Americans are hungering for ways to lose weight. For one Bridge City man that hunger turned into more than just a dream but a reality. Drue Degeyter found himself at age 25 weighing upwards of 285 pounds.

“I never really saw myself as a big person,” he said. “I recognize it now when I look at photos from before,”

He had dealt with his weight most of his life but didn’t consider it to be problematic. All that changed however a year and a half ago when his younger brother decided to join the Air Force and was told he would have to trim down from his 330 pounds to 190 pounds to get in.

“My brother lost the weight he needed to join and told me I could do it,” Degeyter said. “He said I had better self control than he did so he knew I could do it too.”

Since that revelation in June of 2010, Drue has lost more than 100 pounds. His success is one many would like to mirror.

Drue grew up in Port Neches but now lives with his wife, Stephanie, and their blended family of three children in Bridge City. Finding himself 5’8” and not too far away from 300 pounds, Drue had no energy and couldn’t keep his breath with even a slight exertion. At the time he decided to start working on his weight he was working 12 hours a day, seven days a week. As wisdom would dictate he made the choice of starting his venture with a visit to a doctor.

The doctor started with a shot of B-12 per week. The purpose of this was not only for increased energy but also increased his metabolism. Many people do take these shots but fall short of reaching their goal of major weight loss.

“Most people do not follow the food plan with the shots, I chose to,” explained Drue.

That was a significant strategy that helped him gain his success. “I cut back to 1500 calories a day and no more than 15 grams of fat,” he includes that meant no more fast food and zero sugars, a diet he still follows. “It’s really a change in lifestyle. If I ate fast food now it would probably make me feel sick.”

Following this shot and diet plan the weight started to come off. He dropped approximately 40 pounds. His next step was an obvious one; exercise. He joined Exogyen at the beginning of 2011 and then Anytime Fitness in March. “That’s when the weight really started to just drop off,” explained Drue.

Prior to his tremendous weight loss he suffered not only with trouble breathing during exertion but severe pain to a knew that was injured in high school and later crushed in an accident.

Now weighing between 165 and 178 the knee pain is gone and his stamina has increased exponentially. Working with a trainer to guide him in what exercises would best serve him, Drue works out at least four times a week. He has a set regimen that includes upper body and cardio. He now has chosen to partake in work out supplement called Muscle Pharm and Muscle Tech’s Thermogenic. These are big in the UFC arena.

Anytime Fitness entered Drue in a franchise-wide competition touting weight loss and physical improvement. Though he didn’t win, he was recognized by the club and considers it an honor.
“If I can be an inspiration to anyone that’s a reward in itself,” Drue said. “I can play with the kids without getting out of breath.”

He also says that many people were a part of the process.

“My family encouraged and supported me a lot.”

People who hadn’t seen him reacted with shock and awe, and looking great for his wedding this past June were all just indirect satisfaction from his hard work.

“The hardest part is just getting up and doing it,” Drue said. “You just have to force yourself.”
He should know. For a year and a half, he has been an example of what to do to lose weight, to persevere, to be successful at something many Americans have striven to do themselves.

He feels great, he won’t give up. He will never go back. It is now his way of life. He looks forward to applying for new jobs and being able to be the person he has become now, to tell them what he has accomplished. It is a tremendous accomplishment and one many will feel inspired by, which is exactly what Drue wants.