A commemorative ribbon cutting will be held in recognition of the 70th anniversary of the Swing Bridge to kick off the Bridge City Heritage Festival. The ribbon cutting will take place at 9 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Cow Bayou Bridge. The gates will open for the festival on the Community Center grounds at 10 a.m. A carnival will begin on Thursday prior to the festival. The carnival rides will be unlimited on Saturday with the purchase of a bracelet. Headlining the live entertainment is country music star Britt Godwin. Bands will begin performing when the gates open with Cajun and country music, oldies, rock, religious and solo performances from area groups. The Festival will feature arts, crafts, food, games and contest, including coin toss, duck pond, ring toss, milk bottle baseball throw, plinko and cow patty throw. A beer garden is being provided by Giglio Distributing Co. of Beaumont and will be near the bandstand. Dancing will be in the pavilion.  An antique car show and silent auction will also be held. There will be something for the entire family plus it will help a good cause, the future Cow Bayou Waterfront Park. The weather should be excellent. After enduring a couple of high 90-degree days, forecasters expect a cool front to arrive late Friday setting the stage for an idyllic fall weekend. Lows falling to mid-50’s and mid-80’s for highs for the first three days of October. Rain chances and strong thunderstorms are expected next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday associated with a weak stationary front. This year’s heat is 0.5 degrees warmer than any previous year on record. The drought is expected to carry through winter and into next spring. It will be a great time at the Festival. Make plans to come out and enjoy the festivities Saturday. I plan to be there all day, eating a lot and winning prizes. See you there. For now, I best get going. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


You may recall that a year or so ago I told you that at a meeting the local Tea Party vowed to challenge candidates for local offices. First they recruited office holders to switching to the Republican Party or face opposition. The selling point is that Obama will not be very popular in Orange County and the Tea Party will push for straight party voting in order to defeat local Democrats. Qualifications have nothing to do with it; they are running strictly against Party affiliations, qualified or not.
I understand one of the top Tea Party recruiters is former Sheriff Mike White, a lifelong Democrat. Believe me, party affiliation has nothing whatsoever to do with local governing. Local office holders are not bound by the national or state platforms and have never been. For example, if the Republican national candidate wants to do away with Social Security, that has nothing to do with how a Republican would govern on a local basis. County officials vote only on local issues that effect the citizens and the well being of the county. They could care less what Washington does, Republican or Democrat. It is senseless to have opposition for the sake of opposition in local races. To make my point, we have many good officials serving as school board presidents, school board members, mayors and city councilpersons serving us well without any of us knowing if they vote Republican or Democrat in national or state elections. The most important thing, when electing county officials, is to choose good people, folks you know and believe will serve you well. In some cases, a candidate for local office will not support the national or state candidates. Straight party voting may not get the best candidates. Even if a person votes straight party, they can still vote for a candidate in the other party, so actually there is no such thing as straight party. Vote straight party for the national and state races but here at home you can vote for the best candidate. I’ll explain that later.
In Texas, Democrats in local offices, outnumber Republicans nearly two to one. In most cases they are far more conservative than the national party. I know that is the case in Orange County. Levelheaded office holders, who by law, have to be on the ballot in order to serve. Being Republican, Democrat or anything else, has little to do with local governing.
If Bill Clinton were at the top of the ticket none of this would be happening. It’s all about the guy at the top and that not right. Orange County is a well-run county in every department and Obama has nothing to do with it. It would be just as unfair to hang Rick Perry around a Republican candidate next. In the end, all this talk about straight Tea Party vote is hogwash.


Last week, in this column, I wrote about Tom having to be moved to Tennessee because of his health. My column went to press at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, 30 minutes later, at 9 p.m., Tom passed away. Services were held Saturday at First Baptist Church in Bridge City. He was a longtime active member of the church. He and wife Jane have been pillars of the Bridge City community. Tom was well respected and an overflow crowd of friends attended his funeral. Jane will be making her home in Cleveland, Tennessee, where her son Tom Jr. lives. We will always remember the contributions this fine couple made to our community. Please see obituary.


