Monday afternoon as Orange police officers, Sgt. Sarah Jefferson-Simon, Sgt. Garrold Keaton, and Captain Cliff Hargrave, all of the Orange Police Dept., were leaving the Wok D-Lite on Strickland Dr. after lunch, Sgt. Jefferson-Simon observed two suspicious looking males enter the branch of Bridge City Bank located at 57 Strickland Dr.

Sgt. Jefferson notified Captain Hargrave and Sgt. Keaton who were still close by. Sgt. Jefferson-Simon had the Orange Police dispatcher call the bank, where bank personnel advised the dispatcher that the subjects were attempting to pass forged checks.

The subjects became nervous and left the bank before receiving any money.

Captain Hargrave arrested one of them in the parking lot of the Wok D-Lite. The other subject ran on foot, and was chased and caught by Sgt. Keaton at Auto Mart on Strickland.

The two subjects, Brian Edward Jolly, 37, and Albert Lee Hubbard, 52, both were from Houston, and believed to be a part of a larger check forging ring.

Both subjects were charged with Forgery, a 3rd degree felony.