Saturday evening, Orange police were dispatched to the lobby of the Ramada Inn, in the 2600 block of IH-10. Officer Marcus Bernard responded to the disturbance call. Officer Bernard met with Randy Slaughter 44, who was a guest at the hotel. Slaughter told police that someone had been trying to enter his room throughout the evening.

After speaking with hotel staff, they advised that they wished Slaughter to leave the property. Officer Bernard asked, and received consent to search the room by hotel staff, and Slaughter.

Upon entering the room, police observed a small syringe, containing an unknown brown liquid, lying on the sink counter. There was no one in the room when police entered.

Slaughter told police he was not aware of the syringe being there. The syringe was taken into evidence and liquid is being tested to determine if it is an illegal substance

Slaughter was issued a trespass warning from the hotel staff.