What beautiful days we are having, but lying behind what appears to be great weather is a killer drought. The Houston Chronicle reported that the Houston area alone will have 66 million trees die. That probably adds up to a billion trees statewide. We are losing less than most of the state, but every day I see new evidence of trees dying. Yesterday, I saw a 100-year-old sweet gum that has given up. That’s not all; Texas farmers are losing crops all over the state. Without any water, crop losses will be in the billions. Don’t let what appears to be great weather fool you. Also, it looks like we are in for a long haul of dry weather through winter and into spring. I love trees and it saddens me to see those great trees that survived all the many storms now dying of thirst. I’ve been spending way too much time watching sports but this is my time of year. I’ve watched all the baseball playoff games and football, pro and college also. Further down I write about one baseball game of my youth. My older friends, still living, will remember it.*****Gotta move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


We were indeed sorry to hear about the death of Chris Hyde, 44, on Oct. 1. He was way too young to check out. We knew of Chris from around youth sports. He was dedicated to his boys. We always knew him to be a good guy. To his parents Bettie and Ronnie and sons Tyler and Cale, brother Curt, sister Dawn and their families, we express our sincere condolence. Please see obit.

14 Years Ago-1997

Bailey’s Fish Camp destroyed: “Bailey’s,” the 71 years old, two-story structure, built in 1926 and an historical landmark on Lake Street, in Bridge City, burned to the ground at 4:08 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 5. By 5:50 a.m. it was all over. The history of the old ferry landing is well known. It was home to the family of Mary and Henry Bailey and was opened in 1926 as a restaurant on the first floor and a dance hall on the second floor. Several generations of the family were raised there. (Editor’s note: Mary and Henry were Johnny Montagne’s grandparents and he has several cousins, Bailey offsprings, who live in the area.) The last occupant of the building was Fred Bailey. Many people stopped by to visit Fred, who always had something cooking on the stove. He made a mean gumbo with any kind of meat or seafood available and often folks had no idea what was in it.*****Rainbow Bridge Reopening: The Bridge City and Port Arthur Chambers of Commerce are hosting a rededication ceremony Wednesday, Oct. 8, for the reopening of the Rainbow Bridge. The refurbished bridge will handle southbound traffic. The bridge now has wider travel lanes. For many years it had handled only two-way traffic on the narrow bridge.*****In Other News: In his spare time Dan Cochran, who served as mayor of Orange from 1992 to 1996, is in his workshop where he pursues his hobby of hand carving duck decoys. Dan also collects old decoys from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. He took up the hobby after reading a do-it-yourself story in “Ducks Unlimited” magazine. He gave it a shot and seven years later, he’s refined his method and product. His ducks are designed as working decoys, not art. Cochran’s latest creation is a green winged teal made of cypress with the textured finish. He will donate it to “Ducks Unlimited” to be auctioned at their fundraising banquet. He donates a hand-crafted decoy each year.****Bridge City High School 1997 Homecoming Court members are freshmen Amy Broussard and Andrea Hebert, sophomores Danielle Bourque and Kelly Kyler, junior class Kristi Wood and Geni Kimbro and representing the senior class are Courtney Huckabay and Amber Wiegard.***** Amber Fontenot is named Miss Congeniality at the Miss Bridge City pageant. She is the daughter of Billy and Liz Fontenot. She is a third year Bridge City Strutter. She also is a 14-year student of Phyllis’ Dance Studio and will participate in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. (Editor’s note: I often wonder how life turned out for some of those youngsters and where life has taken them.)*****Last week Judge Carl Thibodeaux, Capt. David Peck, Constable P.T. Thompson and Todd Lindsey were spotted at Gary’s Coffee Shop while on the night watch. *****Pretty Christy Peebles was named Miss Bridge City. She is the daughter of Darlene and Mike Peebles. (Editor’s note: What became of pretty Darlene and wild Mike, owners of “Yellow Rose Barbecue” anyway? Their son, Matt, was a Bridge City football star who played for New Mexico.*****The lovely Little Cypress-Mauriceville homecoming queen is Kristen Fall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lanston Fall.*****Homecoming queen for West Orange-Stark is April Enard, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Victor Enard. Victor serves on the school board and is a former Mustang and college star football player.*****Louis Dugas’ brother, Gerald Dugas, is now grandfather to twins. His daughter Kim and husband Davin Peveto welcome Zane Rex Peveto and Kane Willy Peveto. (Editor’s note: Most folks didn’t know Lou had Dugas siblings, just Broussard. His brother Gerald was in poor health and I’m not sure if he’s still around Vinton. The twins are now 14.)*****Mauriceville National Bank opens a new branch in McLewis.*****The 1997-1998 Orangefield cheerleaders are Lacy Longron, Mindy Granger, Ashley Boehme, Dena Green, Katie Hannegan, Karen Holbrook, Ashley Windham and Suze Belt. Mascots are Jessica Terry and Nicole Hebert.***** First Realty agents are T.F. “Sleepy” Smith, Lou Givens, Joyce Kleinknecht, Betty Derrick, Teri Wallace, Richard Herrington and Liz Hanley.


