Well, I believe we can say goodbye to summer. The northwest blew in at a good clip and the temperatures dropped 30 degrees. It makes for high fire danger. My birds are all gone. I wondered if it was just my birds so I contacted Joyce Dowdle, who feeds many varieties in a homemade feeder made out of an old satellite dish. I stole her idea about the feeder but she tells me her birds are gone also. Where did they go?*****Good luck to the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears at homecoming. The game of the week will be the shootout between the Bridge City Cardinals and West Orange-Stark Mustangs Friday night at Dan Hooks stadium. I wouldn’t bet on this one but whoever wins will take a big step towards the district championship. It’s been many more years than I can remember since Bridge City beat the Mustangs but they have their best shot in years.*****I’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Load up and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


By and large, local governments do a good job of administrating and keeping a good work force of dedicated employees. No one does better at it then our county government, so it was shocking to many when a political party called for the annual two and a half-hour department Christmas party be done away with. Republican chairperson and Orange County Tea Party founder, Trudy Pellerin, put it this way in her presentation to the court. “This is like a thorn in my side.” Cullin Smith said, “Employees are getting paid to work.” This all stems from employees bringing a covered dish, drinks, etc. and sharing the Christmas spirit together for a little while. To object to that is carrying radical views to an extreme. I’m afraid this won’t be the last time the obstructionist will be trying to intimidate. It’s their M.O. You know, just say “NO” even to the silliest argument. It was no surprise to me as I’ve been observing Commissioner Jody Crump’s actions since he took office. The Tea Party in Vidor, where their base is, elected Jody over a weak candidate and now he’s beholden to them. It seems to me, the Tea Party sets his agenda and he carries it out. No doubt they have their hooks in him. I don’t believe, on his own, Jody would vote to take away an employee Christmas party. I suspect this won’t be the last time you hear from these folks on the most minute things and Jody will keep carrying their water and voting no to everything they want him to. Just like he did on the agenda item. It’s a move to disrupt a smooth running court. I hope it’s not a sign that we are going back to times of past years when meetings lasted three or four hours with nit-picking and accomplishing little. We commend Commissioner David Dubose, who recently switched to the Republican Party. He expressed the views of the mainstream Republican establishment. It was a non-issue that should have been without regards. Jody would have expressed the same views if he could have. Just watch how he votes you’ll get the picture.


Ray Granger, 82, died last week on Oct. 12. He was a true native of Orangefield, born during the oil boom on July 27, 1929. Ray headed up maintenance at OFISD for 39 years. What many don’t know is that he was maintenance for Orange County for several years over 50 years ago. His job was subject to who was county judge, which changed every four years. When offered the job at OFISD, he took it. Ray was a very talented guy who could build or fix almost anything. He was a longtime friend. Our deepest sympathies go out to wife Laverne, sons Michael, Daren, brother Lee Roy and sister Ida Lou and all of their families. He was a good, honest man. May he rest in peace. Please see obit.

