We had high hopes that the storm Lee might just bring some needed rain to Texas, mostly a good amount to the South East Texas. According to Cox’s rain gauge some saw a couple of inches. The east side of Bridge City got 1.5 inches of slow rain. It was good for surface plants but didn’t help the trees. The north breeze has already evaporated all of it in three days. I had to water this morning. Texas is burning up. Our friends Les and Wanda Johnson left for a trip to Lake Charles Saturday and by Monday the country around Bastrop was on fire. Their daughter Rolanda, her children and animals had to evacuate their home near Smithville where over 500 homes have burned. They were having zero success with putting out the fire that was being fanned by high winds. *****The Pinehurst Senior Citizen’s Labor Day picnic was again a big success. Mayor T.W. Permenter and his crew were very happy feeding over 600 beautiful people. Our girl Penny should have award winners and other results. She said everyone wanted to talk about The Record. They love our paper. Those folks are our base. Our buddy, Lyndia Permenter, says T.W. can’t come home if he doesn’t have a Record newspaper on Wednesday. Robert’s did another good job cooking and serving. It was great to see the “Governor” of Pinehurst, Grady Johnson, the pride of Shelby County. I understand 90-year-old Mrs. Pearl was being hand fed watermelon. *****Well, it’s coming on a full moon, which usually changes things, sometimes good, a lot of time it brings out the bad. I’m looking for great changes to be on the way. I have to move on and get out as much as I can with the short time I have before deadline. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


This week marks the 10th anniversary of 9-11-01. Most of us will remember where we were or what we were doing. It was a Tuesday morning. Back then we put the paper together on Monday night and it usually returned from the press between 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. On this Tuesday morning, we were sitting around watching an old black and white television set that Uncle Jim McKay had given back to Roy because some HMO help, looking after him, occasionally sat down to watch. Jim said that’s not what they were paid for. Jim didn’t pay but that didn’t matter. Anyway, we were watching the T.V. and visiting when Roy said, “Damn, a plane just hit a tall building.” Someone said, “That happens fairly often doesn’t it?” “This looks different, like dead aim, on purpose.” Roy said. By the time the second plane crashed into the other tower Dwayne Marsh had covered his face and was openly crying. We continued to witness what had become the first attack on our mainland. You know the rest of the story. For a little while, the country was united. President George w. Bush announced, “The people who did this will hear from us.” We attacked Afghanistan and 10 years later are still there. However, the road took a wrong turn and the Bush Administration invaded Iraq, a war of choice. We have paid dearly with loss of life, a war fought on the cuff, that future presidents will be paying for and criticized for not ending fast enough. On May 2nd, President Barack Obama cut off the “Head of the Snake” when he ordered Bin Laden killed. I believe, hopefully, that ends Al Qaeda. It should end our connection to the devil that ordered the attack on our country. I’m old enough to compare Pearl Harbor and 9-11. Each generation will give different meaning to the two historical events based on age and issues that concerned them. The most personal destruction to many of us happened Sept. 13, 2008, when Hurricane Ike brought its surge. The storm destroyed things that will never be replaced, material things and historical things also, all gone. We weren’t very smart; we could have saved more of historical value than we did.


James Charles “Jimmie” Rogers was born in Meridian, Mississippi on Sept. 8, 1897, 114 years ago. Jimmie recorded his last record on May 24, 1933. He died two days later on May 26. The Blue Yodeler, the Singing Brakeman to some, amazingly released 110 songs and sold 20 million records during the Great Depression and millions more since. I once owned all of them. A real treasure. Ike took ‘um. Jimmie’s mother died of Tuberculosis when he was only 5 years old; he died of the same disease at age 36. His first record was released in October of 1927. In just six years, Jimmie became the first rural artist to focus national attention on him and set the stage for all country artists to follow. If you’re ever near Meridian stop by his museum. The Jimmie Rogers stamp came out on May 24, 1972. It sold for 13 cents. Here is a sidebar: A guy many of us knew, a good Christian man, the late “Snuffy” Smith of Bridge City, father of Kenneth Smith, K-Dan owner, was born and raised in Meridian and was proud of it. Meridian, Miss., the birthplace of two great county boys. Maybe a radio station will play Jimmie’s music Sept. 8.

