The Newton County Sheriff’s office has released the name of a man who was killed while walking along a railroad track early Sunday morning. Dallen Elmore, 20, of Deweyville was walking along the Hartburg track, east of the Hwy. 87 overpass.

Elmore’s remains were found at about 10:30 am by personnel from the Kansas City Southern Railroad, who called the sheriff’s office and reported a portion of human remains.

Investigators from the Orange County, and Newton County Sheriff’s offices found the remains scattered along 250 feet of track.

According to deputies, they had been in the area earlier the same morning searching for an alleged burglar, who had attempted a break in, that happened within a half mile of the area.

A description, and the victim of the attempted break in, knew Elmore and helped I dentify him by tattoos from jail records, and NCSO investigators being able to make facial confirmation.

It is thought that Elmore had been walking back to his home, when he was struck by the previously passing train at approximately 5:00 am.

Elmore’s remains were sent to the Jefferson County Morgue for toxicology testing and other examination