It’s come on a full moon, the sky is clear, 68 degrees on this early October morning. A good rain still escapes us but a quarter-inch shower was nice. A benefit to the surface plants canceling a few days of watering. I’m afraid the drought will resume, so if you need to burn do it now while there is no burn ban. Be careful, there is still a very high fire danger. *** I want to take the opportunity to thank all the good people in our advertising family who support your community newspaper. Patronize them when you can. They bring you this publication absolutely free. *** Big thanks also to all the wonderful people who are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Hopefully, someday we will lick the cancer that is taking so many of our women and more men than you would believe. ***While I’m thanking, I want to thank our reading public who help us by letting us know about stories that deserve publishing. We are always looking for stories about the home folks so please let us know. A special thanks to all our boosters. So many of you talk about our paper and our staff is showered with compliments everywhere they go. That really makes our work bringing you a community newspaper worthwhile. We deeply appreciate you. *****Well, time has come for me to move on. Why don’t you hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


A prescription for more mileage with hay-my qualification-with no help from a pharmacist.
1. Having owned and nurtured some cattle bruits since 1931.
2. Figured cattle feeding rations for 50 years.
3. Restaurant feeding business for 40 years.
4. After careful book and ration research, with common sense, you can get more from your hay.
1. Mix Alum, in minerals, to shrink animal stomachs.
2. Sprinkle hay with yeast to swell the hay.
3. Plenty of water to make hay yeast rise.
P.S. Pass formula to neighbors for good will. A chuckle is always appropriate for problems.
Thanks, JB
(Editor’s note: We asked Arrington for his advice on hay problems and the above is what we got. We hope it works for you.)

8 Years Ago-2003

The Orangefield Bobcats, 30-point underdogs against Anahuac, under the direction of Coach Kevin Flanigan and Bobcat quarterback John Modica, pulled a 31-14 upset to remain undefeated. *****Bridge City “Big Red” rips Hardin Jefferson 23-13. Jason Montagne led the defensive assault on HJ holding the Hawks to only 112 total yards. *****The Record’s players of the week are Kerry Franks, WO-S, Blaine Callier, LC-M, Jason Montagne, B.C. and John Modica, OF. *****Cody Richard, 14 and Derick Buford, 13 recently advanced to the Gulf Coast Silver Gloves Regionals. Richard fights in the 132-pound class, Bufford, also in the 132-pound class, in a different age group. *****Don and Elaine Granger celebrated 50 years of marriage on Oct. 10. *****Rush Limbaugh, caught on felony drug charges, was getting thousands of pills for his drug habit by using several doctors for prescriptions, plus having others obtain pills for him. *****Jeremy Scott Ware, former Bridge City student, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from A&M.

33 Years Ago-1978

Jim Stelly is president of the Greater Orange Chamber of Commerce. *****A petition for a countywide ambulance service is being circulated. *****W.T. “Boss Cajun” Oliver is in California for a meeting with Bob Hope to finalize plans for a statewide television telethon. Proceeds will benefit the new Bob Hope High School for Crippled Children. *****Scott and Donna Faircloth are the proud parents of a new baby boy. Lee Scott Faircloth III. *****Darlene Adams is Orangefield Homecoming Queen. Bridge City Homecoming Queen is Melanie Ledoux. *****Cardinal Karolwojtyla, 58, of Krakov, Poland, is named new Pontiff John Paul II. He is the first non-Italian Pope since 1583. *****The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Band Booster Club recently sponsored a fundraiser with music by Don Williams and the Oakridge Boys held at Bear Stadium. This year the Oaks were named “Entertainers of the Year” and “Top Vocal Group.”***** Other country award winners were Ronnie Millsap, Kenny Rogers, Dottie West, The Kendalls, Roy Clark and Crystal Gale. Dolly Parton was named “Entertainer of the Year.”

