and small villages. Two beautiful ladies that I’ve been honored to know.)*****Dateline: Bridge City, Texas: Local writer Mark Dunn’s articles, written over several months in regards to Ireland’s “Good Friday Peace Accord,” have been published extensively both here and abroad. This past week the latest article appeared in the Las Vegas Sun, The Indianapolis News, The Austin American Statesman and the Irish Voice, the Irish news in Belfast, Ireland. Dunn places blame on British government for the “Historic Troubles” in Ireland and the current impasse crippling the 1998 peace initiative. Since June Dunn has been published in USA Today, the Washington Post, the Dallas Morning News, the San Diego Transcript, the Boston Herald, Ireland Today and several other Irish publications. (Editor’s note: I noticed that Dunn’s work wasn’t published in England.)*****Hurricane Bret, with 145 mile per hour winds, headed to the Corpus area. The storm eventually came in at King Ranch. It couldn’t have picked a better place to land. Only 500 people, mostly ranch hands, live there. *****Jamie Bracken a recent Bridge City grad has joined the Navy. *****Brad Miller, B.C. quarterback, reports to Angelo State. *****Chris Menard is home on his first furlough after completing Army basic training. *****River Burton is top grad at Lamar summer commencement. She’s the daughter of Owen Burton. *****St. Louis slugger Mark McGuire became the first player in major league history to hit 50 or more homeruns in four consecutive seasons. He got homerun number 49 and 50 Sunday against the Mets. One was a 502-foot blast that dented the scoreboard. (Editor’s note: That’s before we knew that he was filled with juice. They let the homeruns stand but they won’t put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame, despite not doing anything wrong while playing.)

32 Years Ago-1979

Clarence Bell is principal at Hatton Elementary. He and Ann Bryant have been with BCISD for 25 years. ***** Keble Free, 26 year old, will make a boxing comeback in an attempt to make the Olympic team. Keble is a former Golden Gloves welterweight state runner up. He lost to Johnny Montagne in the 1971 state championship. Free didn’t start boxing until he was 16 years old. *****Jenny Baxter, Gordon and Diane’s little girl, turns two on August 26. (Editor’s note: I guess that makes the little girl Bax talked about on the radio now 34 years old.)*****Karen Lapeyrolerie will celebrate her special day on Aug. 28. *****Dan Barker has a birthday. (Editor’s note: That old boy was old as dirt 32 years ago. Is he still around?)


Ben Ezell, Angie Stelly, Lynda Rector, Carol Cupe, Debbie Adaway, Amber Juneau, Donnie Couthran, Ricky Sheppard, Dot Hudson, Glynis Gothia, Ken Kreger, Milton Briggs Jr., Ron Cowling, Scott Deppe, Shanley Hubbard, Trevor Schaffer, Johnathan Aldridge, Michael Philen, Phelecia Rucker, Bree Fontenot, Jerry Mercer, Molly Abshire, Sheryl Guillory, Sydney Eby, David Green, Frank Beauchamp, Jaycie Dardeau, Nina Birdwell, Charlie Broussard, Blayne Richey, Blayke Richey, Randy Elkins, Sierra Hutchison, Debbie Stark, Theresa Wilson, Angie Jones, Barbi Childress, Bobbie Brown, Dempsey Deason, Gary Bonneaux, Patrick Richey, Gary Turbeville, Rick Beaulieu, Wanda Sanders, Wendy Fontenot, Blake Tally, Buddy Hancken, Glenda Dyer, Ileta Primrose, Judy Marsolan, Brittany Warren, Bro. Joel Warren, Dotsie Robbins, Jon Weidner, Mike Cedars, Patty Allred, Brooke Snowden, Cristi Harper, Crytal Killman, and Dal Moreau.


