In May, Pct. 1 Commissioner, David Dubose, approached the Orange County

Commissioners’ with the idea of expanding the county’s recycling efforts at the

county landfill (on FM 1442). In Monday’s court meeting, Pct. 1 Commissioner

Dubose informed the court that bids from five vendors were available for the

Court to choose from.

At Dubose’s recommendation, the county signed a two year contract with

Waste Management, the county’s current solid waste collection provider that

will offer four additional eight yard dumpsters for Orange County residents to

recycle paper, aluminum cans, plastic and cardboard.

Orange County will pay $512 a month for the recycling program and Waste

Management will empty the recycling dumpsters twice a week. The County will be

able to revert back to the current contract should the recycling program not be

as successful as they hope it will be.

“I think we owe the citizens of Orange County an opportunity to recycle,”

Pct. 1 Commissioner Dubose said.

The County has been required to close the dump early because the

dumpsters were filling up rather quickly. These recycling dumpsters will offer

more space in the trash dumpsters if Orange County residents will use the

recycling option.

Mike Wilson with Waste Management said that compactors could be rented

by the county for $250, would hold more trash and require fewer pick-ups.

The Commissioners agreed to see how the first few weeks with the regular

trash dumpsters and new recycling dumpsters worked before renting the


It is still unclear if more personnel would be required at the landfill.

The recycling dumpsters will be available for use Wednesday.

Pct. 1 Commissioner Dubose has offered to continue to closely follow the

recycling program.

Other Business

The Commissioners issued Proclamations recognizing Saturday, Oct. 15, as

“Gulf Coast Cajun French Music Association Day” and recognizing Oct. 2-8 as “National

4-H Week.”

The total for bills paid this week is

4271,600.50, including: $95,940.25 to O.C.A.D., from the general fund for

fourth quarter funding due Oct. 1; $1,150 to Memorial Funeral Home and $2,300

to Claybar Funeral Home for indigent funeral expenses; and $10,000 to Garth

House from the general fund for community services funding.

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