38 Years Ago-1973

Monsignor Joseph O. Berberick, St. Mary’s “Father Joe” is in his 36th year tenure at the church. He arrived on Friday, March 13, 1937. Father Joe was ordained on Sept. 22, 1928. He was sent to the Orange Oilfield to establish a Catholic Church. He opened the church in a shack belonging to Oscar Chesson, founder of the first oilfield gusher called “The Wonder Well.” One Sunday, Father Joe told his congregation, “We’ll stay here forever but perhaps if this old building burned down we could then find another.” That same Sunday night a fire destroyed the shack. Father Joe said, “Perhaps it was the hand of God.”*****Harry Stephens has two Dune Buggies plus a Volkswagen and none are running. He even had “Tee Bruce” work on them. That might be part of the problem. *****Cindi Campbell is crowned West Orange Chief homecoming queen. West Orange lost 21-20 to Charlton Pollard. ***** In the first five games of the season the Bridge City Cards’ “Wild Bunch” defense is still unscored on. Only one of three teams in the state holds that record.  Lanston Fall, Mark Dunn, Kenny Brown and the “Wild Bunch” coached by Chief Wilson, are said to be the best team since the 1966 state championship team. (Editor’s note: That was Wilson’s last season. He had expected to go to the state playoffs with this team. Best I remember, in a controversial called game in Jasper, the Bulldogs tied Bridge City 14-14. Bridge City went undefeated until losing to West Orange in the last game of the season. West Orange, with one loss, advanced. Bridge City, the previous year, had done the same to West Orange. Only one team could go to the playoffs back then.”*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears, coached by Jim Crossland, has only one loss.


Tara Edgerton, Miltion Briggs III, Sharon Bilbo, Suzanne Barlow, Wade Higgs, Timothy Tremont,Brad Lapeyrolerie, Janet Taliaferro, Logan Burns, Sheri Wright, Alexia Willingham, Anita Triggs, Ashley Theriot, Edna Collins, Jason Sellers, John Heyduck, Eloise Stewart, Martha Kile, Ronny Arnold, Stacy Rhodes, Trey Miller, Dillon Crabtree, Eunice Barrett, Jerry Evans, Olivia Hubbard, Shirley Hudson, Becky Lafleur, Sue Freeman, Kory Freeman, Jennifer Peveto, C.J. Benoit, Sonny Childs, Sue Freeman, Kory Freeman, Suzanne Miller, Allison LeBlanc, Derek Borel, Eleanor Dahl, Morgan Lamb, Nancy Newton, Wayne Mulhollan, C.J. Larkin Jr., Barbara Harmon, Brad Brown, Christopher Brown, Edneshia Johnson, Channing Larkin, Gene McKinley, Linda Heard, Glinda Gomez, Pam Bowman, David Sargent, Harry Stephens, James Brown, Jeff Braus, Johnny Dubose, Linda Nicks, Rachel Tisdale, Sue Collins, Wesley Palmer, Bebe Ricks, Bob Puntes, Cheryl Royal, Evelyn Nobles, Lynn Bates, Mary Everett, Mary Kendrick, Penny Becker, Tom Taliaferro, Bill Andes, Dina Defrates, Emily Hughes, Frank Fraccastoro and Griffin Lemley.


