Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Oct. 14, 15. 16, and the morning of Oct. 17:

Aggravated assault, non-family, firearm, 4407 27th

Alcohol, 600 Strickland

Assist other agency, IH-10 W.

Assist public, 909 Texas

Burglary, forced entry, non-residence,3904 Tulane

Burglary, forced entry, non-residence, 1717 16h St.

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 1015 2nd

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 111 Pine

Class A, family violence, 1005 W. Main

Cocaine, possession, 20th and Barkins

Cocaine, possession, 3rd and Hickory

Cocaine, possession, 1200 block John

Cocaine, possession, 3800 N. 16th St.

Damaged property, other, 1012 College

Disorderly conduct, Navy Park

Fail to ID, Navy Park

Family offense, other, 3632 Bowling Ln.

Fire alarm, 6765 FM 1130

Fraud, illegal use credit cards, 901 Dupont

Hit/Run, vehicle damage, 600 Strickland

Interference with 911 call, 1005 W. Main

Marijuana, possession, 1200 block John

Marijuana, possession, 20th and Barkins

Marijuana, possession, N. Farragut at Simmons

Other controlled substances, N. Farragut at Simmons

Other controlled substances, 1200 block John

Other public service, 12 Circle E

Simple assault, 1402 5th St.

Terroristic threat, 1015 2nd

Theft, other, 1110 17th

Theft, other, 807 W. Park Ave./Rear

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 2200 6th

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, Simmons and IH-10

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 16th and Link

Traffic, other, N.B. on Dupont Dr.

Unattended death, 1038 Polk

Warrant service, 205 Border

Warrant service, 3800 N. 16th St.

Warrant service, N. Farragut at Simmons

Warrant service, 1000 Elm

Warrant service, Bob Hall, near Allie Payne