Kevin Staudenmier, Tyler Miller, Brad Lanthier, Darlene Stephens, Elicia Dillon, Glenn Heil, Jared Dillon, Kay Bilbo, Jerald Ziller, Jimmy Smith, Mildred Gammage, Samual Woodall, Lori Harmon, Barbara Angelle, Cathye Liepy, Charlie Dorman, Inell Lingan, Connie Elkins, Mary Moore, Joby Brown, Elizabeth VanMetre, Nancy Amsden, Ronnie Halliburton, Sandy Frye, Shelly Rose, Blaine Huff, Connie Bland, May Campbell, Darrell Fisher, Larry Welch, Lisa Havens, Betty Stimac, Robert Love, Susan Ayre, Will Stout, Kirsten Perricone, Linda Myers, Logan Conner, Mark Prevost, Megan Benoit, Steve Kidwell, Imogene Bailey, Taylor Jagoe, Barbara Fournier, Bob Bullard, Janell Matthews, Jenny Betz, Jessica Franklin, Jenny Betz, Anita Ryan, Laura Allen, Preston Pittman, Sadie Sellers, Shannon Maloney, Alan Johansson, Barabara Nixon, John Cochran, Katherine Jackson and Leslie Anderson.


The Heritage Festival, held in Bridge City, had a great turnout thanks to a lot of work by some very dedicated folks, determined to make it a success.  Plans are underway to make the festival an annual affair. Proceeds will go to the building of the — at the foot of the historical swing bridge.*****Thursday of next week, the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce will put on a fun event and fund raiser. A celebrity roast will cook Giesla Houseman at the hands of some friends who vow to tell all. Make plans to attend.*****A few good folks we know who will celebrate their special day this week. On Oct. 5, longtime friend Percy Bordelon will turn 91. Percy and his buddy “Mac” McCullough, who turns 90 Oct. 10, will celebrate their birthdays together Saturday.***Insurance man, Port Director and our buddy, Jimmy Smith, celebrates Oct. 6.***A great youngster Jared Dillion turns 21, on Oct. 5.***Other approaching birthdays  are Troy “The Fisherman” Woodall, lovely Lou Raburn, Dr. Albert “your pet’s best friend” Pugh, Robert “Catfish” Vail, Mike “The Drifter” VanBreeman, “Second baseman” Hunter Hays and “All around athlete” Cody Sparks. Happy birthday to all.***
By the way, Tony Fuslier marked a birthday Monday and his sweet little wife put on a big, bad barbecue party for him last Sunday. Tony lucked out when he got that gal. Besides being a great Cajun cook she takes care of that old man.***Also on Monday, our friend Yank Peveto celebrated his birthday. That guy is kin to half of Orange County and among his cousins are Tommy Gunn and Al and Dean Granger.*****A story you don’t want to miss in this issue is about our 93-year-old friend Wilson “King” Dunn, who is recording the early history of the people, places and happenings in the Mauriceville area. The account also includes tales of the life he has traveled. This week, we bring his recollections of the cattle industry and a dipping vat that still exist on his property. I’m not sure if the recollections will appear in both newspapers or only in the County Record but we know you’ll enjoy reading them. We thank King for this contribution.*****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant, who brings home the bacon when he trots out to attempt a field goal for the Atlanta Falcons, has a perfect day Sunday in the Falcons’ 30-28 win over West Orange-Stark’s star Earl Thomas and the Sea Hawks. Matt hit a 50-yarder on his way to three field goals and three extra points for the day. Someday Bridge City will do something to recognize this homeboy’s accomplishments. Last week, a Chinese food delivery guy, after making the delivery, helped himself to Matt’s golf clubs. The thief traded the expensive clubs on line for Ecstasy pills. Most of the clubs were recovered but an expensive Scotty Cameron putter is still missing. *****Our Bridge City buddy, Keith Carter, has been battling throat cancer. Outside of the Chemo making him sick, he says he’s winning the battle. We wish this good guy continued improvement.*****Meanwhile, our lifelong friend Doug Harrington, fighting throat cancer also, is doing quite well. He’ll be taking daily radiation until Nov. 10. He and Regina are living out of a motel and motels are not as much fun as they once were. Best to our friend.*****Judge David Peck and his father-in-law, Pappy, were in Bridge City Saturday morning for chicken fried steak when a car hit the ass-end of his pickup real hard. Now everyone who knows the Judge knows that his pickup truck is second only to Patsy. It was a three-way wreck. The Judge is feeling aches but Pappy may not have faired as well. *****A big, sigh of relief came from Romney and Perry when “Big Boy” Chris Christie announced he wouldn’t run in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, Rick Perry’s onion keeps getting peeled and more to go. A real sleeper would be for whoever gets the nomination, I believe it will be Romney, to name Herman Cain as a running  mate for vice-president.*****Betty Harmon always plans weekend trips and tells Corky at the last minute where they are going. Last weekend, they took in the big restaurant in Lake Arthur then traveled down Hwy. 14 to Abbeville. The only thing is they took the loop and they missed the two unique squares downtown. They spent the rest of the weekend in Lafayette, she shopping, he watching.*****If you’re a bow hunter, or would like to be, our friend Butch Thurman has a first class, never used bow for sale. Save a bunch with this great bargain. Call Butch at 409-626-2177. *****Constable Chris Humble has returned to work after being hospitalized last week. *****Hank Williams Jr. needs to stay away from that bunch at FOX News. Those are not the right kind of rowdy friends he should hang with.***** The Orange County Livestock Show will be held Saturday, Oct. 15, in Mauriceville. Come out and enjoy a live auction and many other great happenings.***** Our buddy Nancy Vincent recently lost her sister Joyce to lung cancer. She says, “If you are still smoking, please seriously consider quitting.” Her sister lasted only 74 days after being diagnosed.