I took a trip down Bailey’s Road this weekend. Years ago I took the kids crabbing there and they still remember it today. That’s before the government decided you couldn’t let youngsters crab without a license. My thoughts turned to Richard Corder. A few years ago, he and John Dubose had visited about improvements that could be made, not only to Bailey Road, but other improvements to the area that the public could enjoy. I’m really impressed with the improvements Commissioner Dubose has been able to acquire. The Commissioner is still working on a fishing dock that families can enjoy. That was one thing he and Richard had talked about. Commissioner Dubose spent a lot of time working with the Corps of Engineers and Park and Wildlife personnel. The improvements have all been done with no cost to the citizens. A few years ago Richard had a stroke that put an end to his fishing but he will be glad that others will benefit from it.  I hope Ruth has a chance to take him out there he’ll be impressed. Commissioner Dubose has been responsible for the improvements of other road projects also.

13 Years Ago-1998

C.R. Nash is hired as administrator at Pinehurst. He was a former city manager at Bridge City. *****What’s up with the boys? Bridge City boys, Jason Mathews started for the Tennessee Oilers Sunday, Shane Dronett played the entire game for the Atlanta Falcons and Chris Cole, of West Orange Stark, made six receptions for 174 yards and three touchdowns for R.C. Slocum’s Texas Aggies. *****Tim McCorquodale dies. His grandfather was involved in the laying of the water lines under downtown Orange. Tim’s dad, Alan, expanded the family business and made “Little Giant” manufacturing known around the country. Tim and brother, Rex, continued to expand the business. Tim was 47 years old. *****Don Lyons, owner of Lyons Music Co., passed away. His wife Mary Catherine, sons Marcus, Donald and Keith, survives him. *****Spotted at Heath’s Golden Corral Wednesday were judge Grover Halliburton, judge Pete Runnels, mayor of Pinehurst, drainage manager Ron Sigler, Jack Lovett, judge Claude Wimberly, Roy Dunn, Rev. Leo Anderson and constable P.T. Thompson. *****Bill Nickum is out of ICU at St. Elizabeth after suffering from a heart problem. *****Doak Walker dies at age 71. The 1948 Heisman Trophy winner from SMU had been paralyzed in a skiing accident last Jan. 30. He helped the Detroit Lions win two championships. He is in both the college and NFL Hall of Fame. *****The Houston Chronicle for re-election endorses Judge Don Burgess, Orange Countain on the Appellate Court. *****Pretty Cindy Chauvin is driving a new Corvette. *****Bill Clark is on the radio. His real name is Lee O’Daniel Clark. Bill never meets a stranger. He was born Aug. 22, 1939, in Fairmont, Texas. His father, Newman Easel Clark Sr., was a descended from William Clark, the second signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. A fact Bill holds in high regard is that he’s a descendent from George Washington on his mother’s side. Bill was one of nine siblings. Contractor H.K. Clark is one of his brothers; Judge Pat Clark is his nephew and only child of brother Easel Jr.*****Virginia and Millard “Billy” Cox of Bridge City will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Oct. 2. A family gathering will be held at Pappadeaux’s hosted by their children, Rodney and Diana Cox and Karen and Keith Duplechin. “Billy” is retired from Texaco. They have five grandchildren. (Editor’s note: Today Millard is known as “Neighbor Cox.” He and Ms. Ginny have been married 63 years. They still make Bridge City home. A couple of great-grandchildren have been added. A great couple and good friends. We wish them many more healthy, happy years together. *****Landon Sparks turns 16 on Oct. 1. *****What is being called the greatest baseball season ever was Mark McGwire’s hitting 70 homeruns, shattering Babe Ruth and Roger Maris’ records and setting a record that may never be broken. Sammy Sosa hit 66 homers. (Editor’s note: We have learned since that McGwire’s and Sosa’s homers were not legit. One was doping, one, Sosa, put cork in his bat.)*****The Astros and the Rangers are both in the playoffs. Houston, with the Killer B’s and Randy Johnson, have a good shot at the World Series.


