I soaked one pound of large white Lima beans yesterday and today I am going to prepare a meal around them. I will need a pan of cornbread. You can fix it the old fashioned way, however I am going to use a prepared package that I just have to add egg and a little grease in the iron skillet and a half cup of milk. Now I have a good meal but if I want more I can add it. Cream corn is a good thing to add, also a green salad and a light dessert such as jello or an instant pudding.

Now back to the Lima bean. We like the large ones however the smaller ones are just as good only they are small. Soak them at least two hours in plenty of water.

In a large pot you plan to cook the beans in add at least 4 slices of bacon cut in small pieces, add one large cut up onion. When bacon and onion are done add the soaked beans with plenty of the hot water cook slowly. Season with salt and pepper.

The secret to cooking the beans is slowly, that makes the good gravy otherwise you will just have a pot of dry beans so to speak. Slowly is the secret to most cooking.

Hope you enjoy this Gooder’n Syrup cookin. Von

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