The Battlin’ Bears came to Lumberton ready to play

after a week off. It was a good that they were ready to battle, because the

Raiders made the Bears work for their win.

The Bears had the first possession of the night and

in six plays Brilon Douglas made a dash across the goal line for the first

touchdown of the night. The kick was good and he score was 7 – 0 in the first

few minutes of the quarter.

Taking the kick, the Raiders tried hard for eight

plays to even the score, but had to punt in spite of some good plays gaining a

few yards. Tyler Wright ran the ball to the 15 yard line and the Bears had the

ball again.

It only took three plays for Douglas to make a long

run of 85 yards to score the second Bear TD of the game, another good kick and

the score was 14-0.

For the next ten plays the Raiders tried to cross

the goal line, but were fought hard by the Bear’s defense. In attempt to get on

the scoreboard, Raider Dylan Mouton attempted a 27 yard field goal. The shot

was wide to the right.

The Bears took the ball into the second quarter, but

after three plays had to punt in spite of a gain on a keeper by Douglas. Kyle

Herfurth took the QB spot and attempted a pass to Tyler Wright, the pass was

incomplete, and the Bears had to punt. The ball went deep and the Raiders took

over on their 25 yard line.

Red and Blue and Green and Gold fought hard for ten

plays. The Raider offense put pressure on the Bear defense and managed to move

the ball on the ground and in the air enough to get in scoring position. Raider

Clay Choate took the ball across the line for the first Raider score. The kick

fizzled and the score was 14-6 with 5:59 remaining in the half.

Bear Wright ran the kick back to the 42 yard line.

On the first play, Douglas was taken down for a loss of one yard. The Raider

defense pressured the Bear’s offense so hard that after four more plays the

Bears had to punt.

The Raiders possession ended after nine plays that

saw some moves on the ground some passes and a couple of penalties. The clock

ran out with no change in the score.

In the opening minutes of the second quarter things

looked rough for the Bears. Pushing hard the Raiders made enough slow gains

that there had to be a measurement after the third and sixth play for a first down. The ball was only about an inch short and the Raiders

pushed it over on the next play.

Raider QB Jordan Garanto attempted a pass, but was

intercepted by Bear Preston Wright on the Raider 47. Wright ran the ball out to

the 38 with 1:07 left in the third quarter.

In the opening minutes of the fourth quarter, Alex

Sezar scored for the Bears after only three plays making the score 21-6 after

the good PAT and leaving 8:51 on the clock.

For the next nine plays the Raiders pressured the

Bears hard. The Raiders gained some ground in spite of the hard playing Bear

defense. It took ten plays, but finally the Raiders got on the board with a TD

and a PAT to make the score 21-12.

No one knew it at the time, but the fourth quarter

would be the hardest of the game. The Raiders would fight hard trying to even

the score, then pull ahead and win. The Bears would fight just as hard to hang

onto their lead and win the game.

Douglas of the Bears opened the fourth quarter with

an outstanding run to score. The kick was blocked and the score was 27-12.

The Raiders took the ball and took off. In five

plays Raider Chase Higgins carried the ball across the goal. A good kick made

the score 27-19 with 10:40 on the clock.

Sezar ran the kick back to the 34 yard line. On the

fourth play Raider Granto picked off a Douglas pass to give the raiders


The Raiders would keep the ball for 17 plays. Each team

pressured the other hard. With 34 seconds on the clock the Raiders scored,

bringing the score to 27-25.

The Raiders needed to run the ball and make the two

point play to tie the score. The pressure was on the Bears. When play resumed

after three time outs being called, the play was going to the wide right when

Bear Sean Shehane came out of nowhere and buried the Red and Blue carrier under

his Green and Gold jersey.

The Bears had the ball for the final seconds and let

the clock run out.

The Bears are 1-0 in district and 4-0 for the

season. The Battlin’ Bears will host the Ozen Panthers in Bear

country on Sept. 30. Ozen won their district opener against Central by a score of 31-24.