Brigitte Howard, Jakey Morgan, Lizzie Elms, Corey Sonnier, Scott Haggard, Sherry Mulhollan, Zack Sarver, Darryl Brinson, Mat Taylor, Peggy Derouen, Brigitte Howard, Terry Brown, Aaron Milligan, Cliff McCardle, Priscella Burns, Richard Estes, Ricky Benefield, Al Goodwin, Brandon Taylor, Debbie Tutt, Denna Elizondo, Tricia Longlois, Jacob Longlois, Martha Hankins, Robert Dale Vance, Richard Albair, Howard Fisher, Rob Strause, Jamie Freeman, Eric Covington, Jimmy Glover, Keely Guidry, Kimberly Cooper, Meg Clark, Skylar Rowley, Brandon Gerrald, Gerald Brignac, Grace Corkran, Kenton James, Tony Lummus, Glenn Ray, Jason Ray, Ann Wilkinson, Collin Stanley, Herb Spencer, J.V. Chauvin, Jo Bramhan, Regina Pounders, Logan Bonds, Sherry  Baker, Alexandra Bates, Betty Roden, Bobby Romero, Eddie Free, Judy Craig, Bonnie Swanson, Ruth Scales, Carol Kennedy, Beverly Gill, Ryan Dubose, Kyle Ezell, Lori Ess, Sarah Armand, Tricia Prosperie, Candy Hughes, Dakota Rowley, Jami Anderson, Jessica Evans and John Cardner.


I was visited by Cajun relatives over the weekend so I had to put up with LSU being ranked #1 in college football and the Saints beating the Texans. Jim Stelly and Pat Patten came to mind. They are celebrating in Heaven over the Tigers being #1 in the nation. *****Another winner is Todd Shores. He’s convinced pretty county personnel director Jill Parrish Frillou to marry him. They were wed Friday, Sept. 23. Best wishes for a long, happy, healthy life together. *****Last Thursday our Bobcat Insider, Mark Walles and wife Charlotte became grandparents again. Parker Hilton George came into the world a couple of weeks early at 6 lbs 15oz and 19 inches long. The little man in a big hurry is the second son of daughter Alayna and son-in-law K Dub. Big brother Hayden can’t wait till Parker gets to come home this week. Great-grandmother Helen Clark got to hold Parker before anyother of the grandparents.***** Tuesday Constable Precinct 1 Chris Humble was taken to St. Mary Hospital in Port Arthur. He suffered a mild stroke and is in intensive care. We don’t know any other details, but wish him a speedy recovery.*****  Harry’s Appliance is celebrating 48 years as your local appliance dealer. Harry and Margie invite you to come by, visit and check out the great bargains throughout the store. Harry services everything he sells.  Also free, same day delivery. *****A few special folks we know celebrating their special day. Justin Burchfield celebrated Sept. 27. ***Darrel Brinson, longtime editor at The Record, is a year older Sept. 28. ***Special happy birthday Sept. 28, to Fay Boudoin, Roy’s little sister from Lafayette. We know she’ll see this on TheRecordLive.com. ***Cliff McCardle, a guy we’ve known many years, marks another one Sept. 29. ***Joy Parish, a special lady I met when I was a teenager, celebrates her birthday on Sept. 29. Also on Sept. 29, Bum Phillips turns 88. Joy’s late husband, Monroe Parrish, was Bum’s uncle. This Friday Nederland/Port Neches will dedicate “Bum Phillips Way,” a stretch of road in Mid-County. ***Martha, Robert Hankin’s widow, marks another on Sept. 30. ***The guy who sleeps with Karen Jo, Robert Vance, celebrates on Sept. 30. ***Richard Albair, main chef at Peggy’s on the Bayou, is a year older Sept. 30. ***Howard Fisher and Rob Strause also celebrate on Sept. 30. ***Jason Montange is a year older Oct. 3. ***God forbid that I would forget those who celebrate birthdays Oct. 4. Bobbie Burgess, the gal that made Don famous, Don “Cochise” Shockley and Holli Hogan Harrison. ***Special birthday wishes to Jason Menard, Oct. 4, now back in the USA and stationed in Columbia, S. C. *****Happy anniversary to our friends Millard and Ginny, who celebrate 63 years on Oct. 2. *****Richard Stewart, age 63, veteran newsman and storyteller, passed away Sept. 19. His stories were refreshing, witty and entertaining. For the last 38 years he traveled for the Enterprise and Houston Chronicle. Like Leon Hale, Richard was cut from his own cloth. *****While in Omaha, Neb., Charles Atkinson kept up with home through The Record web page. Charles tells us “You can’t beat The Record’s Orange County community news.” We thank you sir. *****The best money deal I’ve seen offered anywhere is the 5.20% Fixed Annuity from MetLife. Give Clint a call to discuss the great rates at 409-832-6344-ext.12*****Gas prices at the pump are down but not as far down as they should be. Crude oil prices took a dive and at $80.20 a barrel gas at the pump shouldn’t be over $2.25. Oil companies are still making a killing at the pump. *****The springtime arrival of Hummingbirds is here. The tiny bird will stop along the way to feed then head south to Central and South America. The birds will follow the coastline. A big arrival is expected in Corpus Christi where they gather before making the long trip south. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch is dining at Robert’s this week, next week back to Novrozsky’s for lunch with Uncle Jim. Rev. Leo Anderson always gives a short blessing, no dues, and no speeches just good fellowship. Everyone is invited to join in and meet with some of the county’s best folks. Great guys and lovely ladies. *****What next? No last supper for the condemned. Now there is talk about no chewing tobacco for baseball. Chewing is rooted in baseball history. Spitting images date back to the games roots. The term “Bullpen” was derived from Bull Durham tobacco. Players chewed to generate saliva on dusty infields. When gloves came into vogue, they spit in them to keep the leather soft. It also was the lubricant of choice for the sharp, breaking pitch known as the “Spitball,” that was banned in 1920. It may be a long shot but baseball commissioner Selig is pressing to ban the practice of smokeless tobacco in the major leagues like it is in the minors. Throughout major league baseball clubhouse and dugout tobacco spit has merged into shells of sunflower seeds and bubblegum wrappers. It’s going to be pretty hard to tell a player making $4 million a year that he can’t chew. The jury is out on this one. Let the playoffs begin. I’m pulling for the Rangers.