8 Years Ago-2003

A $11.5 million bond passes in Orangefield by a landslide. The votes counted were 1,075 for and 417 against. The McLewis community had defeated the last two attempts to pass this bond. In this election they voted 153 for and 198 against. *****Former governor and good friend to Orange County, Preston Smith, dies at age 91. During his tenure as governor, several of our citizens served on state boards. That was before Orange County was disenfranchised through the gerrymandering redistricting by Rick Perry, following the orders of Tom DeLay. *****“Bushwhacked” printed by Random House, is still number nine on the bestseller list. Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose, who by the way, is John Dubose’s nephew, wrote the book. *****I bet you didn’t know that Judge Carl Thibodeaux is a cousin of singer Jimmy C. Newman, of “Big Mamou,” which also is the birthplace of the Judge. *****Johnny Carson turns 78 on Oct. 23 and Dwight Yoakam will be 47 on the same day. ***On Oct. 24, the “Raging Cajun” James Carville reaches 59. ***Reagan Dugas celebrates his day Oct. 29. (Editor’s note: What became of Reagan?)*****Anna and John Conway celebrate their 50th anniversary Oct. 23. *****Former Dupont plant manager and county judge candidate Frank Riddick, 71, passed away. Frank had traveled the world and was a community leader. *****Debbie Fusilier, longtime Opportunity Valley News and Record employee, celebrates her birthday Oct. 24. She started work for the Dunn family at age 15. (Editor’s note: Deb is retired now but is available to pinch-hit if we need her, which is good to know.)*****Robert and Liz Lieby Brown are proud parents of triplet boys, Brad, James and Chris. They were born Oct. 18 in Houston after Liz was transported by air from St. Mary’s. One boy weighed in at three-pounds, the other two tipped the scales at two and a half pounds. *****Miss Ruby Pickard was already under the weather when she got tangled in her nightgown, fell and broke her collarbone. (Editor’s note: Ms. Ruby is now a resident of the Meadows. Stop by for a visit, she is always glad to have company.)*****The wedding of Jason Broussard to Kristen Kleypas, of Nederland, was attended by a bunch of 1999 grads. Check this crew out. Charlie Higginbothem was best man; Joey Hays, Shane Peveto, Chris Menard, Cody Osburne and Derrik Tregre served as groomsmen. (Editor’s note: Eight years later I believe the couple is still happily married.)*****Leola Landry is in the hospital battling cancer.

38 Years ago-1973

Louis Dugas purchased Phyllis Diller’s four-door Jaguar sedan. *****Serge Ledford is the new manager of Bonanza Sirloin Pit. *****Richard Belk celebrated a birthday. *****The Bridge City Cards “Wild Bunch” defense allows the first points of the season in a 1907 win over Silsbee. Lanston Fall, B.C. fullback grounded out 201 yards behind the blocking of Kenny Brown, Clint Belk, Mark Dunn, David Smith, Steve Trevino, Jimmy Lacomb and Craig Morris. *****


Julie Prosperie, Phillip Todora, Kristin Bertles, Madeline Kirby, Blake Hunt, Joy Dubose-Simonton, Kyle Johnston, Leona Simmons, Mozelle Francois, Mary Nixon, Beth Baas, Rodney Cartwright, Ashley Sanchez, Jason Yeaman, Jeanne Mullins, Jenne Mullins, Kim Ezell, Jennie Hutchison, Earnest Barnes, Mary Tallant, George Fleming, Tammy Ballard, Marilyn Ponthieu, Vicki Brown, Treva Hodge, Anita Green, Brad Childs, Cory Moreau, John-Cecil Beeson, Marguerite Mahfouz, Kyle Murrell, Roy Farias, Becky Carter, Bob Frank, Bill Butler, Brian Prevost, Bryan Chauvin, Eldon Pendergast, Mittie Ledoux, Eric Brinson, Jewel Merchant, Jimmy Byrd, Laqueta McLellan, Lisa Stewart, Pat New, Sara Etheredge, Sarah Halliburton, Shery Martz, Thomas Fleming, Brandy Cardner, Danny Jennings, Lainey Zenos, Beth Wilson, John Clark, Larry Myers, Debbie Fusilier, Cheyenne Sweet, Bailey Berry, Ron Batchelor, Tammy Scales, Victoria Brown, Dale Morris, Darren Wilson, Marilyn Fonthieu, Ramona Scott, Ramona Valentine, Connie Curphey, Mary Chamblee, Roy Lee Helm, Ken Soileau, Rachel Sanders, Tanner George and Connor Ziller.


