Indians forced the LCM Battlin’ Bears into hibernation as the Indians dominated

play and gave the Bears a loss with a score of 35-7, ruining the Bears

homecoming. Next Friday the Bears journey to Livingston to try to cage the


The Lions

are in a two way tie for second in district with Vidor. Both teams are 6-1 for

the season and 3-1 in district. The Bears loss to the Indians drops them to

seventh in district with a record of 4-3 for the season and 1-3 in district.


play started when the Bears took the opening kickoff on the 36 yard line. Alex Sezar

made a six yard run, then two more runs for small gains. Faced with a fourth

and inches situation, the Bears punted.

In a six

play series, the Indians made two first downs, but were unable to advance far

enough to score. They booted the ball back to the Bears.

The Bears

went airborne, but could not complete the passes. Faced with a fourth and 11

situation the Bears punted again. PNG took the ball on the five yard line.

In 12 plays,

the Indians Chase Bertrand crossed the goal line to give the Indians the first

score of the night with 1:51 left in the quarter. Bertrand carried the ball

across the goal again to give the Indians another two points and the score was


The Bears

were unable to gain much ground and in five plays the ball went back to the

Indians as the first quarter ended.

Opening the

second quarter, the Indians made one pass and four runs, mostly up the middle. With

9:41 on the clock, Bertrand scored for the second time. A kick through the goal

posts put the score at 15-7.

On the first

play after the kickoff, Sezar made a good run for a first down. On the second

play quarterback Kyle Herfurth, fumbled the snap but was able to recover and

keep the ball. He pulled a rabbit out of a hat and made a one yard gain on the

play. Herfurth tried two passes that were both incomplete and then got sacked

on the fourth down play by Indian Tanner Thompson.

Plays went

back and forth until late in the quarter when Indians quarterback Travis Miller

handed the ball to Bertrand on the 18 yard line and Bertrand crossed the goal

line. A good kick and the score was 22-0 with 1:35 remaining in the second


The Bears

mad a good drive toward the goal, but the clock was against them. With 18

seconds remaining the Indians intercepted a pass and ended the half with the


Sezar of the

Bears and Bertrand of the Indians were the dominate players of the second half.

Both young men made sweeping runs and pushed up the middle making hard earned

gains for their teams.

After a nine

play drive that started on the Indian 45 yard line, Bertrand carried the ball

across another time to make the score 28-0 after the kick hit the left goal

post. There was 6:21 remaining.

The Bears

took the ball on the 21 yard line. A nine play drive ended with a pass from Herfurth

to Preston Armstrong that put the Bears on the scoreboard. A good kick made the

score 28-7 with 2:55 left in the third quarter.

Another crossing

of the goal line gave Bertrand his fourth touchdown of the night with 11:29 on

the fourth quarter clock.

The first

play after the kickoff was a completed pass to Sezar. Sezar was hit hard and

down for several minutes. He was taken out for the remainder of the game. Sezar

had 13 carries for a total of 80 yards out of the total yardage of 103 earned

by the Bears.