My birds are still AWOL. I haven’t taken the time to call the Extension office to find out why. Other folks report their birds are also in exile. I have one old Hummingbird that stayed behind, too long a trip to South America for the old guy is what I suspect. Also missing in action for most of the last month is Roy. He’s due back this week then Mark leaves, when he returns Nicole goes on vacation. Our 38-year employee, Debbie, now retired, will come in and pitch-hit. Mosquitoes are swarming but hold on just a few more days. Despite aggressive spraying, both by land and by air, the south winds bring in a new batch as soon as the old bunch is killed. It’s hard to get ahead of them. We should see some relief by the weekend. Temperatures should drop down in the 40’s allowing the spraying to catch up to them. The good thing is that floodwater mosquitoes don’t carry diseases, such as West Nile, etc.*****Because of this drought, with rainfall expected to be 40 percent less this winter, our roads face greater damage. As the soil shifts, so does pavement. Cities and states will face major road repairs. Also 40 percent to 50 percent of our trees are expected to die. That breaks my heart but it also will be expensive to remove dead wood. Look for more concrete slabs to crack due to the drought, which is not too unusual in this area. We just thought it was bad two months ago when we even had Neighbor Cox doing his rain dance. It has gotten far worse since. Some rainfall is expected Thursday which might help surface plants but not much else. *****Gotta move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Last week, President Obama’s threats that Moammar Gadhafi had to go were fulfilled. The “Mad dog” is no more. The same warning was issued to Egypt’s Hosini Mubarak. If I were President Bashar Assad, of Syria or Ali Abdullah Saleh, of Yemen, I would be trying to find a country to move to before Obama says, “Enough already, you have to go.” Not yet but after Obama is re-elected, I’ll bet you a beer he’s going after the little weasel in Iran. No doubt he’s on Obama’s radar. *****The gutsiest political call in my lifetime was Obama’s getting Bin Laden, who was being hidden and protected by Pakistan. If that mission would have failed Obama was done politically. He killed the leader of al Qaeda and all of his top men. The world, and especially the United States, is safer with the mastermind dead. If Obama hadn’t made that call, Bin Laden would be masterminding terrorist attacks for years to come. No one else had the guts to do what President Obama did. You can’t argue with his national security success.


We were sorry to learn about the death of Glen Peveto, 77, who died Sunday, Oct. 23, at his home. Services are at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26. A native of Orange County, he was a cattle rancher along with his brothers Simon, now deceased, Sam, Marion and Wayne. Their roots ran deep in county history. Our condolences to his daughter Lynn and her entire family. Please see obits.*****We were saddened by the death of Marie Brown, age 90, who passed away Wednesday, Oct. 19. Services were held Oct. 22. Mrs. Brown was a 55 year resident of Bridge City where she and her husband, the late Aval Brown Sr., raised their family. Her three boys are Aval Jr., John, and Kenny Brown. We extend our deepest sympathies to the entire family. Please see obit.

Eight Years Ago-2003

Dana Allen is crowned Bridge City Homecoming Queen. *****The World Series for 2003 is in the books. The Florida Marlins, with the outstanding pitching of 23 years old Josh Beckett, knocked out the New York Yankees, 2-0 in game six. Beckett was named MVP. He beat fellow Texan Andy Pettitte. Beckett never allowed a runner past second base in the five hitter game.*****Soldiers continue to get killed in Iraq. *****Matt Bryant, our Bridge City boy with the New York Giants, is still recouping from a leg injury. *****Mark Dunn was surprised on his birthday, Oct. 31, by a visit from daughter Jenna and 2 year-old grandson Nate, who flew in from Boston. Mark and Nate, who will celebrate his third birthday Nov. 2, celebrated together on Halloween. (Editor’s note: This year, Mark is flying to Boston to celebrate Nate’s 10th birthday and visit Jenna, granddaughter, 3 years old Delilah and Jenna’s husband, Robby. His other daughter Amber is planning to fly to Boston from Cleveland to visit with her dad also. The family doesn’t often have the opportunity to get together.)*****Susan Bailey and Richard Corder have been filmed and will appear on the Texas Country Reporter show, Sunday on Channel 6, at 10:30 p.m.*****Roy Dunn was on cloud nine Friday when Lou Garriga presented him with an autographed football from Brett Farve, Green Bay’s quarterback. Lou is Brett’s cousin. (Editor’s note: Hurricane Ike didn’t get the football. Roy still proudly displays it.)*****Bobby and Evelyn Bernard, of Bridge City, celebrated their 50th anniversary Oct. 3. ***** A Little Bite Gaudy holds a grand opening sale Oct. 29 to Nov. 1. The shop is located at 3515 Mockingbird, Suite A, in Orange. *****The Record’s “Players of the Week” are Kenneth Beasley, West Orange-Stark; Dale Armand, Bridge City; Michael Thomas, Orangefield and Jonathan Davis, Little Cypress-Mauriceville. ****Bridge City students who attended Stark High celebrate their 50th class reunion. The 1953 class had 269 grads, 42 have passed away. One hundred thirty class members attended the reunion. They had recollections of the Yanks beating Brooklyn that year to win the World Series for the third time in a row. Songs that year were “Doggie in the Window,” “I Believe,” “Stranger in Paradise” and “Rage to Riches.”***** Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church celebrates their 102-year anniversary.

