game between the Community Christian Lions and the team from Bellville

Christian School has been cancelled. Bellville has too many team members not

fully recovered from recent injuries in past games.


called us and forfeited the game due to a situation with injuries. We are

obviously disappointed in having to cancel a game, especially a home game, but

these things happen when you have teams with a small number of players. I had

checked the stats on this team and I believe it would have been a game we could

have gotten all of the boys more involved in,” said Adam Standberg, Lions Head

Coach. “I guess it is good for us too to have a week off, it will give us

another week to recover from some hard hits we took in the game against


The forfeit

will give the Lions a record of 3-0 in district play and will advance them to

the playoffs.

On October

15, the Lions will face Christian Life Center of Humble on Stewart Field at

4:00 p.m. The Lions final home game will be October 29 against Tomball