I’m glad to report that Constable Chris Humble didn’t have a stroke. He probably had just some of that crazy dizziness stuff that was going around. *****Our lifetime friend, Ruby Pickard, is now a resident of The Meadows. Meanwhile, John is still at home in the Cove. Ms. Ruby did so much for others over her lifetime, especially for filling many wishes of those who were leaving this earth. She is just a great, wonderful lady. I’m sure she would be glad to hear from her friends. *****Our own Edith “Edee” Pratt will also be at The Meadows for rehab. We wish this good lady God’s speed and complete recovery. *****The Bridge City Chamber will roast Giesla Houseman at the bi-annual fundraiser Thursday, Oct. 13. It will be a fun night. Mrs. Houseman contributes a lot to our community. Honor her by coming out. *****Special folks celebrating their special day are Harry Stephens, who is a year older on Oct. 14. Roy has written about his friend in his Down Life’s Highway column. ***Also the big day for Judge Carl Thibodeaux is this Saturday, Oct. 15. I can’t believe I’ve known that guy since he was in his mid 20’s. He hasn’t changed much; he still says what’s on his mind. ***Johnny Dubose, who just the other day was a snotty-nose kid, will celebrate another birthday on Oct. 17. Makes John and Joyce feel older. ***A gal never lost for words that we have known well over 50 years, Sue Collins, celebrates her birthday Oct. 17. We wish them all the best in the years to come. *****On Oct. 18, Lamar Orange will present Eugene Robinson as speaker at their Distinguished Lecture Series. The event will be held at the Lutcher Theater, 6:30 p.m. The lecture is free to the public. Robinson is an award-winning columnist for the Washington Post. I read his columns when I can but I also catch him often on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show. He has a good personality and tells it the way he sees it. At Lamar he will speak on “Who’s Up and Who’s Down and What’s Really Going On.” Make it if you can, you will enjoy hearing this Pulitzer Prize winner. *****We were sorry to hear about the death of Margie Baxter Davis, 58, who died Sept. 30. She was the daughter of Gordon and Mary Baxter. We had known Margie since she was a child. She and her husband Bill lived in Leakey, Texas. A service will be held Saturday, Oct. 15 at 12 p.m. at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, in Beaumont. Our condolences to Bill, daughter Margo and her family, many siblings and their families and stepmother Diane. *****Even though it is last week’s news, I would be remise not to mention the death of Steve Jobs, 56, who died of cancer Oct. 5, after an eight year battle. People around the world reflected on his many achievements. He was a visionary that changed the very fabric of our lives and how we communicate in this digital age, which he helped to create through Apple and his 300+ patents. Quoting from his 2005 commencement address at Stanford, after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Jobs said, “No one wants to die, even people who want to go to Heaven don’t want to die to go there yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped and that is because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is a life-changing event. Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. Most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Another Job’s quote in the Wall Street Journal, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying you’ve done something wonderful—that’s what matters to me.” He started out in a garage and that story, in an authorized biography of Steve Jobs, is already number one and won’t be released until Oct. 24 by Simon and Schuster. I personally saw a grown man cry, a doctor, over the death of Jobs when he remembered what all Steve had given the world and the medical profession. Maybe he was the greatest inventor of all times. He will be compared to Thomas Edison. *****On the lighter side, in other happenings, won’t Paul McCartney ever learn? He took another young bride, Nancy Shevell, 51, as his third but with no pre-nuptial again. The last one cost him many millions for a couple years of loving. Nancy is a wealthy woman on her own.*****Speaking of loving, last week Dow Gene Anderson and his lovely Charlotte celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. “Boo-Boo” made arrangements for them to spend the weekend in the honeymoon suite of a Galveston hotel.  On their return she was seen running around, full of pep, while poor Dow was creeping along with the help of a walking stick. Beats a wheelchair. Happy anniversary to these good friends and great couple. *****Sarah Palin not running was a given. We predicted it a year ago. She always has been in it for the money and she makes a bunch. She’s smart but her price and demand will drop. Watch for Perry to follow suit when his door to the big house shuts. He will make plenty of money on the talking circuit. ***** I wondered how long it would take before a Perry supporter would bring to question Romney’s religion, calling his Mormon faith a cult.  That’s a Perry trademark. He never says it but he gets it out. He’s done it to everyone he’s run against, just ask Kay Bailey. Romney is an honorable man who loves his country. I disagree with many of his policies but his faith has nothing to do with it. The radicals did the same to John F. Kennedy, accusing him of worshiping statues. When it comes to class, the two candidates don’t compare. Also, one is rich and the other wants to be. *****I met an interesting lady last week. Jackie Huckabay is a Bridge City resident, born in Abbeville. She is doing extensive research on Vermillion Parish and the Nunez family. Her great-great-grandfather was a state and U.S. senator from Abbeville back in the late 1800’s. *****Breaux and Creaux’s tip of the week. Use air freshener to clean mirrors. It does a good job and leaves a lovely smell to the shine. *****To the lady who wants to know what couche-couche, pronounced (koosh-koosh) is? Well, it’s a very popular breakfast food that all Cajun kids were raised on. It’s made by frying or mostly smothering cornmeal in an iron pot. Use a small amount of cooking oil, a little salt and a lot of stirring. Enjoy with milk or pure cane syrup. It will stick to your ribs and get you off on a good day, even though some Cajuns even eat it for supper. *****Speaking of eating, the Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s next week. Anyone not showing up will be marked absent. Chief Jerry Wimberly has promised not to be egging Donna Scales on. She doesn’t need it. Everyone is welcome. *****Ms. Pearl has written a poem honoring her friends Percy Berdelon, 91, and Mac McCallough, 90. They celebrated their birthdays over the weekend. *****I’ve really been enjoying the baseball playoffs. Pulling for the Rangers of course. I think it would be neat to have a Ranger-Cardinal World Series. There have been some great games. We had a break from having to watch the Cowboys last weekend. I feel for them having to face Tom Brady and the Patriots Sunday. Could be another long day. The Texas Longhorns and Aggies are disappointing as well. There however, is a load of good high school games this week. Support the local boys and attend a game while the weather is good.