38 Years Ago-1973

Dr. Terry Fontenot has moved his practice from Bridge City to Merryville, LA. *****Lynn Bock had a big night punting for Lamar. Lynn is a former Bridge City Cardinal. He kicked 10 points for better than a 45-yard net average. (Editor’s note: I believe Bock still holds the all time punting record for Lamar.)*****The West Orange Chiefs rolled over Jasper 47-6. Outstanding players were Victor Enard, Ray Pousson, Roy Williams, Barney Duhon and Lorrance Wills.*****Sharon Tippet was chosen homecoming queen at Bridge City. The Cards beat LC-M 28-0. In seven games the Bridge City “Wild Bunch” defense has allowed only six points. They are in a three-way tie with West Orange and SFA. *****Tony Giarratano, a West Orange student, was named to “Who’s Who Among American High School Students” for 1972-1973.


Evan Swenson, Phyllis Yeats, Deedra Wilson, Toni Dyer, Don Cummings, Geneva Buker, Hunter Smith, Rene Marsolan, Dan Sanders, Brent Burch, David Dupuis, John Lumpkin, Nathan Coffey, Pierce Butler, Pearl Burgess, Betty Trantham, Becky Cooper, Derrick Cole, Chris Stone, Ronna Dickman, Ronnie Moerbe, Barbara McLellan, Cori Woodard, Heather Dubose, Beverly Brown, Brandon Allensworth, Emma Scott, Vicki Cormier, Zach Corbello, Brock Whittle, Jessica Bradberry, Kevin Sorrels, Laura Moreau, Virgie Scales, Mark Dunn, Stacy Doiron, Taylor Thurman, Alana Ball, Chester Abshire, Janel Menard, Don Harmon, Joey Campbell, Joseph Johnson, Alice McCray, Chris Moore, Kyle Prosperie, Lauren Bland, Lib Davenport, Lorna Wade, Marla Carter, Whitney Gonzales, Nancy Blacksher, Rebecca Phelps, Carissa Saenz, Caroline Young, David Moreau, Ed Miller and Isaac Melvin.


