Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Sept. 2, 3, 4, 5, and the morning of Sept. 6:

Aggravated assault, family, knife/cut, 3333 Ridgemont

Aggravated assault, family, weapon, 1811 Church

Aggravated assault, non-family, firearm, 1411 Simmons

Aggravated assault, non-family, strong arm, 2nd at Burton

Alcohol, 700 block Sholars

Arson, motor vehicle, Simmons and Turret

Assist motorist, 3410 IH-10 (in Beatty Insurance parking lot)

Assist other agency, 3115 Edgar Brown

Assist public, 201 8th/Farragut

Assist public, 520 Morrell

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 1300 N. Hart

Burglary, unlawful entry, residence, 111 Pine

Carrying a concealed weapon, 2801 Sunset

Civil problem, 6892 FM 1130/Food Mart

Class A, family violence, 1207 8th

Class A, family violence, 2930 16th St. alley

Class A, family violence, 3404 Edgemont

Class A, family violence, 4705 Barrett

Disorderly conduct, Class C, 6th and Sholars

Harassment, other, 2202 Pacific

Juvenile problem, 603 Bridal Wreath

Larceny, bicycle, 111 Pine

Larceny, from vehicle, 500 Summerwood

Larceny, from vehicle, 602 Dawnwood

Larceny, from vehicle, 1203 Redbud

Larceny, from vehicle, 6200 Rosewood

Miscellaneous incidents, 201 8th/3700 MLK

Miscellaneous incidents, 4705 Barrett

Miscellaneous incidents, 4750 Meeks

Natural death, 1010 8th

Neglect, child, 4425 Randall Rd/Bob Hall Rd.

Other public service, 1521 37th St.

Other public service, 2424 16th

Public intoxication, 3026 N. 18th St.

Public intoxication, 2205 Hwy. 62

Public peace, other, 608 Strickland

Receive stolen vehicle, 1200 block Sabine

Runaway juvenile, 2507 N. 3rd

Sexual assault with an object, 4705 Barrett

Simple assault, 4407 27th

Theft, other, 1002 Orange

Theft, other, 1600 16th

Theft, other, 3652 Hemlock

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 2310 Hwy. 62/Waffle House

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 90 block Park/Simmons

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, Strickland at MacArthur

Traffic accident, vehicle damage. Meeks and Eddleman

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, IH-10 E. at MLK

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 15th and Green

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, Old Hwy. at Womack

Traffic arrest, 1005 Main

Traffic hazard 10th at Link

Trespassing, private property, 305 Camellia

Vehicle fire, 413 W. Decatur

Vehicle theft, auto, Simmons and Turret

Warrant service, 201 8th

Warrant service, 2700 MacArthur

Warrant service, 700 block Sholars

Warrant service, Happy Homes