Country music has undergone many changes since the day it was known as “Hillbilly Music.” Writers write different, arrangers arrange different, musicians play different and singers sing different. There are some artists who have remained true to the roots of country music. Britt Godwin is one of those who want to keep country music true to its roots. Godwin will be the headline performer at the upcoming Bridge City Heritage Festival, Oct. 1.

The festival is being hosted by the Bridge City Historical Museum a nonprofit charitable organization formed in 2009 to preserve local history and enhance tourism.

Godwin is a triple threat artist. He performs solo, he heads B.B. & Company and he also has the Remember Me When Orchestra that does the big band sounds of the 1930s and 40s.
At the Heritage festival he will be performing with B.B. & Company.

Godwin started performing and recording as a teenager. He is a Bridge City native and a 1986 graduate of Bridge City High School.

Godwin was on the road with Tracey Byrd for 11 years.

“We must have performed at the Opry at least 50 times and it was always a thrill, and also a little scary,” Godwin said. “We walked on stage and in the wings were Bill Anderson, Porter Waggoner, and Jimmy Dickens waiting and watching the boys from Texas. That’s scary.”

They did well. Little Jimmy Dickens complemented them of their Western Swing. Eddie Stubbs, long time Opry announcer, also said he liked the traditional sound they played. Godwin is carrying tradition every time he goes on stage.

“When they called me and asked me to come to the Heritage Festival, I was like ‘WOW’ this is great. It is like a homecoming, it is great to be asked to do this in my hometown,” he said.

“This is such a great cause! For Bridge City to have the opportunity to have a museum of the quality this one is going to be is great. I am thrilled and the band is also very pleased and highly honored to be asked to be a part of this fundraiser,” said Godwin.

Godwin performs at McKenzie’s Pub in Beaumont every Thursday. B.B. & Company and the Remember Me When Orchestra alternate dates at the Pub.

CDs of the orchestra and Godwin’s country sounds may be obtained from him. The information is on his Facebook page.

B.B. & Company is a six piece group made up of performers who have at least 30 years experience each in the music business. Godwin and Bubba Moore are joined by Huey Buxton, Larry Shelton, A.C. Billeaud and Vince Montalbano.

Buxton played with Godwin on his very first album, recorded while Godwin was still a teenager.

Shelton, who was the first trumpet player to play at the Grand Old Opry since the late Marty Robbins appeared with a trumpet in his band, played with Godwin and Tracey Byrd at the Grand Old Opry.

The band works very hard to bring the classic country sounds back to life with each performance. In addition to the country sounds of Hank Williams, George Jones, Ray Price, Bob Wills, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash and many more, they also do Classic Rock and Roll from the legends like Elvis, Roy Orbison and Chuck Berry, to name a few.

All of these musicians share the common goal of wanting to be true to their roots. Each of them has performed in a variety of venues with a number of different artists. They each played together in other bands before coming together as B.B. & Company.

The Heritage Festival will be held on the grounds of the Bridge City Community Center on Oct. 1. A carnival will open on Sept. 29 through Oct. 2. For information and the schedule of events call Paige Williams at 409-783-3743.