13 Years Ago-1998

Orange County high school head football coaches are, Little Cypress-Mauriceville, David Williams, Bridge City, Les Johnson, Vidor, Kevin Johnson, West Orange-Stark, Dan Hooks and Orangefield, Randy Theriot. *****Orange County native R.C. Slocum is head coach of the Texas Aggies. *****Playing for A&M is former WO-S star Chris Cole. Bridge City’s Matt Bryant kicks for the Baylor Bears. *****Two Bridge City Cards, John Hoffpauir and Nicholas Watson, are freshmen at McNeese. *****Returning seniors for B.C. are quarterback Josh Sanders, center Dathan Juneau, and kicker Raun Bryant. In the backfield are #24, Nick Judice, #32, Wade Stone, #20, Jason Menard, #33, Kevin Beasley, #36, Steve Curl, #28, Daniel Kibodeaux and #38, Mathew Nguyen. Defensive backs Scott Cortis, Charlie Higginbotham and Shane Peveto combined for 156 tackles last year. The smallest school, in the toughest 4-A district, is considered one of the toughest on defense. Johnny Montagne, linebacker, compiled 62 tackles. On the other side is Jared Williams. The defensive front five have plenty of speed also. Dustin Dishon will line up at nose guard, Chad Brown at tackle. That’s some of the Bridge City team. We will be doing highlights of other area teams in the coming weeks. *****Beth Dugas died last Friday, Aug. 28 at 3 a.m. She was 67 years old. She left husband Louis, three sons, two daughters, eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren. *****Margaret Bell, wife of Bill Bell and mother of our friend Jerry Wayne Bell, died over the weekend. Service was held Tuesday, Sept. 11, 1998. *****A real cowboy, Albert “Cowboy” Adams, died over the weekend. Service was held Tuesday. *****Tommy Bean has been in a Mexican jail too long however he is on the September exchange list where we trade Mexican prisoners for Americans. *****Charlotte Hamilton celebrates a birthday Sept. 4.She’s very nifty at fifth. *****The Cajun French Music Association again honored the Cajun Cousins, led by Jackie Callier. They repeated with best recording “Black Top, the Gravel Road.” They also were named Cajun Band of the Year. Callier is a native of the Cove, in Orange County. (Editor’s note: Jackie and his Cajun Cousins still play their great music and can often be heard and danced to at Larry’s French Market in Groves.)

38 Years Ago-1973

Jim Crossland coaches the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears. The Bears were 7-3 last season. They will rely on seniors Mike Watts, Robert Dunn, Robert Jacobs, David McKinnley, George Mortimer, Hunter White, Mark Patten, Steve Pachuca, Donnie Harmon, Tommy Barrett, Gary Wilson, Ted Seago, Danny Halliburton, Tab Finchum, Larry Lunsford, Benny Woodcock, Jerry Person, Don McClain, Jimmy Reeves, Chris Tiger, Scott Morrison, Robert Moody and Tommy Martin. (Editor’s note: That was quite a crew. I didn’t realize they were all in the same class. I believe 1973 might have been one of Crossland’s best years at LC-M. We lost track of Jim. He sold his two car dealerships in Oklahoma a few years ago and disappeared. If anyone has contact with him please let us know.)*****Judy Savoy celebrated her birthday Aug. 29, 1973. (Editor’s note: Judy was an only child and both of her parents have died. The last we heard she was still in Houston. If she sees this on our web, belated happy birthday.)

53 Years Ago-1958

James A. Morris, 36, of Lufkin, will arrive here Sept. 30 to become first assistant district attorney. He is a native of Trinity County and a University of Texas grad. Dist attorney Feagin Windham announced Morris would replace Charles Ford, Jr., who will be come United States assistant district attorney. *****Ex Orange Tigers making headlines are Hogan Wharton, named “Lineman of the Year” by UP. He’s six foot, two inches and weighs 240 pounds. (Remember when that was big, big?)*****Jim Colvin, six foot, two inches, 220 pounds, finished drills as number one left tackle. Both play for the University of Houston.)