I recall very well the occurrence of Oct. 3, 60 years ago. A group of us were listening to the New York Giants/Brooklyn Dodgers game in the football locker room. We didn’t really have locker rooms in those days however, only hooks on the wall. No one stole, plus no one had anything worth stealing. Anyway, over the years, when us old guys get together, we always talked about “That Game.’ The Dodgers and Giants had finished the season tied so they played a tiebreaker, the best of three games. The Giants won the first game at Ebbets Field. The Dodgers won the second game. In the third game, Giants pitcher faced Brooklyn’s Don Newcombe. Jackie Robinson singled home Pee Wee Reese for the first run. In the seventh inning, Bobby Thomson tied the game with a sacrifice fly. In the eight, the Dodgers got to Maglie for three runs and led 4-1.  Most of us boys were Dodger fans and were celebrating. Headed to the bottom of the ninth, Giant shortstop Alvin Dark got a hit, another single followed and Dark made it to third base with the tying run at the plate, Irvin popped out. A double scored Dark advancing Mueller to third. He broke his ankle on the slide and the Dodgers put in Clint Hartung as pitch runner. The Dodgers replaced Newcombe with Ralph Branca, who Thomson had hit several homeruns off of that season. Branca threw a strike. The next pitch Thomson clobbered the ball down left field. Everything got quite in the locker room. The announcer said “Going, Going, Gone.” The ball landed in the stands, with one swing of the bat Thomson won the pennant. It became known as “The Shot Heard Around the World.” Waiting on deck was rookie Willie Mays. I don’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday but that game, in 1951, is burned in my memory thanks to a small box radio with a long ground wire.


On Oct. 5, Daniel Baldwin will be 51; Kate Winslet, 36; and Nicky Hilton, 26.***Elizabeth Shue will be 48 on Oct. 6.***On Oct. 7, Simon Cowell will be 52; Yo-Yo Ma, 56; Toni Braxton, 44; Rachel McAdams, 35 and Shawn Ashmore, 32.***Oct. 8, Jesse Jackson will be 70; Chevy Chase, 68; Sigourney Weaver will be 62; Matt Damon, 41***On Oct. 9, Sharon Osbourne will be 59; Scott Bakula, 57 and Zachery Ty Bryan, 30.***Oct. 10, Tanya Tucker will be 53; Brett Favre, 42; David Lee Roth, 57; Mario Lopez, 38 and Dale Earnhardt Jr., 37.***On Oct. 11, Joan Cusack will be 49; Luke Perry, 45 and Emily Deschanel, 35.


Wen Sostan walk into Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill he saw Tee-Boy behind da bar. Sostan say to him, “Tee-Boy, pour me a stiff one, I jus had anotter fight wit Sugar Bee.”
“Oh yeah, say Tee-Boy, and how did dis one end?”
Sostan say, “Wen it was over wit’ da little wife came to me on her hands and knees.”
“Really, said Tee-Boy, now dats a switch.”
“Wat did she say her?”
She said, “Come out from under dat bed you little no good, Cajun, coward.”


We live in the greatest country on earth. We are the best, in the worst of times. Right now we are going through some tough times and these hard times didn’t arrive over night. It started going down the tube a few years ago, then it really got to be a mess, from unnecessary wars to an economy that was losing 700,000 jobs a month, eight million in all and a national debt that doubled from $5.6 trillion to $11 trillion in eight years. No one could turn such a disaster around over night or in just a few years. The economy, while still sluggish, is still in growth mode, jobless claims fell by 37,000 last week, gasoline prices continue to fall. Not great, but with the GDP up 4 percent, there is a ray of sunshine. If the Congress would pitch in and want to assist, some positive results would happen, like turning the auto industry around. The biggest problem is speaker of the house John Boehner can’t deliver. The Tea Party is holding he and the country hostage. I believe their extreme say “No” attitude will hurt any Republican candidate next fall. The problem is on Obama’s watch but he can’t clean this mess alone.*****Read us from cover to cover and check out all the great ads. Take care and God bless.