Congrats to Van Wade, recognized at the West Orange-Stark/Bridge City game last Friday. The Stangs, by the way, won the game. Van has been covering local sports for 20 years, plus serves as Sports Editor. It’s a full time job and he does it well. *****On Oct. 28 and 29, the Hardin County Cajun Country Music Festival will be held. It’s not far and you can’t go wrong if it’s Cajun. *****We hear that Congressman Kevin Brady has been spending a lot of time in what will be his new district. That’s not a bad idea. Eighty-two percent of Americans disapprove of the job congress is doing, republicans and democrats alike. Even though the Tea Party is getting the most heat for doing nothing and holding jobs, congress and the country hostage when it comes to improving the economy. Brady has to walk a fine line between the Tea Party voters and established republicans. Tea Party ran a weak candidate last time. Brady’s problem is that he voted 98 percent for the failed Bush policies that drove the bus in the ditch, also only 13 percent approve of any incumbent congressman. Filing deadline is Dec. 12; we’ll see who takes him on. *****Some special folks celebrating their special day: On Oct. 27, Ms. Pearl Burgess turns 91. A proclamation at Monday’s Court meeting declared Thursday, Oct. 27, “Ms. Pearl Burgess Day” in Orange County. Ms. Pearl, a noted poet and Orange County native is quite a lady. She has an historical background on both sides of her family tree. Best wishes for many more Ms. Pearl. ***Sharing the same Oct. 27th birthday is Betty Harmon. Betty will do to ride the range with. A great friend. ***Another outstanding lady, Heather Dubose, marks another year Oct. 28. She should monitor closely the folks Commissioner David runs with. Just kidding, wishing you the best. ***Carlos Vasek reaches a big number on Oct. 30. For his age he’s not only in great physical shape but still very sharp. He is a devoted TCU fan. ***Celebrating on Halloween is our buddy Don Harmon and our own Mark Dunn. There must be something to the signs you are born under. Both are very quit, level headed and great guys. ***Celebrating Trick or Treat day also is Mel’s other half, Joey Campbell. ***A beautiful lady, Virgie Scales, celebrates Oct. 31. She will turn 100 and is now residing at The Meadows. She is definitely a treat. *****QUOTE OF THE WEEK is by Anita Perry, Rick’s wife, “God told her that her husband should run.” Then she adds, “We have been brutalized, beaten up and chewed up in the press and by some in our own party. I think it’s because of his faith; they may feel like God called them also.” Like Roy’s cousin Jessie Duplantis, who claims he went to Heaven and visited with God, I wonder which one, the Father, Son or Holy Ghost? *****That reminds me, Nov.1, is “All Saints Day.” Does anyone other than Catholics observe that day? *****Speaking of religion, which I never should, this week the Mount Zion Baptist Church, in Orange, is 110 years old. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK. Whenever you purchase a box of SOS pads immediately take a pair f scissors and cut each pad into half. You won’t have to throw away rusted, used up or smelly pads and it’s much more economical. It won’t only sharpen you scissors but the SOS pads will last you indefinitely. *****Defining Cajun words: Etouffee, (pronounced) ay-too-FAY), is a spicy and delicious Cajun stew traditionally made with crawfish, vegetables and a dark roux and usually served over rice. Etouffee is a New Orleans and Cajun country specialty. It is also cooked often by Southeast Texans who are transplanted from Louisiana or picked up the recipes. The word Etouffee means smothered in French. *****Oyster producers in Texas are worried about the Red Tide blooms of the toxic algae are the largest they have been since 2000. Because of the outbreak, the Nov. 1 opening of oyster harvesting could be delayed. It’s going to be a tough year for oysters. Ike damaged about 8,000 acres of oyster reefs in 2008. That’s bad news for oyster lovers but no one will be unhappier about it than Judge David Peck and “Pappy,” who buy oysters by the bushel and eat them until they can’t down another.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s Restaurant this week and at Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone is welcome; you can’t go wrong, great food, good fellowship. No need to dress up. *****Frank Anderson is gone from HUD. What took so long? His problems go back years. Tonya Wilson will replace him. *****”Don’t Mess With The Old Folks.” That’s a good way to get on Judge Thibodeaux’s bad side. You may drive the Judge out of office but when he goes he’ll be walking hand in hand with senior citizens. If you plan to attack him for what he does for older folks forget it. It won’t do any good. That’s one thing he won’t budge on. *****This is the last week to get a FREE bush hog with any tractor you buy from our country buddy George, at David Self Tractor, in Buna. They are really moving out the tractors. Business is good, look them over. *****You also might want to visit Paw-Paw’s Market, on Hwy. 1442, next to Burger Town. Pumpkins, Louisiana yams, vine ripened tomatoes, and don’t forget those great hog cracklins. Also fried turkey orders are now being taken. Stop by, he’s got great stuff. *****Major Brad Frye, BCPD, used to be the pride of Orangefield, at least he thought he was. Well, that’s no more. Judge Courtney Burch-Arkeen has passed everyone else up. She’s not only nicer than Brad; she’s a whole lot prettier. I’d say she ranks high with a lot of folks. *****Thanks to Lydia Damrel, with the Southeast Texas Tea Party. It confirms my beliefs by the way. I forwarded your message to Roy, who has been away the past couple of weeks. *****Have you tried Romano’s Italian Restaurant on West Roundbunch in Bridge City yet? The food is great and you can’t beat the homemade pizza. *****We also got good reviews from Adams Bayou’s Muddy Water Marina on Dupont Drive. *****Sharon Hoffpauir’s cat, Missy, climbed up a tree and got stuck. Panicking she called Terrell’s Tree Service. Ronnie was tied up but Charles came to Bridge City from Groves and assured her everything would be all right. He rescued her precious cat and Sharon is very grateful to the Terrell’s.


