Pikewerks is pleased to announce that it has appointed Ryan Thibodeaux to the position of Director of Research. In this role, Mr. Thibodeaux will ensure that Pikewerks continues on its current path to lead the way in cyber security, anti-tamper, anti-exploitation, forensics, and supply chain risk management research.

“Ryan’s creativity and dedication are unmatched, and I am excited to have him as a leader within our company,” said Pikewerks’ Founder and President, Sandy Ring.

Prior to this position, Ryan was the lead developer of Pikewerks Dark Droid(tm) , a technology to secure Android devices and applications used by the military against exploitation, exfiltration, and reverse engineering.

He has a masters of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering degrees in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University. Before joining Pikewerks, Mr. Thibodeaux was researcher at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX within the Communications and Embedded Systems Department.

Ryan is the son of his proud, Jesse and Cindy Thibodeaux from Bridge City. He was the 2002 Valedictorian for Bridge City High School.

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