On Oct. 12, Hugh Jackman will be 43; Kirk Cameron 40; and Bode Miller 34.***Sammy Hagar will be 64 on Oct. 13. Joining him on that special day, Marie Osmond will be 52; Jerry Rice 49; Kelly Preston 49; Kate Walsh will be 44 and Ashanti reaches 31.***Oct. 14 is Ralph Lauren’s birthday. He’ll be 72. Joining him are Jon Seda 41 and Usher 33.***Oct. 15 Penny Marshall turns 69; Sarah Ferguson 52; Ginuwine 39; and Keyshia Cole 30.***Angela Lansbury will be 86 on Oct. 16. Joining her are: Suzanne Somers 65; Tim Robbins 53; and John Mayer 34.*** Oct. 17 is the birthday of Alan Jackson 53; Norm Macdonald 48; Eminem 39; Wyclef Jean 39; and Nick Cannon 31.***Martina Navratilova turns 55 on Oct. 18. Also sharing that date are Jean-Claude van Damme 51; Wesley Jonathan 33; Ne-Yo, 29; and Zac Efron, 24.


Father Morseaux, da parish priest at Breaux Bridge, was driving down IH-10 to New Orleans. Jus pas da Atchafalya Basin, a few miles from Baton Rouge, he was stopped by a Louisiana State Trooper for speeding. Da trooper him, smelled alcohol on da priests breathe and den he see a half empty wine bottle on da floor.
Da Trooper axe, “Sir, have you been drinking?”
Father Morseaux say, “Mais, jus some water, jus water officer.”
Da Trooper says, “Well, den why do I smell wine hanh?”
Da priest him, look at dat bottle and say, “Good Lord! Well, I’ll be darn, he’s done it again.”


United States Attorney General Holder announces, with the help of a Mexican cartel, that two men were charged with conspiracy to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. The case was made in Texas, using U.S. drug agents infiltertaiting Mexican drug gang. The plot was state sponsored by Iranian government with $1.5 million. Working through the Iran QODS group of terrorist. *****Gov. Chris Christie endorses Mitt Romney for president. Meanwhile, the media keep peeling back the Perry onion. The latest in the New York Times. It’s unlikely he will even be invited to run as a vice-president on any ticket. However, money and the radical right will keep his game going for some time. *****Don’t forget the country’s biggest Scarecrow Festival at Shangri La on Oct. 18. You’ll be amazed. *****Also I hear from our friend George, at David Self Tractor in Buna, that he is having a big “Hunters Special” sale. If you don’t tell David, he’ll give you a free brush hog with any tractor you purchase. Now is a good time to visit that old country boy. Well, I gotta get out of here. One more week down. To the boss we say clear sailing on smooth water. Take care and God bless.