On Oct. 26, Hilary Clinton will be 64; Dylan McDermott, 50; Keith Urban, 44 and Tom Cavanagh, 43. ***Kelly Osbourne will be 27 on Oct. 27. ***Charlie Daniels will be 75 on Oct. 28; Annie Potts, 59; Bill Gates, 56; Julia Roberts 44; Brad Paisley, 39 and Justin Guarini, 33. ***Richard Dreyfuss will be 64 on Oct. 29; Winona Ryder, 40; Henry “Fonzie” Winkler, 66 on Oct. 30 and Ivanka Trump, 30. ***On Oct. 31, Dan Rather will be 80; Jane Pauley, 61; Peter Jackson, 50; Willow Smith, 11 and Vanilla Ice, 43. ***Lyle Lovett will be 54 on Nov. 1; Sophie B. Hawkins, 44; Jenny McCarthy, 39 and Toni Collette, 39.


Clovis Badeaux wat is flying for da first time in his life, taking a plane trip to visit his very ill sister, Agnes, in California. Clovis is really nervous about da trip, him. Not too long after dey take off dem, da pilot is making da usual welcome announcements over da PA system.
“Ladies and gentlemens, dis is the captain. I would like to welcome you aboard Cajun Airlines. We are flying non-stop from New Orleans to Los Angeles. Me, I expect a smooth and uneventful flight. Jus sit back and enjoy da—-Oh My God!”
Den dere is nuttin but silence. A minute later, da pilot comes over da PA again and say, “Ladies and gentlements, I’m sorry me if I scared you but da stewardess accidentally spilled a big cup of hot coffee in my lap. Boy, you should see da front of my pants.”
Badeaux him, breath a big sigh of relief. He say “KeeYaw,” to da passenger sitting next to him, “Da front of his pants ain’t nutten, you should see da back of mine.”


Well, I missed my prediction that the Texas Rangers would win the World Series in five games. I was right about St. Louis winning the first game but like I said, you never know what a Cinderella team will do, like winning game three 16-6. The Rangers lead 3-2 now. Game six is in St. Louis Wednesday. If there are no rainouts, game seven will be played Thursday. I still believe the Rangers will win it all but remember, the team that wins game three usually wins the series.*****The Texas amendment election is now in progress. I haven’t even read the amendments yet but I plan to and will vote and you should also.*****Roy is back in the saddle this week. The doctors say he’s good to go for sometimes yet. In this issue Roy is running a Down Life’s Highway column on the 10th anniversary of the Courthouse hostage situation and the part his friend, the late Parker Thompson played in it. *****We extend our best wishes to our buddies “Sleepy” Smith and his new Pacemaker, to Doug Harrington, who will complete his radiation treatments Nov. 2, and to a great friend Sharon Bearden who is undergoing tests in Houston. *****It looks like Gov. Perry’s star is falling. Shows how weak the Republican presidential field is. Herman Cain leads the pack. Perry is down below 10 percent in all the polls. Romney isn’t moving. He is at a standstill at 23 percent. I don’t see one in the bunch that can beat Obama. Maybe another candidate will appear. Some folks have predicted a Romney/Cain ticket, one’s a Mormon, and the other is black. Knowing how basis some Orange County folks are they won’t sell here any better than Obama, a black and Biden, a white boy. Strange how things are in politics. *****I’ve gotta get out of here. Please read us cover to cover. Thanks to our family of advertisers, thanks also to you our faithful readers for making us Orange County’s most read publication. We reach over 45,000 every week. There is no better way to reach the consumer than in The Record Newspapers, The County Record and The Penny Record. Also check us out on our Web site TheRecordLive.com. ***** Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.