Gwyneth Paltrow will be 39 on Sept. 28; Hilary Duff, 24 and Naomi Watts, 43.***Tom Sizemore will be 50 on Sept. 29.***Fran Drescher will be 54 on Sept. 30; Eric Stoltz, 50 and Jenna Elfman, 40.***Julie Andrews turn 76 on Oct. 1; Randy Quaid, 61 and Mark McGwire, 48.***Sting will be 60 on Oct. 2; Kelly Ripa, 41; Tiffany, 40 and Camilla Belle, 25.***Al Sharpton will be 57 on Oct. 3; Gwen Stefani, 42; India Arie, 36 and Ashlee Simpson, 27.***Susan Sarandon will be 65 on Oct. 4; Jon Secada, 50; Alicia Silverstone, 35 and Rachael Leigh Cook, 32.


Clovis Babineaux bought hisself a new lawn mower, him. His little boy Jo-Jo wanted to know, him, if he could have de ol’ one to sell it.
So Jo-Jo him, he put a sign on de ol’ mower and walk up and down de road hawking his sale, “It mow de lawn close-close, yeah, and me, I don’t want no big price fo’ it, no.”
Preacher Gaspard was riding by on his bicycle. He stop and aks Jo-Jo, “What you gonna do wit’ dat money from you mower, son?”
Jo-Jo say, “Buy me a bicycle like dat, me.”
De Rev. Gaspard, him, he had a couple of bicycle so he aks Jo-Jo if he will trade his mower for a bike. Jo-Jo try de bike out aroun’ de block an’ announce he will make de deal.
But while Jo-Jo was makin’ de roun’ Brother Gaspard, him, he was pullin’ de rope on dat mower. No matta what he do, it wouldn’t start.
He say, “Well, son, I can’t make dis mowr start up, me. How come it won’t work?”
“Yeah, it work,” Jo-Jo tell him, “You jus’ gotta cuss it.”
“No, I can’t do dat. I’m a preacher, plus it done been so long I fo’got how to cuss,” de Rev. said.
“Well,” Jo-Jo advise him, “You jus’ keep pullin’ on dat rope, it’ll come back to you.”


Well, I’ve come to the end one more time. Sometimes I amaze myself on how I manage to put a column together, starting with nothing. It may not be much of a column but I haven’t missed one in 40 years. *****To my Jewish friends, Happy Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah starts Sept. 28 at sunset and ends Sept. 30 at sunset. Yom Kippur, “Ten Days of Awe” starts sunset, Oct. 7, ending at nightfall, Oct. 8. *****I hear the Republicans are not happy with their field of candidates so they are trying to convince New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run for president. So far he’s letting them beg. When I see him on television I think about the Sopranos, it must be his Nu-Jerssy accent. He wouldn’t be a very good example for practicing good health, the guy weighs 300 pounds. Forget it, he can’t get elected, he can barely breath. Oh well, I believe in the end they will pick Mitt Romney. He would be far in the lead if it weren’t for the extreme right, right-wingers. *****Gotta go, please read us cover to cover. Have a good week. Take care and God bless.