The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Robert’s Restaurant last week. Grace and Cary served the meal. Among the boys attending was Coach Dan Ray Hooks who says he has been watching the ‘Stangs when not attending grandkid games. Cynthia was away on the New Mexico border visiting children, so Shockley was feeding him. New Veterans’ Service Officer Gene Smith visited also, with Pinehurst Administrator Joe Parkhurst and Commissioner John Dubose. King Dunn told about the good response he received to his dipping vat story. Judge Carl Thibodeaux and Hooks talked football out of the past at West Orange-Stark. Rev. Leo told about his latest trip where he preached at several churches. Judge of Pct. 1, David Peck, visited with Judge Claude Wimberly, who held that office for over 20 years. The most popular among the 20 boys was pretty Shirley Zimmerman, who was the only female. Judge Janice, Donna Scales, Brandy Slaughter, Christy Kourey, Babette Philpott and the other girls were no-shows. Also absent was Marlene, who is seldom absent. She’s nursing a bad foot and will have toe surgery in a few days. She had a valid excuse. Also sighted at Robert’s, one of their favorite places to eat, were Mary and Don Stanton. As of late, Don is sailing fairly well, Mary always looks great to me. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone welcome. *****The annual pumpkin display at Winfree Baptist Church, on Hwy. 62, is out. It’s very impressive. *****Speaking of Winfree, I sure do miss “Buckshot.” He was one heck of a guy. Every time J.B. Arrington comes by we tell “Buck” stories. *****Ms. Pearl called J.B. a youngster. He’s only 87. *****Speaking of 87-year-old guys, I got a nice mess of greens from Neighbor Cox. He’s always good about sharing his bounty with us. The bad summer made for slim pickings. He’s happy Ms. Ginny is staying home for a change. Sue Simar came by also. She and Tommy are holding some frozen figs for us. We will put them in preserves as soon as I can get around to picking them up. I’ve been meeting myself lately, plus being away, held prisoner for a few days. *****Since he left high school attorney Sharon Bearden has been on a diet. He’s probably lost between 1,500 pounds to 1,800 pounds in the last 50 years. He’s a darn good lawyer, one of the best, but he never was worth a dime at dieting. Until now that is. He had trimmed down when a bad virus hit that he thought would kill him. He was so sick he wanted to die. He lost another 20 pounds and now he’s back to his high school weight. *****Attorney H.D. Pate had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago. After a stay in the hospital, where he contacted some sort of virus, he came home but was grounded. However, Friday, sick and handicapped, he made his way to the courthouse. When he heals, he’ll have the other knee replaced. I was right all the time, running, in the long run, isn’t good for you. That’s why I’ve never done it.*****I have no latest report on Bobby Taylor. He has been in Houston taking M.D. Anderson treatments. If anyone knows his prognosis let me know. *****Our friend Doug Harrington is still in Houston taking daily radiation and getting tired of motel living. *****Our Bridge City buddy, Keith Carter, has only three more Chemo treatments. We wish them all continued progress. *****If you haven’t heard about it, I’ll let you in on the county’s best-kept secret. It’s the Muddy Water Marina on Dupont Dr. across from the Boat Club on Adams Bayou. Great food and lunch specials served. Gulf Shrimp and blue claw live crabs are also available. Owners Ike and Lynn always welcome you with free, fresh coffee. It’s a small menu but oh so good. It’s a unique place to congregate with your friends. *****The Turkey Day game between A&M and Texas was first played in 1894 and has been played every year since 1915. After this Thanksgiving, footballs oldest rivalries will be put on indefinite hold. The Aggies wanted to continue the yearly game after leaving for the Southeastern Conference in July but Texas Coach Brown told the Aggies that their non-conference schedule is full through 2018. What a shame. I had attended a majority of those games since Bear Bryant coached and John David Crow won the Heisman in 1956. It never was a sure bet who would win. Many All Americans played for those teams, including Orange County’s Steve Worster. Most of all the great days were the old Southwest Conference games. I’m not even going to talk about the last weekend football pro and college games except to say the A&M offense was impressive. *****It’s going to be a Texas Ranger/St. Louis Cardinal World Series starting Wednesday. Creaux had predicted those teams would be in the series. It was just wishful thinking that the Cardinals would be back in the playoffs but they are a Cinderella team. They are the hardest to predict but the Rangers should win in five games. They lost in five to San Francisco last year. St. Louis will be home team first game with Chris Carpenter on the mound. It may be their only win. *****Johnny Montagne was the designated bidder for he and his friends at the Orange County Live Stock show in Mauriceville. They won the bid on several animals, including a prize wake-up call rooster. Johnny and Darlene’s beautiful daughter, State Farm agent, Heather, was a joy to watch walk across the pen to take a picture with each animal they bought. Beats the hell out of watching Johnny wallow across the pen. Johnny, Cowboy Bobby, Doc and the crew are always good at supporting local causes. *****Capt. Nicky Davis, longtime OPD officer, retired and now living in Nashville and is a candidate for city councilman there, was in town for the Stark High 50th class reunion. *****I can’t wait for Orange County citrus to come in. What’s in the stores now is poor quality. John Heard and the Orange County growers will have the best oranges coming in the later part of November. I doubt there will be Satsuma’s because of the drought and heat. *****Marijuana use is on the rise while teen alcohol and tobacco use is down. Today’s stronger pot is not like that of the 1970’s. Today’s pot is at least 10 times stronger and way more addictive. It’s the biggest drug problem in the United States says Peter Delany, of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. Seventeen million kids use pot 20 or more times a month. Roughly one in ten teens that try marijuana gets addicted. Young users are more vulnerable. Ambivalence of today’s parents may be partly to blame because they are uncomfortable telling kids not to smoke pot because they used it themselves. *****Some special folks we know that are celebrating their special day. Attorney Joy Dubose Simonton, Oct. 19 *** Vickie Drake Brown, one of the most beautiful, kind ladies to come out of Orange County, celebrates Oct. 21. She’s Betty and Earl Drake’s daughter. ***Judge Claude Wimberly and John Clark both turn 77 on Oct. 23. A pretty good pair of aces to draw to. ***One of our special girls, Brittney Stillwell, a transplant from Mississippi, will finally be 21 on Oct. 24. ***Also on Oct. 24, a lady we’ve known since her teens and who got older right here at the newspaper for 38 years, is sweet Debbie Fuesilier. *** On Oct. 25, Sandi Mobley Huckabay, who we have also known since she was a teenager and also worked at the newspaper, is another year older. Makes me feel old. I helped raise her as a teenager. *** Happy birthday and best wishes to all. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK. To get rid of itch from mosquito bites, apply soap on the area and you will experience instant relief. *****What is Andouille (pronounced (Ahn-do-ee)? It’s a spicy country sausage used in gumbo and other Cajun dishes.