Ron Sherman, Rick Brownlie, Gerald LeLeux, Dottie Couser, Robert Vidrine, Eric Cox, Karen Morse, Laina Sparks, Laura McCombs, Terri Childs, Ted Miller, Joyce Higgs, John Phillips, Charlie Bollich, Darla Cricchio, Howard Williams, Janice James, Ronnie Bullion, Janet LeLeux, Mary Tyler, “Millard “”Bill”” Cox”, Pamela Smith, Thelma Powledge, Brent Sherrill, Durwyn Simon, Jesse Thurman, Joel Jeffcote, Joy Vickery, Lisa Wilson, Mason Pruett, Ester Jeans, Beth Ann Windham, Dena Bates, Doug Rogers, Elwood Hood, Jamie Oliphint, Andrea Peoples, Bob Aven, Beth Arnold, Billy Fontenot, Casey Stephenson, Chris Kovatch, Donna Lanthier, Shannon Sparks, Greg Ball, Jennifer Burns, Jona Gilchrist, Karen Warner, Kathleen Williams, Lloyd George, Molly Anthony, Shannon Eickenhorst, Tiffany Higgs, Bryan Riedel, Buffy Bean, Collin Findlay, Cynthia Claybar, David Haddock, Kade Hanks, Tommy Chapman, Margaret Jeffcote, Nina Dilbert, C.M. Marshall, Connie Swope, Darlene Brown and Gregory Barclay.


We ran into our buddy Chief Steve Faircloth. It was at a most inopportune time. I was in a real bind for time but it’s always great to see him. *****Our friend Glenda Dyer came by. She and Paul were in from Nashville to say goodbye to her granddaughter who is moving to Japan. *****Nova Dee Strickland and daughter, Tonya Barnwall, stopped by also. It’s hard to believe Tonya has been married 38 years. By the way, she has a birthday on Sept. 10 but says 9/11 always takes the limelight away from her birthday. She will soon have an interesting story about how her family and her sibling’s family will return to her late dad, Jerry Strickland’s, boyhood home and what brings them there. *****We were so sorry to learn about the death of Ethel Adelle Hargis, age 95. Ms. Ethel passed away Sept. 3; service was Tuesday, Sept. 6. We had known Ethel many years and knew about her long involvement with music and wondered why her obit didn’t mention it. A side note: Fifty years ago folks said she had the most beautiful legs in the south. Betty Grable style. May this beautiful lady rest in peace. *****We also extend condolences to the family of Juanita LeDoux Ellis. She passed away Monday at home. Funeral will be at 10 a.m., Thursday. Please see obit.*****Special folks we know celebrating birthdays. There are not enough words to describe Dr. Howard Williams, dedication to serving mankind as a medical doctor and preserving so much of our rich history. Many generations to come will be thankful for the historical records he gathered and published. Dr. Williams celebrates his 86th birthday Friday, Sept. 9. Best wishes Doc.***No doubt one of the state’s prettiest jailers is right here in Orange County working for Sheriff Keith Merritt. Happy birthday, Sept. 9, to Sharon Gearheart, one of the nicest folks we know. She looks ten years younger than her 58 years. ***One of our bestest buddies, Millard “Neighbor” Cox, turn 87 on Sept. 9. He’s a happy camper right now. Ms. Ginny is back from Oklahoma after a month away. That’s enough birthday present for him. ***I understand Penny and Gerald LeLeux’s little girl Janet is a year older Sept. 9. Gerald celebrated the 7th. Maybe they will get together in Austin. ***Next Tuesday, Sept. 13, Jenna Dunn Balou celebrates her birthday. She’s Mark’s youngest and mother of his two grandchildren Nate and Delilah. Happy birthday “J Bird.”*****Grandparents Day is Sunday, Sept. 11. Don’t forget the old folks, they never forget you. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week and back at Robert’s next. *****The time has come to lay it on the line. This country needs jobs no matter how much money must be borrowed to create them. Saving the auto industry has proven good business investments. Thursday, President Obama will reveal how jobs can be created for the American families who are suffering. The Tea Party will again be the obstructionist. Jobs and the good of our economy is not their objective, taking over the government is and you know they what stand for. All those who say “No” to everything that helps the poor and middle class should be called out by name and blamed for stopping any idea that will help job growth. They created the doubling of the national debt so if it has to wait, so be it. We need jobs now. The present administration didn’t create the recession and loss of all those jobs. Those who ruined our economy should be forced into doing what is right, help rebuild what over eight years, they tore down. There is no one else to blame for the situation we’re in. Why can’t Americans see that.


