Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Sept. 20, and the morning of Sept. 21:

Aggravated assault, non-family, weapon, 7th and Park

Assist public,1801 Hart

Burglar alarm, 4775 N. 16th

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 312 N. Farragut

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 1509 Carter

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 405 Dewey

Class A, family violence, 505 W. Park

Damaged property, private, 2407 Pacific

Damaged property, private, 3709 Bowling Ln.

Damaged property, private, 911 3rd

Disturbance, 608 Strickland

Emergency commitment, 1600 IH-10

Traffic accident, injury, 2nd and Green

Unattended death, 401 Camellia

Warrant service, 201 8th

Warrant service, 1411 4th

Warrant service, 205 Border

Warrant service, 16th and Sunset