On Saturday last, Jack Huffman turned 80. The former Orange City Manager was also longtime city manager at Irving and put the city on the map when he was responsible for getting Cowboy Stadium. A local boy from Brunner Addition who did good. He and his boy, Jack Jr., took in Gary’s Café for a big, longshoreman’s breakfast Saturday morning to celebrate.*****Also spotted at Gary’s where you always get a good breakfast were the Joel Steirman’s and Bobby and Devera Cormier.*****Folks celebrating birthdays this week. Coach Dan Ray Hooks, for the first time not on the West Orange-Stark sideline, celebrates his birthday Aug. 25. A WOS win over Nederland would be a nice gift.***Lunch Bunchers are Marlene Merritt, Aug. 24, Donna Scales, Aug. 26 and Judge Carl Thibodeaux, Aug. 27.***Others are Dot Hudson, Aug. 25, she’s the late Parker Thompson’s beautiful sister.***A special lady Angie Stelly celebrates Aug. 24. She deserves something special.***Also our longtime friend Ann Oliver Hall celebrates this week.***Milton Briggs Jr. celebrates Aug. 25 as does Ron Cowling.*** Frank Beauchamp, Marcel Adams’s son-in-law, a kid we watched play football 40 years ago, marks another year Aug. 27.***Butch Thurman celebrates Aug. 28.*** One of our special folks, Barbara “Barbi” Childress celebrates Aug. 28. It would be nice to hear from her.***Lyle’s better half, Inez Hearn’s little girl and Ray’s sister, Janice Overman, celebrates Aug. 29.*** One of our favorite folks, Glenda Dyer, marks another milestone Aug. 29.*** Our buddy Mike Cedars is a year older Aug. 30.***On Aug. 30, Vivian and the late Fain Holbrooks would have celebrated their anniversary. I think about that nice lady often.*** A boy we’ve known since he was a puppy, David Montange celebrated another one Aug. 25 and also a belated birthday wish to our friend Meri Elen Jacobs, who celebrated Aug. 22.*** Next week, on Aug. 31st. Pat and Rosalie Clark and her twin sister Mary Ann and John Scofield celebrate their anniversaries. I’m guessing but I believe its number 42. Congrats and best wishes.*****Last week the Lunch Bunch dined at Robert’s. A large group honored former deputy sheriff Tucker Clayton on his 90th birthday. Former sheriff Chester Holts two daughters, Nova Dee and Wanda Beth and Nova’s daughter, Tonya, attended. Stories by Tucker, Nova and sheriff Keith Merritt were told. Even Judge Thibodeaux and Karen Jo showed up. This week the Bunch gathers at Novrozsky’s.*****The Gueydan Duck Festival will be held Aug. 26 to Aug. 28. The Duck Capital of America is again putting on a great show. A dozen bands will perform including Backwood Boy Z, Wayne Toups, Cajun Heat, Steel Shot, Final Five, etc. Enjoy skeet shooting, decoy carving and a big outdoor cookoff. Come ready to eat.***On Sept. 4, St. Martinville will hold its Creole Zydeco Festival. Listen to Zydeco bands, including Lil’ Nathan and the Big Timers, and taste the Creole food that will be available.***Also on Oct. 1, St. Martinville will hold an Okra Festival to raise money for the African-American Museum. Plenty music, plenty food, a lot of okra.***Abbeville is the place to go Oct. 13 through Oct. 16. That’s when the annual La Cattle Festival and Fair is held. Over a dozen bands, including local guy Warren Storm, Tommy McLain, ‘Lil Fats’ Jackson, lots of Swamp Pop music to listen to. Abbeville is a great place to visit anytime with seafood and oyster restaurants like Shucks, Richards, The Riverfront, etc.*****While I’m promoting some good Cajun Festivals jus a couple of hours away from home, let me clue you in on a little Louisiana politics. Jay Dardenne is now the Republican Lt. Governor. Well, I’m sure you remember Billy Nungesser who made a name for himself after the BP spill. He is going to run for Lt. Governor also. Now here’s what might happen if a Republican can beat Obama, Gov. Jindal will probably accept an appointment. The Lt. Gov. would then become governor and ole’ Billy him, wants to be the governor. That should be a hot race. I knew Billy was playing the media for something back then.


On Aug. 24, Cal Ripken Jr. will be 51; Craig Kilborn, 49; Dave Chappelle, 38 and Chad Michael Murray, 30.***Aug. 25, Regis Philbin will be 78; Gene Simmons, 62; Elvis Costello, 57; Billy Ray Cyrus, 50 and Rachael Ray, 43.***Aug. 26, Chris Pine, 31 and Macauley Culkin, 31.***Aug. 27, Paul Reubens, 59 and Chandra Wilson, 42.***Aug. 28, David Soul, 68; Scott Hamilton, 53; Shania Twain, 46; Jack Black, 42 and LeAnn Rimes, 29.***Aug. 29, John McCain, 75 and Elliott Gould, 73.***Aug. 30, Warren Buffett, 81, Cameron Diaz, 39 and Andy Roddick, 29.


Clotile axe her man, Joe Premeaux, “Wen you go to town babe, please go by Robicheaux’s store and got me some eggs.”
Joe answer, “Mais, sure I do dat me.” He drove his old truck into Erat, does his little shopping at da feed store and goes by Robicheaux’s store. “You got some eggs, Hanh?” he axe da clerk.
“We sure do, da very best eggs from Dartiz’s farm for $1 a dozen.”
Noticin a few cracked eggs Joe axe, “How much for dem cracked eggs right dere?”
Da clerk say, “Well, we got a few, and wen we got a dozen we sell dem for 15 cents a dozen.
Joe say, “Hokay, crack me two dozen.”


Some people will disagree but I believe the facts and history will bare out that President Obama has maneuvered the best foreign policy since Harry Truman. The gutsiest call in my lifetime was going after Bin Laden and killing him. He gambled his entire career, had it failed or any Navy Seals killed in the operation, Obama was done, cooked then. He told the Egyptian president he had to go; now he’s gone. A few months ago he said Gadhafi had to go. Obama took criticism from the Right for not putting ground troops in Libya. He put together a NATO command structure, led by France and Great Britain. The United States furnished intelligence, U.S. hunter drones and around the clock surveillance. Today Gadhafi is underground. Not one American killed. If I was the dictator of Syria and Obama says, “You have to go,” I’d start packing. Soon Obama will pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Our foreign policy is second to none. Now I’m hoping he will just go big on the economy and not be constrained by the Tea Party. He should state what needs to happen and have the same backbone he has displayed in foreign policy to back it up. He needs to explain what needs to be done to create jobs and lift the economy. Republicans have one goal and it’s not creating jobs, its defeating Obama and pressing their ideology in this country. They will block as many of the programs as they can, they will vote “NO” to every idea. Most economists and business people believe we need short-term stimulus and long-term fiscal balance. Obama should fight for it and get the American people to join him. Something has to happen, too many are suffering. There is no doubt Obama has the backbone, let the hair go with the hide, get out of this bondage. Americans don’t like hostage takers. *****Orange County has proposed the same tax rate as last year. Our county is in fine fiscal order while many counties are not. Many are raising the rate, plus tax increases. If it’s working, don’t mess with it. There are too many uncertainties. Revenue from sales taxes is down for one. Orange County is one of the top fiscally sound counties in the state. Support your commissioner’s court, leave well enough alone. *****I’ve got to get out of here. Thanks for tagging along. The views expressed are this writer’s alone. Read us cover to cover and patronize our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.