On Sept. 7, Shannon Elizabeth will be 38; Devon Sawa, 33 and Evan Rachel Wood, 24. ***Brooke Burke will be 40 on Sept. 8; David Arquette, 40; Pink, 32 and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 30. ***On Sept. 9, Michael Keaton will be 60, Hugh Grant, 51; Adam Sandler, 45; Macy Gray, 41 and Michael Buble’, 36. ***Colin Firth will be 51, Sept. 10; Guy Ritchie, 43 and Ryan Phillippe, 37. ***On Sept. 11, Roxann Dawson will be 47; Harry Connick, Jr. 44 and Ludacris, 34. ***George Jones will be 80 on Sept. 12; Jessica Seinfeld, 40; Jason Statham, 39; Ruben Studdard, 33; Yao Ming, 31; Jennifer Hudson, 30 and Emmy Rossum, 25.


Tee-Not Comeaux done won a bass boat in a $1 raffle drawing. Tee-Not could take da bass boat or $500 in cash. He wanted dat boat him, so he gets a neighbor to drag da rig home for him. His poor mama, Agnes, wat raised Tee-Not by herself since his poppa, Sostan, found out Tee-Not was going to be a little slow him, was mad her. She axe, “Wat da hell you gonna do wit dat boat Tee-Not, dere ain’t no water deep enough to float dat boat for miles?”
Tee-Not say, “I won dat boat me and I’m gonna keep it. I always want a boat.”
Wen Rufus Thibeaux come calling on Ms. Agnes, he axe, “Where’s Tee-Not?”
Ms. Agnes say, “Mais, dat boy is out dere in his new bass boat,” as she points to da open field behind da house.
Rufus him, who also is a few marbles short, sees Tee-Not sitting in a bass boat with a fishing rod in his hand. He yells out, “Tee-Not, wat da hell you doin hanh?”
Tee-Not answer, “Wat da hell, it looks like I’m doing? Can’t you see I’m fisin.” Sostan him, yells back.
“Tee-Not, it’s people like you dat gives Cajuns a bad name, making everybody tink we are stupid. If I could swim me, I’d come out dere and kick your stupid Cajun ass..”


The MDA Telethon raised $61.5 million in six hours without Jerry Lewis compared to Jerry’s 18-hour show. The 46th annual benefit raised $2.6 million more than last year. *****Opponents of the new GOP congressional redistricting plan in Texas go before a three-court panel in San Antonio. The plan, signed by Gov. Rick Perry, is designed to expand the GOP’s 23-9 majority of districts in Texas. They must want them all. The map splits the Austin area into five districts, denying the most democratic part of the state a single seat, making it impossible for democrat Lloyd Doggett to get re-elected. Eighty-eight percent of the state’s growth was Hispanic, yet not one Hispanic district created, that’s super gerrymandering. If someone tells you we don’t want to cherry pick or mismanage, believe just the opposite. Like when someone says, “I wouldn’t lie to you,” look out, here comes the whopper. Of course it’s micromanaging. You’re not surprised are you? *****Our friends at Trinity Baptist Church will celebrate their first anniversary and will also honor 9/11 first responders. Our longtime buddy Rusty Walton is the pastor. We have known our favorite preacher since he was a young, good looking red head that told a good story. I bet he still does. *****The United States citizens ain’t very happy with any of our leadership. Only 46 percent approve of the job President Obama is doing. On the other hand, the Tea Party is frustrating the will of the people. Eighty-two percent of Americans disapprove of the do-nothing congress. Only 13 percent approve of the job they have done since taking over congress. They site no accomplishments in an ABC poll. *****I understand Luigi’s Italian Restaurant, on the Circle in Orange, serves up some good, fresh Italian food. Best in the area I’m told. I must go try it. Tell um’ we sent you. *****Well, I’ve about done all the damage I have time for. Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover and please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.