In six man football the size of the field is different, the time of the quarter is different, it takes more yards for a first down, and anyone can catch the ball. These and a few more rules dominated the game Saturday afternoon; it was a whole new ball game, fast, intense and exciting.

Community Christian Lions took the field for the first home game ready to show the packed house crowd that they were ready to play and wanted to win the first home game. The Lions played hard and the crowd showed the enthusiasm of a Super Bowl audience.

The Chester Yellow Jackets kicked the ball. Jacob Trevino stopped the ball on the 34 yard line.

With the first and 15 situation Trevino’s pass to C.J. Wagner went incomplete. The second play was for no gain, but the third play, a pitch to Wagner was for the first touchdown with 9:00 on the clock. Brett Foster booted the ball across the cross member and the new scoreboard showed 8-0.

Yellow Jacket Sam Hubert took the kick on the 35 yard line and Chester started their drive for the goal.

On the Yellow Jacket’s first play, quarterback J.J. Cowan pitched the ball to Hubert. With an arm like a rifle, Hubert shot the ball for a long pass. It was complete, but a flag cost the Yellow Jackets the play.

The second and fifteen play resulted in a short gain. After the next two plays were fumbled, the Yellow Jackets had to punt to the Lions.

Wagner took the ball on the 13 yard line. Two plays later, a pass from Foster to Wagner gave the Lions their second goal. The PAT went wide and the score was 14-0 Lions.

Starting play on the 18 yard line, the Jackets passed a couple of times and ran a couple of times. They gained two first downs and in six plays scored their first touchdown. Hubert passed to Kevin Sanford for the PAT and the score was 14-7.

The Lions’ series started when Trevino kneeled with the ball on the 36 yard line. The third play of the series resulted in a big scramble for the ball with all 12 players involved. One of the officials was a casualty of the play, getting caught and brought down. He recovered and was ready to go back to work in short order.

Wagner moved the ball to the eight yard line. There was a fumble, but the Lions recovered. Two plays later, Wagner crossed the line for another touchdown. The PAT was wide. With 4:15 on the clock the score was 20-7.

At the end of the first quarter Chester had possession on the 36 yard line. On the fifth play of the second quarter Hubert rifled a pass to Stanford for the Yellow Jackets second score. Austin Odom scampered across for the one point PAT and the score was 20-14 with 7:26 left in the quarter.

The Lions offense hit the Yellow Jackets hard. With a pass from Foster to Alex Parrish, CCS scored, which brought the total to 26-14 at the 5:58 mark.

Yellow Jacket Trent Davis crossed the line with 3:53 on the clock. Odom took the ball across for the PAT, making the score 26-21.

Two plays after taking the kick-off, Trevino handed the ball to Jacob Alexander. CCS kept the lead with a score of 32-21. The PAT was no good.

On Chester’s fourth play, Hubert threw long. Trevino intercepted the ball and the Lions roared again.

When the fourth came about the Lions were in trouble and had to punt.

The Jackets ran three plays after the start of the second half and crossed the goal. A Hubert to Davis pass and a PAT for one point showed 32-28 on the board with 9:01 on the clock.

A pass by Wagner intercepted by Hubert gave the Yellow Jackets the ball. The Lions defense held Chester. An incomplete pass turned possession back to the Lions.

The fourth quarter started with the Jackets scoring with 9:53 on the clock and taking the lead with a 35-32 score.

Jackets kicked to the Lions, the Lions fumbled. Yellow Jackets recover for two plays until they fumble and the Lions recover.

With 7:50 on the clock, Wagner made a run to score. The PAT was no good and the score jumped to 38-32 putting the Lions back in the lead.

Stanford returned the kickoff to score and a good PAT flipped the lead back to the Jackets with a 42-38 score.

CCS took the ball and on the third play Wagner took a pitch and ran for a touchdown. The PAT was no good. The scoreboard read 44-42. Lions were leading again with 6:05 left in the game.

Lions held the Jackets until an incomplete pass gave Lions the ball.

Wagner controlled the game when he made a first down to the Jackets four yard line. Lions took a knee on the next play and let the clock run out.

“I like games better when the score is not so close. This is something to remember, the first home game against a team that used to play 11 man football,” said Strandburg. “Our guys showed a lot of heart, playing through cramps and injuries. Play got a little rough, but that is to be expected when everyone plays so hard. It was an awesome way to inaugurate this field.”.

In a special ceremony at half time the field was dedicated and named “Stewart Field,” in honor of the late Katherine Stewart, founder of CCS.