To look at Conner Hanks, tanned skin, sparkling brown eyes, bright white smile and adorable pixy nose, one’s mind would not jump to Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) State Officer – Parliamentarian, Texas State Representative for the National Convention of Student Councils and Honor Societies or STARS Convention or Student Body President for Little Cypress-Mauriceville. One might think Head Cheerleader, particularly seeing her sitting in her LCM practice cheer uniform. The interesting thing is, of course, that she is: all the above plus a few additional titles.

Currently a senior at LCM, Conner, not yet 18, has her dance card quite full. Born and raised in Little Cypress Conner excelled all through school. When entering middle school she discovered and ran for student council.

“I’ve always been the kind of person that wants to be involved,” she says confidently with an infectious smile, “I like knowing as many people out of my circle as possible. Student Council was one of the ways to do that.” Having also been on the cheerleading squad through out middle school/junior high no doubt expanded her familiarity with more students as well allowing her to enter a consolidated high school where she was unfamiliar with a great many students.

Her point of view on the benefit she has seen their Student Council generate for their school is basic.

“I feel we move the school in a more positive direction,” she says.

Contrary to some of the perspectives perpetuated by some youth movies student government is not about getting meal changes in the cafeteria. Today’s councils are more involved in social aspects and impacts. Conner recalls a significant project their council took on since she has been in high school.

“It was called, ‘Erase the R Word’,” she begins, “It was a part of helping students from our life skills program to be more included and understood by our other students.”

The Special Olympics, for which Conner also is a volunteer, awarded the council a special recognition award on behalf of their efforts to educate others on being tolerant and caring toward the mentally and physically challenge. “Erasing the R word” also became a part of the platform un which she ran for state office.

Holding the state office of parliamentarian requires much of Conner. Along with making state wide meetings she will be pivotal in the planning and execution of the 2012 TASC Annual Convention. As parliamentarian it her duty to keep all meetings, elections or other forums such as committees smoothly following the rules and regulations set forth in TASC policies.

For the 2012 convention which will take place in Arlington, she has a variety of obligations. New candidates for state positions will have to perform seven minute skits and, at a separate time, participate in a ‘meet the candidates’ speech forum. Conner has to organize and facilitate both these events.

She will also be an MC at the middle level conference in San Marcos this November and present a session for the middle schoolers.

All of this is, naturally, done around her regularly scheduled life. She is Head cheerleader and that means football.

“I love watching football!” Conner shows a charming smile. She has been an All-American Cheerleader for all four years of high school; a position for which a cheerleader must be nominated just to be considered for try-outs.

Consequently her performance at summer camps with the National Cheerleaders Association or NCA had also earned her a staff position for the Summer of 2011.

To participate in any of these, her grades must be kept above average. She will spend hours a day working and readying for cheerleading competitions along with her duties of Student body president and state parliamentarian. This is her senior year and she plans to give it all she’s got.

Her plans for after graduation are a little less defined. Though some are succinct others are just on the horizon still. She doesn’t necessarily plan on cheering in college nor continuing in any format of politics. She does plan on going to Texas A&M and getting a degree in Bio-medical science.

In all the traveling with her various ‘extra-curricular’ she will have experienced plenty of exciting places. She will spend her spring break at a cheerleading competition in Disney World.
Conner is also anticipating a ‘senior’ trip to New York City with a relative after graduation. It is safe to say her final year in high school will not be boring, nor will it be lacking in excitement or challenges. She is ready to take it on and fully committed to stay the course.