In collaboration with Orangefield Independent School District, the Orange County Master Gardeners and AgriLIFE extension have built a greenhouse at Jewel Cormier Park, which is located on Farm Road 1442. The greenhouse and two additional structures to be covered with shade cloth will be used for various horticulture projects including classes on propagation and vegetable gardening.

A dedication of the new greenhouse will be held next week at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 12, at the park.

As part of the dedication, Peter Kukielski, curator of the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden in New York will offer a lecture “Re-thinking the Rose Garden- Roses without Chemicals.”

Kukielski will also be signing his book, “The Sustainable Rose Garden.”

“The Master Gardeners are taking the lead and really put a lot of effort into [the greenhouse project],” said Roy Stanford, Orange County AgriLIFE extension agent. “This project is supposed to help educate the public and the Master Gardeners on doing horticulture programs. What we hope is some of the teachers at Orangefield ISD will use it as a resource in some of their educational projects and stuff.”

Stanford said the dedication will recognize people that have donated time and materials in getting the project underway. “It’s ready to come on line and almost ready to put some plants in there.” He said a lot of effort went into designing and constructing it, including designing the irrigation system and putting plastic over the top.

“I think it’s Gold Coast Electric that donated some electric supplies and got that installed for us,” said Stanford. “

“We’ll be doing lots of different things related to propagation and hopefully, we can support some of the Jr. Master Gardener programs in the county. Hopefully we’ll get some interest there in the Orangefield community for some horticulture programs that we can get out there,” said Stanford.

The location of the greenhouse will also be convenient to AgriLIFE. When construction of the “Shelter of Last Resort” is completed further down on FM 1442, the extension office will be moved to that location.

“There’s a lot of exciting things going on. We’ve been able to work with Orangefield ISD and partner with them. I think that’s really going to be a big benefit to the community of Orangefield and the county.

“One structure we are using as a greenhouse and then two other structures will be covered with shade cloth. Those, we can grow plants underneath them, but they are not a totally controlled environment. Just whatever temperature is outside it is, but they have some shading from the harsh sun.”

“We want to teach people how to propagate plants and how to grow a vegetable garden and other horticulture type things,” said Stanford.

“We hope to do a lot of things [at Jewel Cormier Park]. They have the pavilion and they have restrooms, so I’m real excited about that, but there is no classroom so for some of the classroom type stuff we’ll have to go other places,” said Stanford.

“I think the story needs to be shared and get people excited about it and get them to come out and see what we do out there,” said Stanford.

Cost for the event is $10. Master Gardeners will have some roses available for sell that day that are not readily available in this area. Kukielski’s book “The Sustainable Rose Garden will also be available for purchase after the lecture.

The event is open to the public. No reservations are required.

Jewel Cormier Park is located at 8235 FM 1442, next to the railroad tracks.

For more information contact the AgriLIFE extension office at 409-882-7010.

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