On Oct. 19, Evander Holyfield will be 49; John Lithgow, 66; Ty Pennington, 46 and Michael Gambon, 71. ***Snoop Dogg will be 40 on Oct. 20; Viggo Mortensen, 53 and Tom Petty, 61. ***Kim Kardashian will be 31 on Oct. 21 and Carrie Fisher, 55***On Oct. 22, Christopher Lloyd will be 73; Jeff Goldblum, 59, Shaggy, 43 and Jonathan Lipnicki, 21. ***Dwight Yoakam will be 55 on Oct. 23; Weird Al Yankevie, 52 and Ryan Reynolds, 35***Kevin Kline will be 64, Oct. 24; Adam Goldberg, 41 and Katy Perry, 27.


Let me tell you bout dat “Tee-Man” Duplantis and his wife Ethel. Well, “Tee-Man” got fired from anutta job so I axe him why?
He say, “Well, cuz, you know how dem forman dem, dey jus stand around wit dere hands in dere pockets and watch everybody else work?”
“What dat got to do wit you losing you job?” I axe.
“Tee Man” say, “Because dat forman him, he was jealous, all dem workers tought I was the foreman me.”
While I was visiting, his wife Ethel come out on the porch and axe, “Tee-Man” babe, how many of dem fish you caught wen you was gone over da weekend?”
Tee-Man look her rat in da eye and say, “Mais honey, I caught six beauties. Why you axe hanh?”
“Well,” Ethel say, “Dats wat I t’ought me, dat Comeaux at da fish market is trying to get to us again. He billed us for eight of dem fish.”


The big surprise of the week happened this Tuesday morning when Bridge City Mayor Kirk Roccaforte showed up at a Port Arthur lab for blood work. A beautiful Italian lady, sitting way in the back, called out his name and he turned around to find it was his mother. Neither knew the other would be there. He got to spend some quality time with Mom. A great way to start the day.*****Well, another week down. I’m going to turn this in and kick back and watch the Republican debate. It will be over by the time you read this but it’s always a show. Gov. Perry has some selling to do if he wants to stop falling like a rock in a well. Can you believe 25 percent of Republicans are buying into Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 con game. Oh well, we’ll see.*****Gotta go. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.