DPS commends local and federal law enforcement agencies in Texas for seizing over $8 billion in drugs and cash


2006, 18 Texas Border Sheriffs banded together under Operation

Linebacker to combat Mexican Cartel smuggling in their counties. This

initiative was expanded under Operation Border Star to combine forces

with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 65 police departments, 53

border and coastal counties, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Military

Forces, U.S. Coast Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety



combined effort has prevented over 6.9 million pounds of marijuana;

73,428 pounds of cocaine; 1,737 pounds of heroin; and 5,987 pounds of

methamphetamine from being sold and used in communities throughout the

nation. It has also denied the Mexican Cartels and the gangs that

support them over $8.4 billion in drug profits since this initiative

began in April 2006 and $219 million in cash seized while en route to Mexico. Local and state officers also turned over 56,041 suspected Illegal Aliens to the U.S. Border Patrol.


abuse not only robs the souls of our citizens, it empowers the Mexican

Cartels with billions of dollars in cash to battle each other and the

Government of Mexico which has resulted in the deaths of over 40,000

people thus far,” said Steven C. McCraw, DPS Director.


day, deputies, police officers, Border Patrol Agents and state law

enforcement officers in the border region of Texas risk their lives to

protect Texas and the nation from the Mexican Cartels and transnational



Mexican Cartels have become increasingly confrontational with law

enforcement in Texas; shooting at local, state and federal officers

along the Rio Grande River,

and leading officers in over 1,928 high speed chases, deploying

caltrops (spikes) 77 times to disable U.S. patrol cars and there have

been 60 incidents in which Mexican Cartel boat recovery teams confronted

U.S. law enforcement officers on the Texas side of the Rio Grande